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30th July 2005, 10:05 PM

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The name of the ship is Goteki, and the name of the ship is Altima. Enjoy.

30th July 2005, 10:13 PM
Which WO game was the Altima track from originally?

30th July 2005, 10:19 PM
It was the first track in the original Wipeout. It is also in Wipeout 3 Special Edition.

30th July 2005, 10:49 PM
Here's the full press release, with a little surprise:

"SCEA just announced details for the Wipeout Pure Classic Pack 1. Available August 1st, Classic Pack 1 features a virtual remix of the classic Altima VII track, plus two classic Wipeout tunes from Cold Storage in the form of "Cairodrome" and "Canada". Also in the download is the stylish new Goteki 45 FX300 ship and the Goteki 45 skin to show your allegiance to the re-formed team from Makana Island. This download, like the Gamma Packs before it can be downloaded from the www.WipeoutPure.com site, or through the Download feature in Wipeout Pure via hotspot.
Classic Pack 1 Contents list:

Altima VII (track)
Goteki 45 (ship)
Goteki 45 (skin)
Classic music track 1 - Cold Storage - Cairodrome
Classic music track 2 - Cold Storage - Canada"


Bew-bew-bew-bew Bew-bew-bew-bew-bew-bew!

I'm kind psyched to see the Goteki skin as well. Too bad we're not getting all four classy tracks, but WHATEVS. I don't know if I'm going to have enuff room if they insist on including the music with the packs. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm sure someone will figure out which two files are the music tracks and then I'd be able to delete them or put them somewhere else. Or something.

Either way. WHOO!

30th July 2005, 11:05 PM

I am officially excited for this upcoming classic pack!!!
Studio Liverpool rocks :D :D :D

30th July 2005, 11:43 PM
I think I just died and went to heaven; playing Altima VII on the first PS demo disc was the reason I got hooked on WO in the first place.

Hybrid Divide
31st July 2005, 12:01 AM
Goteki-45, Altima VII, and CoLD SToRAGE!!!


What a pack!

Studio Liverpool, we love you! :D

31st July 2005, 12:34 AM
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Dogg Thang
31st July 2005, 09:23 AM
@Lance - Yep, I agree with you. Out of context, the posts aren't needed.

Back on topic, the addition of two classic music tracks by CoLD SToRAGE make this the best pack yet in my view. I'm really hyped about this now and can't wait for August 1st (is that Monday?).

31st July 2005, 10:02 AM
Yeah, that's tomorrow. By the way, could someone post the stats of the Goteki45 when they get it? I'll need to update the guide.

31st July 2005, 11:59 AM
does that mean I will have to wait for another month for my beloved assegai skin? :cry:

Dogg Thang
31st July 2005, 12:03 PM
Given that there are 4 new classic packs listed on the JP Pure site, it's possible you'll be waiting four months. It's a shame that the US site hasn't put up a schedule like that so people have some idea what to expect.

31st July 2005, 01:58 PM
Unless they stagger it. Maybe release one or two Classic packs before switching back to the Delta packs.

31st July 2005, 02:20 PM
It hasn't been a month since Sebenco. Maybe they've sped ish up.

31st July 2005, 02:28 PM
Personally, I'd rather see an entire league of classic 2 tracks be released before we get into delta tracks. Maybe I'm the only one who's thinking like this, but I like the idea of having more tournaments at my disposal in the least amount of time :)

31st July 2005, 02:47 PM
That is freaking sweet. At first I was a little off-put by the Goteki ship's look, but since I got over that, I think it looks badass. 8)

Does anyone know if any profile pictures like...

...this http://media.psp.ign.com/media/682/682962/img_2908265.html
...and this http://media.ps2.gamespy.com/media/682/682962/img_2778203.html

...are available anywhere for the goteki craft? I'd love to have it for my archive of Wipeout reference pictures.

31st July 2005, 02:55 PM
Those profile pictures are enlarged versions of the ones in the download section of the Pure website. No doubt the Goteki one will be there tomorrow and the Icaras one in the not too distant future.

31st July 2005, 03:35 PM
This new Goteki model is much more streamlined, smoothed over, it's clear that Goteki 45 was given a lot of love. This new version looks a lot like a next generation space shuttle, like those we've seen in computerized models of the NASA - the original G45 of WO3 never fails to make me think "Tonka Truck", though that's not a bad thing at all, it really fits the tank-like nature of the beast and of its mission of mass destruction.

1st August 2005, 01:24 AM
To me, the FX-300 Goteki keeps the "blow up anything that moves!!!" look that the original had. I just can't help but think "weapons pod" when I look at the seperated module at the front of the ship.

Ally Graham
1st August 2005, 08:05 AM
What time can we expect the download?

Dogg Thang
1st August 2005, 10:46 AM
It's out now via wi-fi. No sign of it on the site yet.

1st August 2005, 10:59 AM
How big is it?

Dogg Thang
1st August 2005, 11:03 AM
It doesn't say. I think I'm downloading it now although it has been taking a long time. Thing is, my wi-fi connection is dodgy at the best of times which is why I normally get them from the site.

1st August 2005, 11:22 AM
*crosses fingers hoping that the new pack will fit on standard 32mb memory stick duo...*

If the pack is over 10mb, then I'll have to wait for my 512mb duo to arrive... HOPEFULLY the classic tracks will be slightly smaller due to less art assets involved...

Goteki 45 looks great btw... The W'O"3 version was the WORST looking ship in any W'O" game ever!... IMHO... :D Glad they've kept it chunky, but given it a sleeker style.

...The 'Weapon of Mass Destruction' returns... 8)

1st August 2005, 11:24 AM
Yep, I can confirm it's on the internal browser but no web page action of yet...

Pardon my French but the new classics are simply f**kin awsome! 8O

Oh and Sumimasen, it's 9.61mb

Dogg Thang
1st August 2005, 12:08 PM
My wi-fi really doesn't seem to want to take this classic pack. I get a memory stick icon for a while and then get turfed out of it for some reason. I guess I'll wait for the site update.

1st August 2005, 02:44 PM
The Wipeout Pure Downloader won't even let me use my WPA encrypted AirPort connection. At all.

pspupdates to the rescue! (soon, hopefully)

al metro
1st August 2005, 02:51 PM
Where is it? I cant find it on the site.

1st August 2005, 02:53 PM
Got it.

Goteki is far and away the best skin, even though it's hard to see the Alpha League logo. What's that? You wanna know the next three Classic Tracks in the tourney? SURE.

Odessa Keys
Porto Kora
Vohl Square

Anyhoo. Altima is great, although it seems like the big drop isn't as big as I remember it. But who gives, right? I mean the new look is so sweet I'm really not too broken up over it. So, we've got SEVEN more tracks in the pipe, which is, think about it, an entire original WIpEout worth of content, and that's not counting the funkdafried Omega Packs. Just stunning, really. And like I've said before, this would've been impressive if it was for a game I could care less about, like if they regularly released new greens for Hot Shots Golf, but the fact that these are additions to my all time favorite game franchise? Too effing cool.

1st August 2005, 03:01 PM
I am sitting at an internet cafe right now, typing this post with my psp. just downloaded the new pack, and it's pretty cool, but not great. the goteki skin looks nice, the ship looks ace, but doesnt fit my driving style at all (but that's just me).
the altima track looks sweet, but doesnt resemble the original well. they have taken out some curves at the beginning and shortened nearly ALL the straights, making the last part extremely hard to navigate. the atmosphere isnt all there either... :(

1st August 2005, 03:10 PM
You typed that ENTIRE post using the cell-phone like interface of the PSP? Man, you've got the patience of a saint.

That being said, I think it's pretty awesome how much content there's been for Pure so far. Once the delta and classic 2 leagues have been completed , that will mean we'll have a total of 24 tracks to race with 14 teams (plus omega league in europe, 4 zone tracks, the Wire team in japan...)

This is THE biggest Wipeout game EVER. I can only look to the future of AG racing with excitement as another one is planned for PS3
:coffee :hyper :coffee :hyper :coffee :hyper

1st August 2005, 03:16 PM
noooooo, not Vohl Square :(
Ok, the 3rd track is just fantastic, but I'm sure they used the 1st (to fit the lenght of all the Pure tracks *no comment*). The track is... erm... how to say it... bad? ;)
There are 2 ways you can choose, the left way is just too long and the right way just too short. This track is simlpy just not the right choice when you look at all these tracks WipEout Fusion has...

1st August 2005, 03:22 PM
How long's the usual wait between it being available wirelessly and then available on the site? Hope we're not waiting days :?

1st August 2005, 03:45 PM
ok, back on my pc at home...

I SWEAR TO GOD, my above post is the first AND LAST time I EVER used my PSP to post here. Not only is it INSANELY tiresome, but then, when I was halfway through with what I wanted to say about the new pack, I reached the maximum character limit on my PSP, not allowing me to type any further :x

anyway, here's what I additionally wanted to say:
The altima track, as I said before, has been cut on many occasions, just glad they at least kept the long downhill straight leading to the jump. But then, you can't really boost off the jumb, because there's a HUGE stalactite-like structure hanging from above, which you will crash against in the air, forcing you to keep your airtime low... WHY, SL, WHY? Anyway, it took me 2 attempts to get single race gold on rapier, when I took the track for a promo spin, means I expect it to be HARD AS ALL HELL in TT.

The two original music tracks from 2097 are SWEET tho, bring back a very nice retro feel.

Oh, and Lance is gonna be a very happy puppy when he sees the rapier/singlerace/altima gold artwork :wink:

1st August 2005, 03:48 PM
So how does the Icaras look then...? :)

1st August 2005, 03:49 PM
oh, you're one of the fast thinker's are you? :D Personally, I think it looks ace, but you never know what weird preferences these Icaras people have :wink:

1st August 2005, 03:54 PM
I still don't have it. Because Wipeout Pure doesn't want to use WPA, and the website's java is STILL broken, and pspupdates doesn't have it yet.

In any case...the web site says the pack has Altima VII, Odessa Keys, Goteki 45, and Go45 skin. But you fellas are saying Altima VII, Go45 ship/skin, two music tracks...

Dogg Thang
1st August 2005, 04:00 PM
The website is lying about Odessa Keys.

I just got it from the site. The look of the new classic is spectacular. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning. The downside is that, like Karbonis, the tracks seems to have lost a massive amount in translation. It seems much, much shorter and the hills aren't as high or as long. It's like the abridged version of Altima. What I do like is where there were tunnels before there are tunnels now - that helps it feel like Altima but a lot has been lost. Maybe that was needed given Pure's physics, I don't know.

I love the Goteki skin, very bright.

The highlight of this pack for me are the two music tracks. Wow. Amazing.

1st August 2005, 04:00 PM
@Sven: just checked - it really does say that, seems like someone messed up again...
if you click on the download though, it does display the correct information, namely the altima VII track, goteki ship and skin, and two music tracks by cold storage from 2097.

1st August 2005, 04:01 PM
Cairodrome was in WipEout, wasn't it?

1st August 2005, 04:02 PM
you're right, it was of course, my mistake :oops:

1st August 2005, 04:29 PM
Its a shame they decided to do Odessa Keys. I don`t understand why they would choose to do that one really.


Its most people`s least favourite track ever, I think, in both 3SE and 2097. In the past we`ve had several threads dedicated to criticising it for a while.

Still, better than nothing, but Gare d`Europa, Spilskinanke, or indeed any track from 2097 would have been better. Don`t mean to sound ungrateful though - I`m sure I`ll still fly it to death when it comes out.

1st August 2005, 04:54 PM
true, personally I would have loved to see phenitia park or valparaiso again...

I just raced my way through the 10 new gold medals, and I have to say the TTs were A LOT easier than I expected, got through all of them on first attempt. They are by no means as closely measured as the gamma TTs were, unfortunately. They do allow an almost excessive amount of bumping, and no need to take all the boost pads either. So, casual gamers, cheer up! Hardcore gamers - well, no challenge there... :(

The only challenge was keeping my ship together at the phantom TT due to rather excessive wall-scraping and 2 barrel rolls per lap (even had to suck in a turbo for that one).
Altima is quite a rush on phantom, though! All those colors rushing by 8O

oh and the unlockable artwork - SHWEEEET!

1st August 2005, 05:28 PM
hm... doesn't really sound like a positive surprise :?

It's not the 1st time that they can't manage the website. They had the Feisar skin as a pic one time, but at the wrong download. But now it's more. The text isn't true, that will disapoint some downloaders.
Did anyone else notice, that they've changed the font? The old one was better in my opinion...

1st August 2005, 05:38 PM
This sucks...I'm sitting here refreshing pspupdates every three seconds hoping they'll have it up soon, while the only reasons I don't have it yet are that Wipeout Pure mysteriously doesn't like WPA, and wipeoutpure.com is a totally incompetant website...

1st August 2005, 05:45 PM

Man thats a freakin TASTY-ass track!

LOVIN the return of forum favourite Cold Storage and the LOOK is awesome. I thought this download was going to be textureless??? BUT ITS NOT! It looks extremely beautiful.

I agree that the jutting over-hang on one of the jumps (the piece of scenery that looks like the belly of Star Trek the next generation Enterprise) is a major pain to avoid but the whole track screams mental colours and style!

WELL DONE STUDIO LIVERPOOL!!! The work that went into this game is awesome. No gamer could expect more.

Pump up that music good and loud.

Hacker X
1st August 2005, 06:03 PM

Now, for the next download, give us "Messij" (Cold Storage) from Wipeout 1! That song was one of the key factors to Wipeout 1's enjoyment for me. :D

Nice work again guys. Also, if any Studo Liverpool people are here, you may want to edit the website as it says the download includes Odessa Keys also. Keep up the good work.

1st August 2005, 06:21 PM
Just been for a spin around Altima VII in the original Wipeout, and while the Pure remake is cool (way better than the tracks in the classic league) it just can't be compared to the original.

Those Cold Storage tracks are sweet though, now let us have Cardinal Dancer, Tentative, Don't and Messij and that will be even better :D

Loving the new Goteki though, been waiting a long time for the team to return. The skin is good too, although I agree that some of the brighter text is hard to make out when using it.

That Icaras artwork that you unlock when completing single race in Rapier class does look cool, I can see that the Icaras fans will not be dissappointed, although I probably won't be using it too much if it has stats similar to the Wip3out version as I never really got the hang of it.

1st August 2005, 06:28 PM
Agree with all that, Yawnstretch, the track`s a beautiful strawberry-speedway kind of experience. The zone-style stripe down the middle really adds a lot - love it. Definitely much better to look at than the classic 1 tracks.

I haven`t tried Goteki yet, but it has got very interesting stats - loads of thrust and a big shield - a rival for Triakis perhaps, and with better handling.

1st August 2005, 06:37 PM
What are the stats for the Goteki45?

1st August 2005, 06:42 PM
Could i see some other images of the track also?

1st August 2005, 06:43 PM
Goteki stats are:

Speed - 3/5
Handling - 3/5
Shield - 4/5
Thrust - 5/5

Dogg Thang
1st August 2005, 06:48 PM
After extended play, I really have to say that the look of that track is an absolute work of art. And while it has lost length and is sort of an Altima-lite or Altima Jr rather than the real deal, it is still a fantastic track to race. The layout is superb. I love it.

As for Goteki, well I wasn't all that much of a fan of the look but I love the colours and it is a fine addition to the Pure line-up. Not sure how die-hard Goteki fans will like it though. The classic-track version of it is a bit of an eye-sore.

I'm really looking forward to the next Classic packs. I could do without another Fusion track but Vohl Square is actually one of the more memorable Fusion tracks for me. I would be among the people questioning Odessa Keys especially as much of the draw in that track was the altitude changes and they seem to be the first thing to go in the Pure-translation. I would have thought a flatter track like Valparaiso would survive the transition better. However, if Odessa Keys does survive intact I'll be very happy - I did really enjoy it.

Still this is all great stuff. I have not put this much time into a game in years and the slow release of these tracks really keeps it fresh and gives us loads to look forward to.

1st August 2005, 07:00 PM
Odessa? Oh well i was hoping Gare, it's growning on me that track.

Thinking about it, if they did put Gare d'europa through the pure treatment, and it lost is gradients, it would be a futuristic version of the Hungaroring.

They are scarily similar. :)

1st August 2005, 07:57 PM
For those of you who tried earlier to get the Classic pack from wipeoutpure.com, you may want to clear your cache and go there again - the newest download pack is live and ready!!!

Captain Q
1st August 2005, 08:35 PM
This may have been mentioned already, but on the renders I noticed they finally spelled Van-Uber as Van-Über, as it should more realistically be. Or is it just a typographical novelty, like the two dots on the A of AG Systems in 2097?

Regardless, I've never been a great fan of Odessa Keys either. My favourite 2097 track probably remains Spilskinanke.

1st August 2005, 08:53 PM
If it weren't for my self control, you all would be subject to a long string of explitives about now.

The web site still doesn't work, the game still doesn't like WPA, pspupdates still doesn't have the files up (but, just to rub it in, they have a news post about it), AND I STILL DON'T HAVE THE DOWNLOAD!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :x :evil: :brickwall :bombhead

1st August 2005, 09:30 PM
Sven, have you tried clearing your internet cache before re-entering the wipeoutpure website?

Ally Graham
1st August 2005, 09:46 PM
It only shows up one track on my download, anyone know why that could be?

1st August 2005, 09:58 PM
That would be because there IS only one track on the download - Altima VII

The rest of the pack contains the Goteki 45 ship and skin and two songs by Cold Storage (Cairodrome and Canada)

Ally Graham
1st August 2005, 10:01 PM
Below is a description from SCE describing further this first update in the Classic Pack series.

Blurring the lines between the real and the virtual, this pack features immersive recreations of the mid-22nd century evolutions of the classic Odessa Keys and Altima VII tracks. Also in this download are the stylish Goteki 45 FX300 ship and matching skin.

So who is right?

1st August 2005, 10:05 PM
The download itself only has one track, so obviously the official release has it wrong.

1st August 2005, 10:10 PM
Sven, have you tried clearing your internet cache before re-entering the wipeoutpure website?Yes. The java they use for the download is broken, that's the problem.

Ally Graham
1st August 2005, 10:21 PM
How can they fit the remaining classic packs and delta(s) into the remaining 2 downloads?
Cos that makes up the 6 months of content, backed up with the 2 remaining spaces on the website.

1st August 2005, 10:25 PM
I strongly doubt that Studio Liverpool will force itself to adhere to the "remaining two spaces" on the website download section. It's not like they can't ADD more spaces in that section, now is it?

1st August 2005, 10:35 PM
maybe we'll have to start paying for them then?

I wouldn't mind so much...
although a lot of these reimagined versions are losing a lot in the translation from old to new.
Based on the comments I've read from you all, I take it that the new engine/physics model is to blame?

1st August 2005, 10:51 PM
It could be because of the speeds achieved in Pure...I mean, in XL, you hardly ever went more than 350km/h, and in 3 I didn't see the speed "number" (I don't know the units they used) go over 200. But in Pure, you regularly hit 900km/h...That alone could make the straights feel much shorter.

2nd August 2005, 05:47 AM
Its a shame they decided to do Odessa Keys. I don`t understand why they would choose to do that one really.


Its most people`s least favourite track ever, I think, in both 3SE and 2097. In the past we`ve had several threads dedicated to criticising it for a while.

Still, better than nothing, but Gare d`Europa, Spilskinanke, or indeed any track from 2097 would have been better. Don`t mean to sound ungrateful though - I`m sure I`ll still fly it to death when it comes out.

I agree - Gare d'Europa was the track on the Wipeout 2097 demo I played waay back in 96 when I bought my PlayStation , and it's still my favourite Wipeout track.

2nd August 2005, 07:21 AM
maybe we'll have to start paying for them then?...

I reckon it'll be pretty painful, first 'they'll' get us hooked on downloadables like crack heads then withdraw the freebies and make us pay :cry:

Personally, if it means even more content it don't bother me that much as long as the price is right, non of this £5 per download though :cry:

2nd August 2005, 08:10 AM
I don't see HOW they would make the payment system work though - once one of those PSP-filesharing sites has the pack, it would spread without people paying for it...

2nd August 2005, 09:07 AM
People, poeple, let's not panic here.

Why are even discussing this in the first place? Because there's "only two remaining spaces" on the download section?

Might I remind you that until they added the classic 2 pack, there WERE no "remaining downloadable spaces" left on the game packages section, seeing how all three spaces were taken by the gamma packs? Has THAT stopped them from ADDING MORE?

Apparently not, because they added space for the classic 2 packs. And we didn't have to pay for this one...

...so let's keep a clear head, mmmmmkay?

2nd August 2005, 09:31 AM
well, of course the open spaces on the site don't mean bull, but someone had a point when he said that SL stated there will be 6 months of free DL content, and those six months will be over after the classic packs are done. Hence the rumor that we might have to pay for delta and omega (which I personally wouldn't have a problem with - I am just wondering HOW, since the previous packs are spreading unofficially...)

Dogg Thang
2nd August 2005, 09:32 AM
Drakkenmensch is right. Bit of a storm in a teacup here. 6 months was not a cut-off point after which you would have to pay for content. What was said was that the content would be free for at least 6 months.

Given that the Delta Packs and Classic Packs are listed on the JP release schedule with no hint that any of them might be pay packages, I doubt there will be a move to charge for any of that. Once the Delta and Classic 2 leagues are complete, who knows. We can worry about that then.

2nd August 2005, 09:56 AM
just got all the single race golds on altima up to rapier (I still haven't opened phantom)
dear god this track is awesome!
the aesthetic is quite different to the other classic tracks but I love where it's gone, the red colour scheme looks fantastic
the pacing of the track is perfect for my tastes, parts of it feel much more like karbonis than they do in WipEout. though I can see what was meant in someone's earlier post about the drop not seeming as big/steep, it is a minor pity, but it doesn't put the slightest scratch in the awesomness of this track. it's probably now my favourite of the downloadables so far, exostra run previously having held that position.

the goteki45 I quite like the look and feel of, it's a nice ship to pilot that maybe has a bit more bounce to it than many of the other ships, it's a bit more fragile than I expected.
and gods is it ever ugly in neo-tronic mode... that colour scheme? ugh

the skin I am not too fond of, pirahna and qirex still win that for me.
it occurs to me that it would be cool to have a random menu skin every time you go to the menus between races

2nd August 2005, 10:16 AM
you're right, random skin would be a fine idea! although I probably would feel I'm on drugs after a long session... :lol:

2nd August 2005, 11:27 AM
I don't see HOW they would make the payment system work though...

Got something to do with digital rights management I suppose, plus I remember reading summit a while back to do with the pack it individually 'tied' to your psp, like when you download a pack via the purE site, you see - each psp has an individual id and a pack simply won't work on another psp, only the one it was bought on.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong which I suspect I am.

2nd August 2005, 11:04 PM
Altima VII is the most classic "feeling" of all the classics so far, I think because of the new aesthetic. This new look it has makes it feel more "real" than the "neo-tronic" stuff. I also have more fond memories of Altima VII than any of the other classics so far...It loses something without the "DANGER!" sign just before the downhill though, lol!

The look is also similar to the Zone tracks, I think...

Overall, great job with Altima.

BTW, if you get high enough, you can actually fly through the center hole in that "object" that blocks your trajectory after the jump...

P.S. The Cold Storage tracks rock. I love when Cairodrome comes up when I'm racing at Altima...

2nd August 2005, 11:21 PM
BTW, if you get high enough, you can actually fly through the center hole in that "object" that blocks your trajectory after the jump...

wow, gotta try that!

P.S. The Cold Storage tracks rock. I love when Cairodrome comes up when I'm racing at Altima...

OH YES. happened to me yesterday - simply great! takes you back to '96 right away!

3rd August 2005, 12:22 PM
Speaking of Altima, has anyone noticed the concept art for single race altima gold in rapier? It's a pic of the new Icaras :D . Tasty.

Cant wait for the next classic tracks- Odessa Keys, Porto Kora and Vohl Square, either. I just hope they bring back Xpander.

3rd August 2005, 01:56 PM
I've just grabbed Classic #1 over wireless, just about to try it.

I thought i'd grab Gamma #3 again to see if it'd help with my freezing issue. However, I get connection error after the file has downloaded on all the Gamma packs now. Any ideas?


3rd August 2005, 02:07 PM
I just hope they bring back Xpander.Oh man, I can't even imagine how cool it would be to have Xpander playing at Manor Top...

You know, someone figured out how to run Wipeout Pure with a custom soundtrack off a memory stick (the whole game). That gives me hope that someone might figure out how to crack the encryption on the downloads to figure out how to let us have actual custom soundtracks...

3rd August 2005, 02:13 PM
I'll be takign a look at the files that comprise this update. ;)

Also, does itshow up in your ingame menu as "Classic 2" with four tracks listed, when in fact it should be "Classic 1" with one craft, one skin and two music tracks?


3rd August 2005, 02:15 PM
It should as it is the 2nd classic league i would guess.

3rd August 2005, 02:35 PM
Oh right, I see what you mean! :oops:


3rd August 2005, 04:01 PM
I totally love the Goteki ship design and the skin. The colours are amazing! The new design is one of my fav. in Pure (of course its my opinion :) ) I always loved Goteki45, but was never good enough in WP3. Maybe now I'll be able play with it!

17th August 2005, 05:24 PM
This classic track is the best of the bunch, it really feels right. On a side note, wipeout 3 was faster than pure on manor top, but pure is much faster than wipeout 3 on altima. any ideas? maybe because the braking slows you down so much, or they may not be to scale.

Dogg Thang
17th August 2005, 05:54 PM
I don't think they are to scale at all. Altima is much smaller. Actually somebody brought up the difference in speeds on the readouts saying that Pure is much faster, accounting for the tracks feeling smaller but I think Altima is simply just a smaller version.

So a thought occured - if you can measure how many times your ship fits into a track and then work out its size from the listed track length, will the ship be the right size?

That question made perfect sense in my head...

17th August 2005, 06:30 PM

now if you seriously did that I could rightfully call you a NERD :D :wink:

17th August 2005, 07:15 PM
Dogg: Here's where your reasoning breaks down - if you have to cross an ocean on Lindhberg's small plane and 60 years later you cross the SAME ocean in a huge jumbo jet, has the DISTANCE to be crossed reduced any? If two planes travel at 300 km/h, does the size of the planes make any difference to the distance travelled in an hour?

Just a thought.


Checked some data -

Wipeout version of Altima VII: 5.5km (source: gamefaqs)
Pure version of Altima VII: 5.5 km (source: ingame menu)

Same length - CQFD

The ships are just a LOT faster in Pure - the Pure equivalent of Flash would be Phantom in any previous version in terms of maximum velocity in KM/H

Dogg Thang
17th August 2005, 08:10 PM
Drakkenmensch, I think you're missing the point of the experiment. SL can decide the tracks are whatever length they want. The chances of them being created to a real scale are slim. So they can call them both 5.5km if they like.

The reality is that the tracks could be very different lengths.

The only way we have of measuring the tracks in-game is by seeing how many ship-lengths it is. Yes, the ships could be different sizes but the cockpits give a good indication of how the sizes relate to each other. So, in Pure, if you go around Altima and find out how many times the ship fits into it, then divide 5.5km by that number you can find out how big (by comparison) the ship is. If the ship size seems completely off, then the 5.5km is likely to be a completely arbitrary number.

You can do this on a small scale if you like - take that first straight section in Altima. See how many times the ship fits in that section in WO1 and compare it with Pure. I would be stunned if that straight isn't considerably shorter in Pure. Speed plays no part in determining the nose-to-nose length. Like the track length, the speed counter is likely to be purely arbitrary. I think few people would think that the speeds in Pure are faster than the speeds in previous WO games and yet the counter says they are. Whatever the numbers say, Flash in Pure does not compare with Phantom in any other WO.

Yep, it's nerdy but I'm going to try this at the weekend...

17th August 2005, 08:10 PM
additionaly, the 'feel' of speed in racing games is often not determined by the 'actual' speed of the vehicle, but actually by graphical presentation and viewing angle. Best example for this - Burnout3. When you hit the turbo button, the game 'feels' A LOT faster than normally, the actual speed (distance travelled in a certain amount of time) remains almost the same though.

17th August 2005, 08:19 PM
Speed plays no part in determining the nose-to-nose length.Unless you account for Special Relativity :lol:

But 1000km/h wouldn't affect it that much anyway, heheh.

Dogg Thang
17th August 2005, 08:42 PM
Okay, so I aroused my own curiosity and decided to check the straight section myself. Gauging the nose-to-nose length in Pure is really difficult so the Pure counts could be way off. In a Feisar, I tried to get a rough length of the ship by doing turnarounds and comparing where my back and front landed compared with the markings on the wall. It is inaccurate but the best I could do. The straight section, by my test, could be anywhere from 23 to 50 Feisar lengths. Yep, I'll admit, it's that inaccurate - it's really hard to tell.

WO1, on the other hand, is bizarrely easy to get a count. The ship has a great shadow and it turns out that the textures seem to be exactly the same size as the ship. The black/white squares towards the beginning are two ship-lengths each while the ones on the starting grid are one length each. By my tests, the straight section in WO1 is about 110-116 ship lengths.

Comparing the ships, there is little reason to think that the ships in WO1 are any smaller than the Pure Feisar. If anything, given the cockpit size, it is possible the Pure Feisar is smaller. But,that aside, even at my longest estimate, the straight section in Pure is less than half the length of the straight in WO1.

Therefore - Altima in Pure is much smaller regardless of stated lengths or speed readouts.

Edit: Found a better way of measuring lengths in Pure based on the little squares the ships start on. The straight in Pure Altima is only about 20 ship-lengths. The difference is even larger than I thought. If the tracks were indeed the same length, the ships in Pure would be larger than a few buses stuck together.

17th August 2005, 10:04 PM
''Special Relativity''
good one, Sven! :)

17th August 2005, 10:08 PM
I don't know if this came up but...
Has the Classic Pack been released for the Japan version of Pure? I'm still really haooy with the delta pack and Wire05 but what the hell, gotta catch'em all ^_^

18th August 2005, 02:40 PM
Therefore - Altima in Pure is much smaller regardless of stated lengths or speed readouts.In addition to being shorter, it also feels much narrower...

18th August 2005, 10:57 PM
Even though it's the same length, it certainly does feel a lot narrower, that's true.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 06:09 AM
I think you missed the part where I established quite clearly that it's not the same length.

19th August 2005, 08:41 AM
The straight section, by my test, could be anywhere from 23 to 50 Feisar lengths. Yep, I'll admit, it's that inaccurate - it's really hard to tell.

Ah yes, I did read that part. That's why I took your test with a grain of salt.

EDIT: After writing this post, I had an idea.

I created a whole new profile in Pure, and raced a SINGLE Time Trial race in Altima VII I Vector class.

Distance Raced (KM): 16.73

Divide that by three laps, and each lap comes to 5.58 KM.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 09:43 AM
And yet you missed this part -

Found a better way of measuring lengths in Pure based on the little squares the ships start on. The straight in Pure Altima is only about 20 ship-lengths.

And, most importantly given your edit based on the stats -

SL can decide the tracks are whatever length they want.

The km readings are entirely arbitrary. The stast mean nothing. You don't need to believe my experiment to see this. Do this (trust me) - load up WO1 Altima. Take a look at the starting grid and how each of the 8 craft line up. Notice (even roughly) the distance between the 1st craft and the first turn and the distance between the last craft and the turn behind. Now do the same in Pure and come back and tell me they are both the same length.

You do have WO1, don't you?

19th August 2005, 09:51 AM
Wow, are you really so CONVINCED to prove that one track of being the wrong length that the developpers purposefully crafted a completely wonky length/speed ratio system that totally invalidates the entire contents of the other 24 tracks?

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 09:56 AM
Eh, no... this is my point -

Altima in Pure is shorter than Altima in WO1

That's it. No conspiracy theories here. Just that. Now, do you have WO1? If you do, load it up and just take one look at the starting grid just like I asked. Please, for me.

19th August 2005, 09:57 AM
So the starting grid was rearranged differently - it's possible, no classic track is entirely identical to its original layout, differences in playing style and hardware, that's possible.

It's just the same overall racing length, is all I'm saying.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 09:59 AM
Honestly - please! Ease my mind. Start up WO1 and have a look. Luckily the starting grid is arranged exactly the same making it so much easier. Please, just take one look.

19th August 2005, 11:07 AM
IMO, the discussion whether the circuit is longer or not is a futile.

Dog Thang probably means that relative size of the circuit compared to the ships is smaller in Pure.
Even if this weren't true, if the speeds (not those in the HUD but the speed at which the craft flies along the circuit) vary greatly, the subjective length of the track also will.

From the comments of DT, even if I haven't played the game, I'm inclined to believe that simply the scale of the circuit 3D model wasn't respected when getting it form WO1 to Pure.

Space Cowboy
19th August 2005, 11:09 AM
I'm inclined to believe that simply the scale of the circuit 3D model wasn't respected when getting it form WO1 to Pure.

I believe so too.

19th August 2005, 12:10 PM
Regardless of how the starting grid is arranged in WO versus Pure, I don't think it's really a relevant issue anyway. It's just a cool and fun track to fly, and that's what counts.

19th August 2005, 12:15 PM
Yeah! What he said! :wink:

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 12:23 PM
Yep, it is a fun track. If you're wondering about the relevance - it was simply in reply to a question by Zoolander. XEik, I agree that the tracks simply aren't to scale and that is what has caused the shrinkage in Pure.

In spite of feeling it isn't relevant, Drakkenmensch, did you in fact try what I suggested out of curiosity?

19th August 2005, 12:25 PM
Look, I just don't care about this starting grid non-issue.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 12:35 PM
Okay fair enough, so you haven't. You cared enough to tell me I was wrong even though I had taken the time to work it out and, you know, in less than the time it took you to write those posts telling me I was wrong you could have simply taken a look for yourself and realised that I wasn't.

But we can let it lie and move on.

With a but of luck we should have word soon on which classic track will be next. I'm hoping for Odessa Keys, just out of curiosity to see how it translates. Unlike some people, I actually like Odessa Keys. I would love if they added a neon clock to the track, much like I would have loved the 'Danger' sign in Altima.

Space Cowboy
19th August 2005, 12:52 PM
Im also a big fan of OK, not fond of the last bend though :)
With any luck we'll have come more CS tracks to race along too.

19th August 2005, 01:00 PM
What I did was mention that the length was the same, and you said it wasn't. I provided the length of the track in kilometers, from reliable sources, and you told me it was shorter still regardless what it said. I measured the length of the track using the game's built-in stat measures, but you kept insisting it was shorter. It's not shorter, it's different. I'll agree that the starting grid may have a weirder layout, but it doesn't change the fact that when you do a lap on altima, the digits on your craft's odometer will increase by five and a half. THAT's what I was trying to prove.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 01:15 PM
What do you mean 'CS' tracks Space Cowboy?

19th August 2005, 01:44 PM
You Odessa Keys lovers are already too late - orders have gone out and my crack team of Qirex marine saboteurs have already placed Triakis Plasma Charges in crucial structural locations on Odessa Keys. Anti-gravity system disruption generators firing from satellites in low orbit will take care of any parts of the track not supported by traditional load-bearing means. I only have to give the word and this operation will be carried out, to the relief of all but a few of the most masochistic pilots scattered around the world, wearing hair shirts and listening to Naks Acid. Operation OK - KO cannot be stopped :evilgrin

I`m really pleased they chose Porta Kora though - its an undoubted classic and should be a real speed rush in Pure. It`ll be interesting to see if they`ve done Vohl Square 2 or 3, the one with big jump anyway (I can`t remember), though I expect it`ll be number 1, as a kind of psychedelic Sinucit.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 01:51 PM
But, lunar, the track is mostly virtual. Sort of. I'm not sure your attack would destroy the neo-fusion architecture.

But, yes, Porta Kora should be very good fun indeed. I have a real soft spot for that track.

19th August 2005, 02:02 PM
then they will enter cyperspace to do it. Its definitely possible - haven`t you seen Spy Kids 3D? Not as good as the original but proves my point..... sorta :wink:

Its always possible OK could become, well, OK in its new version if gets enough re-engineering from SL.

19th August 2005, 02:58 PM
Actually, I think I enjoyed Odessa Keys less than any other track in XL, except for Talon's Reach and Sagarmatha. But, that's not saying much, since they were all pretty good tracks, heheh.

I also probably would have preferred something other than Porto Kora, it always seemed like a rather dull track to me. I much would have preferred P-Mar or Terminal. Or LS103/AW72, even :D

I wonder if the next classic track will have a different color than Altima...

Also, did you ever stop to thing that maybe just the starting grid is shorter, and the rest of the track is the same?

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 03:08 PM
Yep, indeed. Ideally I'd measure the whole track but that would take a long time. However, the starting section is the major straight (I'm actually talking about the sections in front and behind of the starting grid) and everything else (obviously) links to that. To an extent it dictates how the rest of the track works around it. For Pure Altima to come in equal there would have to be a major addition to another section of track. There isn't, although some turns are wider which would add some length (though nothing that would compare with what was removed). Like I say, to any doubters, simply load up WO1 and crawl along the track section by section while having your PSP out to compare.

I'd love to see different colours in the new classics by the way. Nice idea!

19th August 2005, 03:21 PM
Maybe that "addition of track" happens to be the section where competitors 9 through 12 sit on the starting grid in WO - after all, there's only 8 starting up the race in Pure.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 03:21 PM
There's only 8 in WO1 too. :?

19th August 2005, 03:42 PM
huh, that's weird, I was sure there were 12. My memory must be playing tricks on me.

Dogg Thang
19th August 2005, 03:48 PM
Yep. The sequels added more racers though.

Space Cowboy
19th August 2005, 04:50 PM
What do you mean 'CS' tracks Space Cowboy?

Sorry Dogg, I was a bit late replying to that :( I meant 'Cold Storage' i apologise again for being lazy and abbreviating it :oops:

20th August 2005, 05:55 PM

I love this track! Can't wait to see it purE-ified! Hope they included the 'BRITVA' 'POTEMKIN' signs! :D

20th August 2005, 11:17 PM
I'm not dissing Odessa. I'm sure it'll be great fun. I'm just saying I'd rather see Valpariso or Gare d'Europa 8)

Space Cowboy
20th August 2005, 11:51 PM
Valpariso is amazing! and Gare' is just perfection!
Unfortunately I think its only Valpariso and Porta Kora that have been made for download?? :(

24th August 2005, 03:17 PM
on the pure website, they've edited the mistake in the description of classic pack 1. instead of saying the odessa keys track is in the download, it now correctly says it includes the cold storage tracks. :)

24th August 2005, 03:39 PM
yeah. And they deactivated the music mixer (also when it was never really activated) - you just get a "back to menu"

24th August 2005, 08:10 PM
Are you guys after a job? :lol:

Your observant nature has obviously paid off... someone is listening\ 8)