View Full Version : Just beat Challenge II in XL (NTSC: US/CA) ! :-D

21st July 2005, 10:49 PM
So I finally beat it, with Auricom. I beat tracks 6 & 7 on the first go, but got 2nd place in track 8 the first time. (And nearly got it again if it wasn't for that auto-pilot near the end which took me past the then-1st-placer.) So I tested Pirhana out on the first track in a time trial and it runs like a dream! I was going at 347 km/h for a good 15 seconds before slowing due to a minor hit in a wall. thsi thing turns like all the others should! :-D I love Pirhana. As for the loss of weapons, I can't say it's a big deal, as in XL, it's the speed that really got me here. I didn't think I was going to beat Challenge II after I lost (blew up) on the 2nd track once and came in third the second time. However, when I saw myself just passing many starting at track 5, and I beat tracks 6 & 7 on the _first_ go, I has a strong feeling that I was going to win it all.

So what next? Beat Challenge II again: this time with Pirhana? Anything else left in the game to do (besides trying to make record time to go up here)?