View Full Version : Wipeout Fusion: Highest Average Speed Challenge

29th March 2002, 06:12 PM
I wonder if anyone else has though of this... At the end of a Time Trial run or an arcade race you can see your stats right? Well why not make it a challenge?

I'm thinking we should have 3 tiers... Easy, Medium and Hard.

Easy = Florian Height 3 or Mandrashee 3
Medium = Vohl Square 2 or Katmoda 2
Hard = Temtesh Bay 3 or Alca Vexus 3

You guys need to make a choice in these tracks... if you recommend other tracks post them!

All the tracks would be Forward. Disable weapons and race around them in whatever craft you see fit in any class. The idea is to submit your best Average speed for each track...

Kinda like a substitute for a best Race Time as you would need to have a good race to do well in this one...