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29th June 2005, 12:32 PM
pure is poor :x . i want a big screen and a negcon :) . and 2097. :D

all the challenges in the arena are pure-based at the moment. i'm planning on setting some sort of cumulative multi-ship/multi-track 2097/xl challenge. hopefully nothing too unoriginal. any suggestions appreciated...

29th June 2005, 10:28 PM
Well I don`t agree with your assesment of Pure..... but I do agree a 2097 challenge would be cool. :)

I was thinking of one a while ago, and thought it would be fun for 2097/XLers just to race for the lowest total time over all 8 races on Challenge 2. There would be no Piranha allowed, so we could have the added interest of seeing which ship is quickest... and of course argue about it in a friendly kind of way ;) It would be weapons on and it would be stick2trax. Only races in which you qualify for the next track would be added to your total time. If you didn`t qualify for the next track the time would not be added to your total, but there would be a time penalty of 30 seconds for not qualifying for the next race or not finishing - to stop us deliberately losing to get a better time on another try at a track. So your time for the track would be the succesful race time plus thirty seconds for each failure. We write out results of each race in the challenge, including failures, and see who gets the lowest time over all races. :D We ignore Pal/NTSC issues and just say the winner is the Wipeout 2097 world champion, although we really know who this is already. :wink:

as for Pure, well it doesn`t have the feeling of 2097, but it does have its great moments and its a much more complete game. 2097 is just a highly entertaining low-level flight simulator.... but is still the "best game ever" imo. 8)

29th June 2005, 11:08 PM
I'm totally out of practice with XL and barely started playing it again after years sleeping in my closet, but I think your idea is absolutely brilliant and I'm all for it!

29th June 2005, 11:27 PM
well that`s two of us up for it, anyway. :D What do you think, Matthew?

30th June 2005, 09:15 AM
well that sounds like a great idea. 8)
and it means i don't have to think about it. :)

okay, i'll post it in the arena today at 12ish. for a duration of two weeks, say? maybe i'll come up with a small chocolatey related prize or something, 'cos i'm a generous kind of guy :wink:

any objections/ideas then: better reply quick!

PS: Arnuad can be beaten. oh yes. :?

30th June 2005, 09:33 AM
I know I won't win because many of you guys are so much better than me at XL, but I don't care :) In a Wipeout tournament, participation is its own reward!

30th June 2005, 09:53 AM
Great - but I think we should give it a much longer time limit - it would give us a chance to practice and try the challenge again with different ships. And once we have times posted we might get more people coming in.

chocolate`s a good prize - but if I win can I have a pack of crisps instead? Don`t think its very likely, mind you ;)

30th June 2005, 10:02 AM
a month? we could have it end at midnight on the last day in July. that sounds okay. i don't think we can have it any longer if interest is to be sustained. 8 tracks is a lot to practice on though...

crisps would be okay as a prize although they may be a little squished by the post!
perhaps i could give prizes to best overall, then feisar, ag-sys, auricom and quirex times with the proviso that no one person can win more than 'ship' prize... hmmm. this would eliminate the arnaud thrash factor but would there be any competiton in the auricom sector? over a month, perhaps, there would be.

30th June 2005, 10:13 AM
A month sounds good. :)

Rapier Racer
30th June 2005, 12:06 PM
Excellent idea, count me in, despite the fact I'll be humiliatingly thrashed, stupid Piranha *Fist shaking*

30th June 2005, 01:20 PM
okay, challenge is up...

and piranha isn't allowed, assegai.
good luck, everybody. of course, i plan on being fastest at something; can i give myself a prize if i win? :wink:

30th June 2005, 02:28 PM
...have to put the dust off my ps2... go ahead, guys, make my day...

30th June 2005, 02:47 PM
*grins* considering that I haven't unlocked a single track or challenge on my new savefile, I have my work cut out for me!

Rapier Racer
30th June 2005, 10:23 PM
I know its not allowed so I'll have have to use Qirex to get fast timea, I wonder if they offer pilot school...

30th June 2005, 10:41 PM
*hears about Qirex driving school and quickly signs up for the class*

I just hope I don't end up sitting next to Spongebob.

1st July 2005, 07:09 AM
I don't think I can face using the Quirex on Spilskinanke, especially after the other seven races. I'v been practicing with AG-Sys last night, and I now realise how hard this challenge is going to be; all 8 races in one go, all with a low time is quite the definition of challenge. At least with the AG-Sys I'm less likely to cock up, I reckon I'll get a faster time overall with it cos I'd be bouncing all over the place with the Quirex :oops:

1st July 2005, 03:47 PM
I'm working on making it through myself, and last night I went from having only two gold on the original six tracks to completing Phantom Challenge 1, all done with Qirex. Most of you guys probably realized this already, but I found out that at higher speeds, the Qirex gains a lot of maneuverability if you're very chintzy with the gas pedal.

The inertia which slows down the Qirex when you're coasting on built-up speed without trying to accelerate more drops surprisingly slow, so this gains you a lot of grip in the turns, and reduces the needs for the air brakes in a lot of places.

This being said, Voltok Island is a NASTY track. And I haven't even dared to try Spilskinanke yet! 8O

1st July 2005, 04:45 PM
I had a quick blast at Challenge 2 as far as Valpo, for practice, and after playing Pure it was a very weird experience - the neg felt huge in my hands again, and playing on a big screen again was slightly disturbing. Next time will be 4 real, and although Im looking forward to it, I`m not feeling optimistic about the first go. Also when I have a proper attempt I`m really going to have to remember that in 2097 you don`t wait for the announcer to say "go" before pressing anything, and you can`t absorb weapons. :roll: Could be very messy if I keep forgetting those details.

1st July 2005, 08:01 PM
'' very chintzy with the gas pedal''
the gas pedal only has one position.
and that is not off. :)

1st July 2005, 11:06 PM

Okay, what I meant here was to use small controlled pushes of the gas pedal rather than the "pedal to the metal" approach I had used up to that point ;)

2nd July 2005, 12:52 AM
Count me in.
I have started a fresh memory card save labelled neGcon for this challenge.
I am piloting the Auricom, and using a neGcon.
I got Challenge I (Phantom Challenge) first go.
The Phantom track Golds took a few attempts.
I haven't raced them since '98 so was a bit rough.
I am now ready for Challenge II (Piranha Challenge).
Fellow Zone member Lion and I have some link up matches planned.
Nothing like the incentive of a challenge to get you practising.

2nd July 2005, 03:25 AM
'' small controlled pushes''
Pedal To The Metal is a religion.
a faith.
a belief in the absolute goodness of full throttle all. the. time.
a must! :D
my credo!

there is only one throttle position. max to the max. there is no off.

[calms down]
er.. well.. i think that explains my position on the that subject.

speaking of subject, i did Challenge 2 today [for the third time in my WO2 career and after almost a year of hardly touching the game]. those ''Chinese'' newcomers are trusting souls.
now if they'd just make their racer as much fun as the ones you use to win the test pilot position.

dunno for sure if i'm going to participate in this interesting challenge since i'm using my racing time [when the hands don't hurt too much from work] to win through Japanese WO3 [which i haven't played before] with a D-pad controller. seems like Challenge 2 will be a good format for the contest, though. if i do, i will for certain be using a neGcon. :D

5th July 2005, 10:28 AM
three things i've discovered I really hate:
1. Computer ships pushing you into the pit lane when they want to go in.
2. Computer ships shooting missiles at your ship even when there's more than one other ship between you.
3. Computer ships punting you into a wall when you're taking a different line round a corner than they are.
:evil: I don't like the AI in 2097. These flaws are liveable with when you can just restart race, having only lost a couple of laps, but five races in, already having trouble with odessa keys, only to be forefully knocked sideways as half the field enter the pit lane from your right is just too much :evil:

5th July 2005, 06:22 PM
that`s why this is a tough challenge - you can`t just restart in the latter races. Its like a real race in that you have to perform when its asked of you.

which is tough talk from someone who sucks badly at the moment. I`m going to have to have some practice as I haven`t exactly forgotten the tracks, but I`ve definitely forgotten my lines. It took me four tries to even win on Gare d`Europa. OMG!!! :oops:

6th July 2005, 07:34 AM
I`m going to have to have some practice as I haven`t exactly forgotten the tracksI practiced for a couple of hours; it definitely helped using AG-sys, but after about ten races Spliskinake seemed positively easy. I can't believe how hard Odessa Keys is though.

It took me four tries to even win on Gare d`Europa. OMG!!! :oops:[in the style of nelson] ha ha

4th October 2005, 01:43 PM
i don't think the lap records should include piranha

4th October 2005, 02:48 PM
I assume you're referring to XL/2097?

Why not? It's unable to use weapons, and thus has no turbos to help it go faster.

4th October 2005, 08:09 PM
Back to the topic , i should give me an extra pause , playing this fun challenge i didn't notice before.
Hum seems to be no shortcuts allowed and no pirahna : Is this always a wipeout challenge :lol:
Seriously counts me in for that old & odd challenge :wink: , i will have a try on this next Week-End.

5th October 2005, 07:27 AM
Good luck!

Maybe this could give us a new challenge - kind of like "guess the weight of the baby" or "how many sweets in the jar?" We could call it the "What time will Assayeah get in the no-piranha challenge 2 challenge challenge." Snappy. :wink:

5th October 2005, 11:30 PM
Oh Mate it was so fun this little break with 2097 non pirahna challenge ...couldn't resist to wait till this week-end 8)

6th October 2005, 08:01 AM
Holy sh*t Arnuad, those times are stupendous. I'm going to try and improve my time :? but not until I've gold-medalled everything in Pure in all the versions; I'm onto phantom now so not far to go... also I've got a weeks holiday at the end of the month :twisted: I can see lots of wipeout featuring in my plans.

6th October 2005, 05:30 PM
héhéhé which is stupendous Mo it is mostly my number of contenders elimanated on the whole 64 tracks i raced ( back to memory, my record of kill was 3 in a phantom race and i ve equalled it 3 times yesterday and was so clooooose to have 4 on sagar Ag Sys...btw without slowing down of course otherwise it's easy to beat that )
34 ships were blasted and mostly by plasma ( 95%) 8)

For the all-versions gold medalled seek you ll have at least around 700 gold !! it would probably let me enough time to breathe quietly :D ( i have already reached all gold ( 259) in Pal ) i just wanna perform enough in zone mode , searching for the speed limit in each 4 tracks ( is there a limit ??? , my current top speed is 1515 kmh )

6th October 2005, 05:49 PM
I did notice that you got a load of eliminations; especially considering my tactic with weapons in this challenge was to discard everything until I got a shield and then keeping that for missile emergencies... perhaps killing the other ships is a valid way of making sure they don't shoot at you!