View Full Version : how to use it offline?

5th June 2005, 04:18 PM
Does anybody know how I can use the WipEout Pure Website offline?
I used "save website as", but it just saves the country selection screen, the rest wasn't saved on my computer. The liks worked, but it has to load all over again - without beeing online it didn't work.
I want to take a look at the big flash-object that includes all teh infos. I'm also interested in all these ship animations etc.
I also looked in my cache, and yes there are some files, but not the whole site as one big flash object.

Does anybody know how to extract this object from the website?

Still didn't find a way to get this flash object, but I found the Index of the WipEout ure site (it's in the html-code of the site). There are all written infos as a text ducument - IN ALL LANGUAGES!!! So for these people who what to read the infos in the motherlangue it's really cool. Sadly not in a style as good as the real website.
>> http://www.wipeoutpure.com/Xml/

Maybe someone can do something more with this index. I'm a html- and Flash-n00b. I really don't know many things about all these codes etc.