View Full Version : I bought a used copy of WipeOut Fusion last night...

2nd June 2005, 04:43 PM
...and I took it home...

...and I popped it into the PS2...

...and what I saw left me feeling hollow...


...I guess this is the WIpeOut series' version of Episode III?

What the HELL happened with this game? There are so many things wrong with this game... I mean, I'm still going to keep it, but damn. Pilots? Annoying ships.. and really clunky controls...

2nd June 2005, 05:08 PM
Great music and graphics though.

Shame really

2nd June 2005, 05:10 PM
the graphics are certainly better than in Wip3out... but... for some reason, there was something missing about the graphics...

2nd June 2005, 05:12 PM
Everyone has a different taste, I like the game, and even like the others. It's damn slow at the beginning, but look forward to the moment when you've tuned the crafts, reached the higher leagues, got all the very fast Mandrashee tracks and see how fast you can go in zone mode.
I think it's a very good racing game, even if you might think it's really not WipEout.

and no, it's no EP III WipEout version. EP III is too dark for Fusion :D

PS: You made this thread in the wrong forum...

2nd June 2005, 05:14 PM
PS: You made this thread in the wrong forum...

8O I just realized that.

2nd June 2005, 07:31 PM
Caught out by the extra forum, eh? ;)

2nd June 2005, 07:37 PM

2nd June 2005, 09:12 PM

Here's a question... Why... in the name of Zeus' butthole, to paraphrase Stanley Goodspeed, are you called Kansas when you live in LA?

2nd June 2005, 09:30 PM
In 1999, I worked as an intern for the sports department of the Wichita Eagle, in Kansas. I had just joined my Fraternity, Sigma Nu, and my big bro nicknamed me Kansas. The name was supposed to be a joke because I was always talking about Kansas, the state. However, I really took on the name and now everyone knows me as Kansas.

2nd June 2005, 09:32 PM
Well... that answers that one! :)

2nd June 2005, 09:36 PM
aaah, Stanley Goodspeed, good man that...

2nd June 2005, 10:29 PM
EP3? u mean't EP1 more like it. Man I tried the mandrashee track and it's ok. but the game physics truly sucks hardcore.

2nd June 2005, 10:56 PM
yeah... it's more like Episode I...

I think one of the things that bugs me the most is the physics of the ships... Before, the center of gravity was toward the back of the ships... now it's in the center... so the ships don't hover like they used to.

Zero [RG] [HG]
3rd June 2005, 04:27 AM
Why in the hell are all these fraternities named after Greek letters?

3rd June 2005, 09:47 AM
because they try to sound sophisticated, when really they are just a bunch of premature, drunk boys.

3rd June 2005, 03:32 PM
immature, not premature, i think.
no offense meant to our new WZ member, ''Kansas'', of course, who is no doubt an exception to the general run of fratboys as seen in movies.

and now.. about those F-Zero, oops... Fusion physics....

3rd June 2005, 04:22 PM
traditional Greek-lettered Fraternities use Greek letters as acronyms for the real names of their organizations, while at the same time honoring the classic Hellenic system of Government... Every organization has something like a Senate that designates the rules of the House, and there are positions assigned to different members to ensure that these rules are enforced.

Moreover, Fraternities (more often than not) are founded on philophical and moral ethics of Western philosophy, such as Boethius' Consolation of Philosophy. My Fraternity, Sigma Nu, was founded at the Virginia Military Institute. Unfortunately, VMI's hazing of cadets washorrible and they suffered great humiliation. The three founders of Sigma Nu stood against the hazing and formed the Legion of Honor, in 1868, to be later renamed Sigma Nu Fraternity, on January 1, 1869.

My Fraternity encourages its members to uphold the principles of Love, Truth and Honor, and to maintain this ban on hazing. Sadly, very few chapters do so, tarnishing the image of those who do.

I stand against hazing, and I cleaned up all the hazing in my chapter when I took over as Marshal (Pledge Educator). This is something that is maintained today, under my close supervision.

3rd June 2005, 06:45 PM
Hehehehe Lance, dont try it, F-Zero GX is a fantastic game if your a speed freak :twisted:

7th June 2005, 12:39 PM
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Space Cowboy
7th June 2005, 01:21 PM
I had a dream last night about Fusion, but in it Fusion was good.

Must have been a dream then....

Rapier Racer
7th June 2005, 02:43 PM
Speaking of good versions of Fusion, what happens to the early versions of games? We saw screens of Fusion with real floatyness and someone posted a link to a video that showed a cool looking see through track do they still have that stuff somewhere at SL?

7th June 2005, 04:55 PM
You will find that in the Pilots Lounge.
Look for the thread "WipEout ideas" or "What the next Wipeout should look like". I really don't know the right title.

I've a small question: Why is it allowed to say bad things about Fusion without any trouble by Admins/Moderators etc. but not when I say silly things about Pure?
I heard so many times that somebody that "Aaargh, the ship design is the worst in Fusion" but nobody said anything against that. Is it just because the most think that Pure is good and Fusion not? Sorry, but I don't understand that.
Just because it's no WipEout that everybody loves you can't say it's really really really a bad game in general.
That's my opinion :roll:

7th June 2005, 06:11 PM
if you are referring to the causa feiyen, who said bad things about purE, and it wasn't accepted, to me there is one important difference: Lot's of people complain about Fusion, and of course people ave the right to complain about purE, too. It's not because everybody loves purE so much, so you are not allowed to complain about it. It is HOW feiyen complained about it, saying that the designers should be fired for delivering such a design, and stuff like that. He was showing very intolerant behavior, and couldn't even accept that there were opinions other than his. That's why his ranting about purE wasn't accepted.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Lance... :wink:

So I think everybody feel free to complain about whatever you want, as long as you keep the right tone to it, and as long as you have arguments to back up your complaints.

7th June 2005, 06:25 PM
You've got it absolutely right.

It's not the content that was a problem, nobody really cares what anybodys opinion is THAT much, it was the attitude.

It's the difference between someone saying something like "Wipeout sucks because it takes too much time to get good at it, F-Zero rocks" and "Wipeout sucks and everybody here is stupid for liking it".

So Sausehuhn, if we take the example above, you're thinking the problem is that someone said "Wipeout sucks" while the actual problem (as eLhabib is saying) is that they said "you're all stupid for liking it".

The attitude, not the content.

8th June 2005, 05:17 PM
ok. I understand.
Maybe I did not really understand that because I'm not the best in english. It's not my motherlanguage and I often do not understand everything. Also when I want to say something I often just know one or two ways to say it. I know that's a problem. English grammar is not the most difficult I've seen so far, but it's still not the easiest. I happy that I can say what I think, also when I make mistakes. I hope you understand my posts with mistakes as well :roll:

8th June 2005, 05:43 PM
Sausehuhn, you english is very good! :) Better than mine probably and it is my 1st language.

I recently, got hooked on fusion again and i serioulsy like - the amount of new ideas in it were a galant effort by studio liverpool after a 3 (or 7 whichever way you look at it) hiatus in the series. Ok so some of the stuff was missing such as the physics and the scraping and some of the "soul", but it was a great game nethertheless.

Also i have the galaxy chapion ranking (100% completed) the first wipeout game i have done that on!

The only part i wasn't too sure on was the more organic shaped ships - wip3out were my favs and pure is a step in the right direction without the style looking dated.

Oh well, each to their own... :)

8th June 2005, 06:33 PM
I can see what's not to like, but there are plenty of positives - the music is the best since 2097 (nothing beats racing to firestarter :) ), and the later versions of some tracks are spectacular.

But the bugs in the game are unforgivable in something so reliant on nerve-edge reactions and heart-stoppingly close races - dropping through a solid floor when you're 1 race away from winning Hyperion League is enough to have you biting through the case with rage.

Also, the front-end of the game is wretched - it looks and feels half finished, especially with that looping synth tune in the background. Plus, the 'pilot' characters feel like an attempt to re-introduce the worst element of the original wipeout - I personally never liked their inclusion in the game because it made it feel more cartoony and less cool and stylish.

Funnily enough, I just bought a copy of the game again 2nd hand off ebay - it's telling that the copy cost me £3.50 (about $6) including post and packing, which seems to be a regular price, whereas copies of Wip3out are still going for £10-15.

8th June 2005, 06:51 PM
it pisses me off that on some races I'll be completely alone, dropping mines in my wake, and at the finish line somebody will just fly out of nowhere and win. :?

8th June 2005, 07:00 PM
Funnily enough, I just bought a copy of the game again 2nd hand off ebay - it's telling that the copy cost me £3.50 (about $6) including post and packing, which seems to be a regular price, whereas copies of Wip3out are still going for £10-15.and copies of wo3se goes for ~ 20£!
Welcome to the woz - wipeoutzone, phookoo! :D
I gather you are not from sweden? ;)

8th June 2005, 07:26 PM
Little bit further south - Plymouth in the UK actually :D

Been a wipeout fan since about 3 weeks after the original Playstation launch. Found this site after looking for the Fuaion soundtrack ripping tool actually - cool site though. I can see me spending far too long here 8)

The main thing I dislike about Fusion (I won't use the word 'hate' - it's wipeout, whatever the flaws), is the disproportionate weapon/shield strengths - I should be able to do an introductory race around Florian Heights on my first play on the easiest setting without getting destroyed :cry:

Thanks for the welcome btw - good to be here :lol:

Rapier Racer
8th June 2005, 10:18 PM
You prefer Fusions music to WO 3? I'm not saying that every track on 3 is amazingly through the roof excellent but none of them were annoying, now bassheads on the other hand…

8th June 2005, 10:22 PM
WO3 music > Fusion music

9th June 2005, 02:59 PM
I just find WO 3's music to be lacking in any stand out points - the lead track from Sasha is cool to cruise to but not a very exciting race tune.

However, some of the stuff from Plump DJ's and a couple of other suspects on Fusion are perfect for racing. IMHO anyway.

Btw, some people may have found this already, but Binary Finary's 1999 (preferably an extended version of the original mix) is the best track ever to race through WO 3 to. Was accidentally listening to it while burning through P-Mar Project and now I put it on whenever I try the course.

10th June 2005, 01:03 PM
I liked only two songs on wipeout 3. I'm pretty sure I like more than that from fusion. I wish the intro music was a selection.