View Full Version : XL ''Non-Piranha League''

27th May 2005, 09:16 PM
please note that in the records tables of the WipeoutZone, in those for Wipeout XL [not 2097], we run a ''non-Piranha league in Vector, Venom, and Rapier classes. this league, also sometimes called ''the Qirex League'', was created by a gentleman's agreement amongst the active racers last year. we would prefer that you post only times for non-Piranha ships in the lower three classes. you may post Piranha times in those, but you would not be getting to compete against the best times of the other racers if you do.

you may wish to post non-piranha times in Phantom class as well; some of the racers do this to keep competing in the non-Piranha league. but generally Phantom class is regarded as the place to go all out for the absolute fastest possible times in the game, whereas the slower classes cannot deliver those. at present, it is not possible to post times for both Piranha and non-Piranha ships in any single class, but we hope someday to be able to do this, because many of us feel that Qirex and the other non-Piranha ships are simply more fun than Piranha, and this league gives us a chance to compete at an intense level with the other members of the site.

thanks for your participation if you want to join in the League

--- Lance