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12th May 2005, 03:07 AM
Has anyone tried this? I'm wondering if there is a way to type on it. I haven't tried it yet.

12th May 2005, 04:12 AM
I made a Wipeout Pure Browser FAQ for the GameSpot forums. I'll repost it here.

1. Can I surf the Internet using Wipeout Pure?

Yes. Wipeout Pure has a browser built in for downloading new game content. There is a way to redirect the browser to a web portal which will allow you to surf the Internet.

2. Can I use other games to browse the Internet?

Not at this time. Wipeout Pure is the only game that has a web browser built in. Sony will likely offer an offical browser sometime in the future (the Korea PSP launch this May will include a web browser).

3. Can I use a USB cable to surf the Internet?


4. What do I need to connect to the Internet?

You need access to a wireless router. Any wireless router that supports the 802.11b wireless protocol will work. Wireless 802.11G routers will also work though you may have to change the settings to enable 802.11b support.

5. How do I get it to work?

-In the PSP menu goto Settings ---> Network Settings ---> Infrastructure Mode ---> New Connection (you want to make a new connection so you can still use your default connection for regular game use).
-Create a new connection (name it something like Web Browser so you know what it is).
-Scan for an open network or manualy set the SSID and WEP (if you use it).
-In Address Settings goto Custom.
-In IP Address Settings go to Automatic
-In DNS Setting go to Manual and set the Primary DNS to (this is what will let you get online browsing). Leave the Seconday DNS as it is.
-Set Proxy Server as Do Not Use if you are not using one.
-Confirm the setting list and save the settings.
-Start up Wipeout Pure and go to the Download section. When it asks what connection to use select the connection you just set up and you should be directed to the web portal.

6. That doesn't work for me!

The above set-up will work for most people. If it is not working check to make sure your router isn't overriding the PSP DNS setting with its own. You can try setting the Secondary DNS in the router the same as the one you used for the PSP (be sure to write down the current setting so you can change it back if there are problems). Also your ISP may be running an invisible proxy that blocks outside DNS servers. Try contacting your ISP if you are having problems.

If you are still having problems look through the forums as there are a lot of posts reguarding Internet problems. If you stiil can't get it working post your question and be sure to include your set up (router, firewall, PSP network settings etc.). Just posting "I can't get it to work!" will not help anyone solve your problem.

7. What does the browser look like?

There is no menu bar, address box or scroll bars. All you see is the web page itself. Links and text boxes are highlighted with a blue outline when selected.

8. How do I enter URLs?

The web portals have a text box where you can enter a URL to any site.

9. What are the web browser commands?

Use the D-pad to navigate web pages, L will go back a page, R will go forward a page, Square refreshes the current page and X will select the highlighted link or open the PSP keyboard if a text box is selected. You can return to the web portal by pressing Start and selecting Return to Home Page.

10. How do I enter text?

When you highlight a text box and press X a virtual keypad will open up. Entering text works the same as text messaging on a cell phone. Its not fast but it works.

11. Will there be a keyboard for the PSP?

Some images of prototype keyboards are around on the net. Eventually someone will make one but unless the PSP gets an update that supports keyboard input having one right now would be useless.

12. Does the PSP resize web pages to fit on the screen?

The PSP does not resize the pages to fit in the PSP screen. This it sometimes a problem and sometimes not. The main text for some sites will fit in the screen so you only have to scroll to the side and then just scroll up and down to read (Slash Dot works like this). Sites designed for reading on PDAs work quite well. Other sites you will have to do some side to side scrolling to read the main text. And a few sites can get really screwed up because of they way are layed out. Over all I'd say its not that hard to read or navigate sites, you just have to expect some side scrolling.

13. It was working before but now it is not.

Sometimes web portals will go offline. Try again later or try a different portal.

14. Are there other web portals?

Yes. A couple are Riding the Clutch (you can make and save your own links!) - set the DNS to and Game Tab - set the DNS to Also search Google for PSP portal or PSP web portal for more.

15. Can I surf on any site?

Most but not all sites work with the web browser. Sites that are heavy on images, use Flash or Java may not work.

16. The browser is so slow. Can I speed it up?

You can improve the speed of the browser by turning off the WLAN Power Save in the PSP's Power Save Settings menu.

17. The left side of my PSP gets warm while I'm browsing. Is this normal?

Yes its normal. The WLAN antenna is located there and it is getting used a lot while surfing so it warms up a little.

18. Can I download files to the memory stick?


19. Does the browser save the history of sites you've visted?


20. Can I watch videos or listen to music?

No. The browser does not support video or sound.

21. Can I play Flash or Java games with the browser?

You can not play Flash or normal Java based web games. There are now Java based games specifically for the PSP like PSP Tetris and PSP Tic-Tac-Toe. More are sure to come.

22. Can I chat online?

Yes. Check out PSPIRC. It is linked in most PSP web portals.

23. What about AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger etc.?

For AIM try http://webaim.net/ (though it is difficult to connect). For MSN go to http://mob.e-messenger.net/mobile/. There is no Yahoo Messenger interface for the PSP yet.

24. Can I check my e-mail?

If you can access your e-mail through a web form you can likily access it with the PSP.

25. Can my PSP get a virus from surfing the Internet?

Not yet at least. Its possible that when someone figures out how to execute files on the PSP a virus will soon follow. But for now it is nothing to worry about.

26. Can I make my own web portal?

You can make a web portal that runs on your local network. You can even set it up to be accesed from anywhere over the Internet. Engadget has a how-to guide: http://handhelds.engadget.com/entry/1234000233041070/

27. Can I surf from anywhere?

You need to be inrange of an open 802.11b wireless connection. Typical range of wireless signals is 80-100 feet (may be more or less depending on the location and router). You won't be able to use a wireless connection that is using WEP unless you know the WEP key.

28. What browser is Wipeout Pure using?

It appears to be a proprietary browser made for the PSP. It is probably not the offical browser as the browser released with the Korean PSP supports streaming video and music.

29. When will Sony release an offical browser?

Nothing has been announced at this time other than the Korean PSP browser. But Sony will very likely release a web browser in the US in the near future.

30. Will the browser come in a firmware update or on a UMD?

Since the browser for the Korean PSP release is on a UMD it is likely that it will also come on a UMD for other countries.