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8th May 2005, 07:02 PM
how can u finish the game its quiet hard though im at .... vector and (medium class) i finished them.. but do you have to fly all????

i need to start the harder but there pretty hard to do :(
and what u get when u finished wipeout3

8th May 2005, 09:28 PM
Ok I`m a bit confused here are we taking about Wipeout3 or Wipeout3 SE?

stevie :)

8th May 2005, 09:32 PM
i dunno it says wip3out on the box :P for ps1 :P
i think its original

8th May 2005, 09:34 PM
So therefor it`s not SE

stevie :wink:

8th May 2005, 10:42 PM
and what u get when u finished wipeout3

a rather large, warm feeling of accomplishment :banzai

9th May 2005, 07:04 AM
As well as all the ships unlocked in all 4 classes, the prototype tracks and if it's SE, a pretty animation or 2 with Curly telling you how much you rock :rock_on

9th May 2005, 05:13 PM
Well its hard to beat last classes anybody copy from memory card :P

9th May 2005, 05:42 PM
Ehm, if you have a dexdrive, I believe some of Zargz' (or possibly others') memory card saves in their file managers may have saves of where they're up to race-wins wise, probably 100% in most cases :)

10th May 2005, 12:14 AM
flying_saucer, have you already beat it? If not, I would recommend not even copying from anyone else, as it's so much more fun doing it for yourself, then again, it's your decision, that's just what I think. :wink: Plus, you feel so good after completing it. I don't think I need to explain that. :lol:

10th May 2005, 11:13 AM
Yeah Chill, you're right.
I've beaten Wip3out SE and it was such a good feeling! :D
Just the fact that I have a little bug in my save is frustrating. I can win 4 races with gold as often as I can and I still don't have a medal :?

10th May 2005, 03:43 PM
Yep, just as I thought, your a lot like me. :lol: I want to have all games 100% completed without cheating on memory stick, that would make me feel real good for the rest of my life!! Of course, the more Wipeouts they'd make, they more I'd hafta play, which I'm not bothered by at all. :wink:

10th May 2005, 04:15 PM
When i originally had the wipeout - i never figure how you were supposed to unlock the ships and tracks etc. (I thought that you had to do tournament and i could never do the venom league - so i used cheats and got bore of the game quickly) Ah, being 10 was a long time ago...

Anyway i've got 3 and 3se again though i only play the latter of the two. Now, i play to unlock items - which is really cool. I can play almost subconciously (even tho i am still pants compared to the likes of Al and Aurnard - and probaly half the users of the zone) You get a good feeling in seeing a whoel grid of golds. And the fact you have to win over 500 races to do that is no mean feat.

Go on - play it normally! 8)

Edited: FLihppin eck i carnt spehl! :P

10th May 2005, 05:32 PM
cheats hmmm never found um dont need them it only gets boring after a while same tracks and stuff ... but ill have to do phantom and one other class and some challenges
my memory card is akward sometimes it cant find my savedgame file but i think ill just buy another one :P

20th July 2005, 10:22 PM
i like almost finished it now (w0w i did a great discovery you get prototypes if u got everythin gold) i have completed the vector and the venom class (all gold) :dizzy
and now im almost done with rapier yay! :lol: only i h8 the sampa run rgh :evil:

20th July 2005, 10:34 PM
i don't know if it's different on the PAL version, but on the NTSC version you can get the prototypes by getting a medal on all tracks. any combination of gold, silver, and bronze that has allowed you to get all teams and to advance through Terminal will result in getting the prototypes of the first three classes.
getting Phantom class prototype is more difficult. [understatement]

20th July 2005, 10:36 PM
yep well i already did porto kora on phantom with all standard crafts

but porto kora is an easy map :D

if they just deleted sampa run lol its quite hard :)

24th October 2005, 07:07 PM
ah well im way further now!!!! :D only sampa run but hell! i already got phantom now and going for all crafts!!
I so feel addicted to phantom :D makes me break my records!

16th September 2006, 01:39 PM
I've got gold in every single track in every single class in wipeout 3 and don't remember seeing any ending sequence- go for the tournament, I think you have to win that.

30th November 2006, 02:58 PM
You get the sequence once you have acheived one gold on each track in Rapier,it doesn't have to be with each AG machine,well that's on the PAL version as I have found it.
But this in playing WO3 SE,you do not get this playing the standard WO3 Pal.

By the way,Personally Iv'e found the A.I of the other craft to be far superiour on the S.E. version of WO3 than the standard version and hence quite a bit harder to get all gold on everything,Iv'e managed to do it on the standard WO3,but the SE version,still haven't done them all in Phantom class.
Working on it.

But let's be realististic,EVERBODY want's to get gold on all tracks with all AG machines on every level.

WHY are we posting here if this is not true?

30th November 2006, 09:08 PM
it's hard but worth it :) makes you feel good knowing you did it.