View Full Version : Main "speed" problem

18th April 2005, 11:15 PM
The problem that i got it when i tried Wipeout 2097 / Xl on my computer, was the same that almost everybody had. But in this 2 years....i thougth..about one thing!!!

My first Pc, a Celeron 300, without Cache, runs perfectly

Celeron 300
RAM:96 Mb
SO: WIndows Mill.

But on my best friend Pc, runs 600FPS

Pent. 2 300mhz
Ram:128 Mb
SO: WIndows Mill.

Without the cache, it supost to worked, but i was condemed to failure, since, on my Cel 1700 the problem resists. Cache is not the answer.
After 4 years, i found the patch, here! ;)

I JUST THANK GOD! keep the good work, plp! :)