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8th April 2005, 04:34 PM
Hey guys, I am new to the forums and I would like to congratulate the admins for a splendid job on this site!

Anyways I got my Wipeout copy a few days ago for my psp and it is, as expected, awesome. I was a hardcore Fusion fan and one thing that irritated me was the pitstops. However, since Wipeout is all about racing&shooting, Pure had managed to be Pure to the last drop. You dont worry about pit stops, you just race,blow up rivals and get to the finish line. Is there anything better than losing off you missiles for some additional shield power when you are 15 seconds away from your closest rival and you have two or three sharp turns left?

Plus it is just an orgasmic feeling, having your Feisar ship "in your hands"

Well thats all for now!

8th April 2005, 04:53 PM
hi, gallipoli, welcome to the WZ. i believe you're our first ever member from Turkey. :)

8th April 2005, 05:10 PM
Yep I guess so! BTW been to Florida, nice place! 8)

8th April 2005, 08:36 PM
hi gallipoli, I love Turkey and particularly Istanbul! BTW, gallipoli is the name of an italian city ;)

8th April 2005, 09:02 PM
Gallipoli is the name of a Turkish town within the borders of Çanakkale. It is one of the two straits that divide asia and europe and Çanakkale(Dardanelles) is the first one after the aegean sea. It is a famous battlefield from 1915 where Allied forces consisting of ANZAC,British and French armies attacked the peninsula on the European side with the hope of capturing Istanbul and knocking the Ottoman Empire out of the war and aid Russia. However due to lack of planning and the determination of the Turkish soldiers the campaign failed with nearly half a million men dead or wounded. The battle fields are still "alive" and u can come by a bone or an empty bullet while walking around. The war has brought the New Zealand,Australian and Turkish people together and ceremonies are made every year to celebrate peace and friendship. I study history and I am fanatically interested in the Gallipoli campaign, so that my mother believes that I am a re-encarnated soldier from those times. :P Whew a history lecture in Wipeout! :D

Actually it comes from Gall Polis. There is, as you have mentioned, a city called Gallipolis in Italy and naturally a town with the same name in Georgia.

Thanks, make sure you tell me when you visit istanbul!

And if you are from Italy, my father lived in Napoli for 8 years, I have been to Roma,Venezia,Positano,Napol,Genova,Domadossola,Flo rence,Milan,Turin and many small towns, Forza Italia!!! 8)

Anyways do u guys have any idea why they cancelled the F9000 league in Pure?

8th April 2005, 09:06 PM
It's also the Greek name of a Turkish city and peninsula called Gelibolu, famous for the horrendous conflict that took place there during WWI where the British (and Australian and other countries from the Empire) tried to capture what was then Constantinople (Istanbul) from the Ottoman Turks by first taking the Gallipoli peninsula and the Dardanelles straight, they failed. Fortunately for us Brits the Russians anihilated the Turkish army on their border in Turkish Armenia and the Arabs revolted against their Turkish overlords meaning they dropped out of the war anyway.

Veering back on topic welcome to the forums gallipoli, nice to see another Feisar fan, can't say I liked Fusion very much, in that I hated it to the core, but hopefully purE is as good as you and many other say (still can't get my hands on it here in Euroland, I take it yours is imported yes?)

8th April 2005, 09:12 PM
Yes it is imported and the Turkish army lost 90.000 troops on the mountains of Allahuekber because some idiot called Enver tried to move the army through freezing cold, -20 degrees with soldiers wearing uniforms no thicker than t-shirts :P

Why dont you try play-asia instead,thats how I got my copy!

8th April 2005, 10:33 PM
Hey 'gallipoli', I beleive it's called 'Pure' as it's a 'PURE' version of the game, no buyable item, no upgrades etc etc.

Ain't had much experience with other versions on other formats but I beleive you could buy items, upgrade your ship and there were twists, turns and upside down parts of certain tracks... 'Pure' is going back to the roots of the very first WipEout.

Hope that helps?!?! :?

8th April 2005, 10:45 PM
That was only in Fusion that you could upgrade :x and go upside down. :x:evil: No other wipEout has had such lameness though purE is far from the roots of wipEout, the first game was very different.

@ Gallipoli, in total there were around 180,000 Allied casualties and 220,000 Turkish casualties in the campaign, though I suppose Enver (Pasha?) was probably to blame for much of the Turkish causualties. Oh and about importing I've found a place called electricbirdland.co.uk who apparently have PSPs and games in the UK sitting in warehouses, they're not taking orders till monday though :( but fortunately it means brits don't have to pay duty on importing the console as it's already in the country. :D

@UncleZeiv: I finally remembered the Italian city of Gallipoli is in Lecce province in Puglia, it's in the 'heel' of the peninsula near Bari and Taranto, I believe they speak a variant of the Sicilian language there (a separate Romance language independent of Italian and deriving a lot from Greek, Arabic, German, Catalan, French, Provençal and Spanish).

8th April 2005, 10:49 PM
Enver was the chief of staff of the Ottoman Army....

Anyways I like it when its Pure! :D

24th June 2005, 10:15 AM
there is one other reason why they call it pure similar to what was said above:
in fusion you are locked to the track but ive heard on google that you can bounce in the air like like all the ps1 versions. :wink:

ive never actually been to instanbul- only on driver 3 :lol:

24th June 2005, 05:36 PM
Hey Gallipoli,
you were a hardcore fusion fan? I recommend you to look for the elder wipeout versions. Fusion looks great, but the other wipeout versions have a better playing feeling. I guess pure is named so because it has this feeling combined with a better look and effects than fusion IMO. And because of the lack of tuning and dirty racing like in fusion. Back to the roots.

And welcome to this place of anti-gravity-madmen.

25th June 2005, 10:07 AM
/ Actually, turning was noth the problem in Fusion, the crafts' tendency to act like they adhered to the ground, not repelling it, was the problem. It shows most of all in the Feisar and the Piranha craft, and quite a lot in the Eg.R and Xios as well.

/ And welcome Gallipoli. Hopefully we'll hear lots of smart comments from you now on. I too think that you should play the earlier games in the series before you think any of the new ones are any good...

25th June 2005, 10:24 AM
What I meant by 'tuning' was the 'pimp my ride'-thing, not turning. But I totally agree that the ground-adhesive gliding was a wrong way. Pure feels better.

25th June 2005, 11:00 AM
Hi gallipoli,
Interesting to see old battles beign discussed here. I am descended from a gallipoli casualty. He survived the war after being set home after being shot through the hand soon after he arrived. I would love to visit gallipoli.

25th June 2005, 12:02 PM
Anyways do u guys have any idea why they cancelled the F9000 league in Pure?The backstory parts of the wipeout pure info say that after all the corruption in the league and it's owners (overtel media corporation) the whole thing collapsed and it's impact was big enough to put the world into a recession.
infoxxicated is your man for backstory though... he wrote it :P

and greetings from one of the anzac nations :)

25th June 2005, 12:23 PM
the crafts' tendency to act like they adhered to the ground, not repelling it, was the problem.

I have to agree that Pure really captures the feeling of the crafts gliding above the surface of the track. When you go downhill and the track starts going up, you scratch the surface a bit. On the other hand, go above the peak of a small upwards incline, and you'll get a little airtime as if you'd gone up a launching ramp.

It's quite obvious that the PSP has a lot of processing power, and the good people at Liverpool Studios used every bit of it to create the perfect game!

26th June 2005, 01:25 PM
/ Plus, I love the sound fx in Pure. They are so much better. Ambient sounds, the whizzing and humming of the craft, the scraping sound when you bomb someone to the side of the track... It makes me all warm inside. You can turn off the music in Pure at times and just enjoy the sounds. And that you certainly can't do in Fusion.

29th June 2005, 11:53 AM
actually in fusion you can: :oops:
press select and keep pushing down until it goes silent.
the sounds on fusion arnet that good anyway :cry:

29th June 2005, 12:29 PM
which is why you can't do that [enjoy the sounds in Fusion]. just not good enough sounds to enjoy

30th June 2005, 09:46 AM
I like to think it's called Pure because it's a distillation of all the best thigns form all the previous games. Before this my previous favourite was 2097, for which I wrote the first Wipeout FAQ and created the Blockout font. I was a Wipeout Junkie. never played Fusion out of principle.

I'd also like to go to Gallipoli as an old English techer of mine at school used to teach us more about British War History, poetry and so on than English! I live in North London and in Islington we have a group of three restaurants and cafes owned by some Tukish people called "Gallipoli", "Gallipoli Again" and "Cafe Gallipoli". They're great places to eat Turkish food and enjoy Turkish culture. Very reasonably priced, too.