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Dogg Thang
1st April 2005, 03:55 PM
Just curious here, and it's quite probable that someone here knows the answer - how did the decision to bring Pure to the PSP come about? Is it something that comes in from on high when Sony are looking for properties to push the PSP, or does a creative team push to do another Wipeout and push to develop for the PSP?

There can be little doubt that it is a very important title for the launch of the PSP so everyone benefits. I do remember on the Fusion boards way back when asking if a handheld WO would be developed (of course there was no word of PSP at that stage) and at least one of the devs said they had actually been talking about that and would like to have done a handheld WO. It wasn't going to happen at the time as there was only the GBA.

Playing Pure now is fantastic but a part of me wonders if it suits handheld play. It will turn out to be an issue for more games I'm sure - I love playing games on buses etc to kill time and the problem with games like Wipeout is they require so much concentration that one bump on the road can lose you a tournament. The PSP has brought much more action and intensity to handhelds and Wipeout is the pinnacle at the moment. But tough to play well on a bus.

As I use handhelds much more than big consoles these days, the decision to put Pure on the PSP is great for me but it did leave me wondering how the decision came about. Anyone know? Was it 'we need PSP launch titles' or was it 'we need somewhere to put Wipeout'?

2nd April 2005, 04:22 AM
i dont have a for sure. but my best guess would be the developer wanted to bring wipeout back to its roots the best way that they could, and the hype sorrounding the PSP launch would bring the game much more coverage then if they just released it onto the PS2.

2nd April 2005, 07:09 AM
also, w'o'' is a franchise very closely relatet to sony. It was the first title to show off the stunning power of the PS1 (back in the days), so it's kind of a tradition to show off the new console's abilities with a new w'o''.