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18th March 2002, 02:01 PM
What shortcuts have people found?
I have only ever found two, but when fusion was released, they promised tons of hidden routes.

Obviously, the first cut I found is on Alca Vexus 3, where you jump straight through the waterfall.
My second cut is through the holographic arrow markings on vohl square 2. at the second sharp right turn, there is some big red arrows pointing right. Fly straight through them (but have a turbo ready to make the jump) and cut off a chunk of the track. The section just after that requires you to nearly stop and just nosedive over a small ledge, which leads to a long, straight section of track, with about 20 speed-up pads.

Anybody found any others?

18th March 2002, 03:37 PM
There is a post somewhere on this board with I think every shortcut...

I'll give you a brief description of the ones I know.


Florian Height 3:
I sort of made this one up... :razz:

Got a turbo? Time it right and you can use it at the first fan jump right after the freeform area to leap right accross to the second fan jump. Must be done in a fast ship with good weapons though (Piranha or Xios).

Got a Penetrator and you can make that leap everytime. Only Piranha's need apply.

Mandrashee 2:
Just before the first bridge, you should find a trigger pad (big yellow thing... diamond shape). go over it and the first bridge should raise up allowing you to hit that dirt track on top of the mountain.

Mandrashee 3:
At the freeform area hit all the speed pads then quickly go right and leap off the dusty ramp to the side... you should carry enough speed to get you to the other side cutting off the slow dip and climb.

Cubiss Float 1:
This applies to all Cubiss float Forward levels.

Just before the big uphill mountain climb (the one with the left side of track exposed) is an ice wall. Use weapons to destroy it and leap across the gap.

Cubiss Float 2:
1) You need a quake for this one. The ice bridge right after the caves. Use a quake before it to tip it up... voila you just made a big ice ramp

2) Just before you enter the covered warehouse type area, you should come to a widening of the track. On the right you will find a trigger pad. Go across it and you can now take he right route through the warehouse. Only need to hit it once though...

Cubiss Float 3:
There is this bobsleigh like section of the track that winds downwards. The track resembles a half pipe in a way. You should see a ice wall to the left as you go down. Destroy it to reveal a shortcut...

Alca Vexus 2:
in the temple you will find a trigger pad just before the track splits. Hit it to close the right hand door and open the left one which in my opinion is faster.

Alca Vexus 3:
1) This ones a tad tricky... best used with a turbo. Just after the big uphill climb that takes you around the waterfall, you will find the track splits into 2. Take teh straight route.

2) After shortcut 1 you will find another waterfall... under this is a very good shortcut that cuts out the freeform water section.

Vohl Square 1:
At the roundabout continue past the first easier route to take the quicker route...

Vohl Square 2:
1) Underneath the red arrows. Just line yourself up with the speed pad and go straight at these arrows. It will cut out the long left hander.

2) After number 1 you will find a jump. Drop down instead and you will make up time as well as gain some with all those speed pads.

Temtesh Bay 1:
This one applies to Temtesh Bay 3 as well.

There is a trigger pad on the right of the track after the the series of turns. It will raise the second straight revealing an underground pass.

Katmoda 12 2:
Just before the series of slow red section turns, there is a trigger pad on the left side of the track. Go over it to open the door that takes you down the straighter shortcut.


I'll be damned if this doesn't post! Hope it helps! :reddevil

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Bob Todd
18th March 2002, 07:23 PM
Brilliant cheat sheet! (Literally - I printed it off and added it to my big ring-binder of cheats I keep beside my PS2)

Ta muchly; that's going to be useful.

On a slightly related note; I seem to remember Psyggy saying that the scenery would be fully interactive... there are plenty of places where you can smash ice barriers and so forth... but it's only a tiny proportion of the scenery. When I got the Zone demo, I was hoping that in the full game I'd be able to smash those smeggin' boulders in the freeform area. Alas, it is not so. And I'd love to set fire to all those damn trees in Cubiss Float 3!

And on a totally unrelated note... Munky or Flat Eric?

18th March 2002, 08:17 PM
Quite a comprehensive list there.

Oh, and Flat Eric!

19th March 2002, 08:27 AM
I didnt think we were including the trigger pad shortcuts... but it is useful for anybody stuck on the auricom time challenge (cubiss float), as triggering that pad cuts vital seconds from the lap time.
Thanks for that one on mandarashee 1, with the ramp... I have used it loads of times before and never even thought about going on top of the mountain!

If you play mandarashee 3 with no music playing, and sfx on full, inside the first underwater pipe you can hear a horrible sea-monster-type-thngie and in the second tunnel, there is a submarine "pinging" you with its sonar.
Just something silly, but mildly interesing

p.s. it has to be flat eric. Always.

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20th March 2002, 04:57 PM
Really it was a case of me having far too much time on my hands... :grin:

Thanks anyways!

PS: Tiss not fair to choose between Flat Eric and Monkey! The two are completely different!

10th April 2002, 05:23 PM
bit late... but thanx 4 the list! excellent stuff.