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Vic Cachou
23rd March 2005, 11:35 PM
Hello everybody...

I haven't wrote on the forum for few months, but i check it every week with a lot of interest. I wanted to tell to all of the Wipeout fans, that the famous Asayyeah, i and 7 other persons will participate to the "Frech Cup of Wipeout 2097" on this saturday.

We had this idea oh january, and have decided of this date all together. 9 of the 12 best wipers in the country will be presents on this incredible party of Wipeout. The duration of the event will be 4 days, from friday night to monday !!!! The wipers will come from 7 different towns, and far from hundreds of kilometers... There will be 5 TV's, and 4 big screens will be used by link : 2 * 2...

I don't know if anybody has already done this kind of tournament. But it seems to be a fantastic moment for everyone !!! I hope you will be interested to know how it will happen. You juste have to know that it is Asayyeah that had this incredible idea : in which other brain could have grown this idea !!!!!!

By the way... see ya everyone...

23rd March 2005, 11:37 PM
I demand someone sets this up in the UK!! preferable in London and on Wipeout 64......ok W3OSE :P

Vic Cachou
24th March 2005, 12:32 AM
Ah ah, already a motived guy...

Why not coming in the UK to do it... But it would be better to know how many people we can have at least, before organize a such travel...

24th March 2005, 12:37 AM
I`ve noticed the French invasion of the 2097 tables. Some of them are 50% French now.....

and with you, Stin, also attacking from beyond Hadrian`s Wall I`m losing my third places rapidly (I notice you have also discovered a way to get TR rapier laps under 18 seconds) I will fight back :wink: Sometime.

I agree, Axel and Vic, we need an event like this here..... but on 2097. After all it is the greatest game of all time. Hope you all have a great game at the French Cup, too. :D

Vic Cachou
24th March 2005, 12:46 AM
Thank you for your post, Lunar...
Excuse me for the question, but i have forgotten who you are. Asayyeah told me about you a few times, and i remember that you are one of the greatest wipers on the tables...

Effectively, 2097 is the "best game in the world, and all over the years" (it is not us that say it). And that's why it is THE game for the Franch Cup, and, why not, for the other Cup in other countries...

About the French invasion, you will be happy when you know that ALL of the best wipers in the tables, except Julien Daudin, will be at the French Cup.

There will be Arnaud Senand (Asayyeah), Anthony Dufresne (Sleh 003), David Elhaïk, Vic Cachou, ME), Stéphane Cellier (Del Stepho), Dominique Lyszcarz (Storung),Guillaume Samoyeau (Guigui) and Jean-Robert Quentin (Skippou), and some others...

Thank you for again and see you...

24th March 2005, 01:01 AM
thanks for the kind words, but I honestly don`t deserve them :oops:

One thing that puzzles me is the lack of youngsters on the tables. I guess they can`t compete with all the old-timers. Not sure about the average age of the French wipers, but I think most of the faster pilots are 30+. Les enfants truly are terrible, it seems.

have fun!!

24th March 2005, 01:18 AM
most of the best seem to be in their early to mid thirties. Al, Arnaud, zargz, and stevie are all around there. and those are just the ones i know about.
ah, if i were only that age. [my next birthday arrives soon, so i feel nostalgic for the old times. the old, old.... oooooold times. :D ]

this French get-together sounds like it will be great. let us know how it goes, Vic

24th March 2005, 01:54 AM
That sounds like some serious fun!, some new technique might come out from you guys?, oh btw if its not much to ask, can you tape and digitize videos from the hottest vs races? that would be awesome.

if only i could attend such a meeting in Perú....:( here when someone asks me what games i like and i say Wipeout, everyone is like :? what game is that??, here its mostly fighting games (which i like too) and counterstrike (oh that one too), very few people play other games, although starcraft is quite popular, our champion beat the previous world champion on last years championship, too bad he didnt made it to the finals :P

Zero [RG] [HG]
24th March 2005, 04:31 AM
thanks for the kind words, but I honestly don`t deserve them :oops:

One thing that puzzles me is the lack of youngsters on the tables. I guess they can`t compete with all the old-timers. Not sure about the average age of the French wipers, but I think most of the faster pilots are 30+. Les enfants truly are terrible, it seems.

have fun!!

When I was like, 10, I had times of 17.4 Phantom TT Talon's Reach Piranha...
Now I am 17 and I have much, much, better times.

24th March 2005, 04:38 AM
i think what you just said has more to do with practice than age

24th March 2005, 05:52 AM
Great event you set up there, Vic! I wish I could join in or just watch how it goes. I strongly support Mano's request for taped sessions of the tournament. :)
Coming to think about it, it's just too bad there aren't enough active German wipers on the board to pull off something like this.


24th March 2005, 01:13 PM
ok that makes 2 of us at 17 :P i got some new neggy times to add dunno how much better theyll be but should almost hit top 10

Vic Cachou
25th March 2005, 12:08 AM
Greattttttt !!!!

Everyone here seems to be interested by our cup. I don't really understand what you wanted to say, Ben. But if you want to be on the next round of the Cup, no problem. Just hope there will be other ones soon, why not...

Today, i don't really still know how it will happen. But the pressure grows and grows, and 5 of will be together, to Asayyeah's house on friday's night (tomorrow !!!!)

Happy to read about all of you.
See ya...

25th March 2005, 12:34 PM
so how you rate those Black Negs??! 8)

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

25th March 2005, 03:52 PM
Hi everyone, been away from WZ due to strong cold i get, but now i am fit & HUNGRY :lol: for the 2097 French Grand Prix starting in few hours and ended on saturday evening.
MegaThanks to Vic for helping me to organize all the details of that MegaMeet.
Unfortunately don't have much time to comment the now how will rule the Cup but we are going to be online tonight to give our first impression inside that topic.

Ben : i will translate for Vic :wink:

Mano, Stephen : Vic has got a DV cam so a kind cdvideo from the best moments of our French Cup should definitely be possible.

Pavel : i haven't received my box with the 3 black Neggies... certainly due to the French Post Strike... there's a kind a delay they answered me....arghhhhh! :?

27th March 2005, 09:39 PM
:| sad to hear that ..

how did it go with the French Cup ? :D

I'm sure you've had a great time as did yawnstrech and frankie lee in Ireland and as did I and stin in scotland last 2 days! 8)

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

27th March 2005, 09:59 PM
Yeah, do tell all about it Arnaud, who won the cup? Was it as good as you hoped? :)

28th March 2005, 11:49 PM
Man do we have to drag it word by word out from ya guys!!! :evil:
tell us now!! We demand it! ;)

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

Vic Cachou
29th March 2005, 09:31 PM
Hello guys...

I just sent an enormous post on a french forum of Wipeout... But i will be nice and write an other one for you. Let's ready ? Go...

First, it was really UNBELIEVABLE... On account of an accident and a desistement, we were only 7, but it was increible. 48 hours non stop of link, with 4 TV's and 4 PS1, and a lot of Neg-Con's all over the floor... Incredible races, most of incredible times in SR, famous fights against everyone : it was really too short. One regret : we have made only one little competition, and only in Venom class, on Talon's Reach and wih the AG-system... At this little game, Asayyeah obviously won, in front of Sleh 003 and Del Stepho, 2 incredible pilots too... But Asayyeah is really an incredible master, it is something to see him flying with such a speed.

I don't know what to say again. It was really a great moment to be all together during these 2 days. Like we were talking about (to joke ?), it would be marvellous to create a French Flying Wipeout Team, and to travel all over the world to show the secrets of the game, to organize competitions in every country, and oi have fun with all the passionnates.

But it is certainly a dream. Btw, playing at Pure in the same race with all of the top wipers in France will be our next goal...

Don't hesitate to ask us all the questions you want. Asayyeah will be back soon (his computer turned off last friday, it is why we could'nt post like we have promised). And i will be here to read you
Hi to everyone... See ya...

Vic Cachou
Free Fly Wiper for ever...

29th March 2005, 09:59 PM
Thats brilliant man, it sounded you really had a good time. I'll be more than happy for someone to set up a wipeout tourney over here. I seriously cannot wait for pure to be released.

29th March 2005, 10:59 PM
here on Calisto??!!! http://www.geocities.com/zargz/leenden/huh.gif

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

Vic Cachou
30th March 2005, 12:56 AM
Where is Calisto ????

30th March 2005, 09:30 AM
Calisto (http://www.solarviews.com/span/callisto.htm)

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

30th March 2005, 12:13 PM
that's an L of a difference

30th March 2005, 01:28 PM
as always > spot on ! How about this! Calisto (http://www.solarviews.com/portug/callisto.htm) :D

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

30th March 2005, 01:30 PM
Hi everyone, my pc is always out of order since last friday: i don't realy know what happend exactly an Xp crash or a virus. I am using the pc where i follow my stage of formation.
As Vic said that was an awesome meeting: most of the french from the 2097 tables where in my house battling eachothers to reach Top 1:that's why i have choosen a big venom Talon's reach SR with tournament AGS to be at the same level for everyone, no shortcuts allowed and a stick-to-the-track way of racing ( special dedicace for Pavel.. :wink: ). We were met each wipers in a 2 round match, given points to best lap & best races - 1 point for a contender been eliminated and +1 for the one who shooted a contender. I finished first but it was very tough & tigh in the last round Sleeh & Del Stpho could have been finished in the first place.
Result Venom :
1st Asayyeah ( BLap : 27.8 ( 2 turbo weapons & 1 autopilot) BRace : 1.31.8 )
2nd ex-aequo Sleeh03 ( Anthony BL : 32.8 he finished last of us, lol!! and 3rd for Best race) DelStpho ( Stéphane Cellier B : 31.4 ( 3rd) + 2nd for Best Race)
4th Indiana ( Guillaume Samoyeau)
5th exaequo Vic Cachou ( David Elhaïk) & Skippou ( Jean Robert Quantin)
7th Zépha ( Arnault Heurtebize) last in term of tournament but he was 2nd for Best lap : 30.2 !!
I can't count the number of Eliminations ( AGS with his poor shield!!) that was so pleasant!!

We also raced phantom for fun, i must say i was astoned by the result of Stéphane , he has beaten Anthony even in Talon's!! ( not for best lap but the whole race)

We have tried i-link Special Edition around 8 am on saturday morning that was funny too with kind of weapons like the Cloack : you see me .... you can't see me hééhé strategical way of racing.

We have made only 11 minutes of Video with DV Cam and make Pictures from the French Wiper. I let Vic ( the owner of the Cam) to transfer it with my help through a format been seen for those who wants.

I need to go now , yu know it's hard to describe correctly our French Cup but for those who wants to create that in UK, i can give You some tips. It could be really interesting that smone decided to do something for the Euro launch of Pure , a kind of meeting with ilink ( 2097, W3O, SE), we have few monthes in front of us before the E.aunch)
See ya

30th March 2005, 01:46 PM
i must say i was astoned by the result of Stéphane , he has beaten Anthony even in Talon's!! ( not for best lap but the whole race)

say it`s not so - I just reclaimed third place. All too briefly it seems. Glad you all had a great time. 8)

30th March 2005, 02:11 PM
I'd most certainly be up for a UK tounrey... aint played the game in a while... not even sure I have a playstation anymore (went emulated quite some time ago).
But i do have exams over the next two months... but June onwards sounds good. Could ask some of my uni friends if their interested to come along too... they are casual wipers but love the whole LAN thing.
I'll keep an eye on this post for UK dates if any :)

30th March 2005, 03:45 PM
Sounded fun Asayyeah, hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as you :) Heh, seems we spent so long dwelling on the idea of a UK cup without doing anything that they beat us to it on the other side of the channel lol, can't wait to see those videos though :D