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7th March 2005, 02:01 PM
Hi guys,

i was just wondering how people had set up their negcons. I finally got mine last week, and I'm finding it a bit of a struggle.

I have set the twist up for about 30° with the dead spot set at 6°. the centre seems to be a bit of a problem, it is around 5° when release from one direction and around 10° when released from the other!

Please let me know.

7th March 2005, 03:08 PM
I think Arnaud use max lock of no higher than 5 or 6, and no deadspot. I use this too, for 2097, and its the best way, imo.

7th March 2005, 04:36 PM
As Lunar said my max lock is under 5 ( actually it's 0) , centre = 0, deadspot = 6 ( ive recently changed due to some kind of improvment through Odessa + Vostok).
Those settings belongs to Piranha.
For the other ships i use a max lock around 30 like you Jetlag.
Concerning your center problem try this : get 0 for center ( even you ve got 5° one side & 10°other side) , start a TT race ( make a turbo start to see if you go straight away).
One of my 2 Neggie has got that kind of problem and i get 0 for center and it rules .

7th March 2005, 06:30 PM
0 for max lock?! doesn't that make it into a glorified D-pad?

i use 7 [i think] for max lock with all ships. 0 center, 0 deadspot

7th March 2005, 07:06 PM
Actually it remains analog, even at 0 maxlock, it seems the configuration values are different than the ones the user would assume (0 = no value), what it does is to make it more sensitive, this means faster reactions, and if you get used to that value, i you still have good analog control over it; this is specially efficient in Phantom class, the speed requires something around this scheme (for me at least its more effective)

I still use 5 maxlock, 0 center, 0 deadspot; however when i tried 0,0,0 quite a while ago, it didnt seem uncomfortable....

deadspot dictates how easy your craft stays straight, a higher value gives it more slack

center means if you dont twist the negcon, the craft should stay straight, if not, see to which side it steers and calibrate the value

my recommendation: for maxlock try ranges first (0-10 / 10-20 / 20-30) when you are comfortable with a range then start tweaking to a precise value, it al depends on you. Use other peoples values as reference at most, when it regards to your body and reactions no one rules over it better than yourself.

7th March 2005, 07:49 PM
0 max lock????

Jeeezzzzuuss! I fly with 45! No wonder my wrists are in awful pain after a WOXL session...

8th March 2005, 02:28 PM
Has anyone else had a problem with the ship not accelerating when in a straight line, I've noticed this and that was the reason why I upped my deadspot.

8th March 2005, 11:02 PM
do you mean it doesn`t accelerate when you press the appropriate button, or it doesn`t go straight when you accelerate?

one of my negs does the latter, so its staying in the box until the others wear out and i have to fiddle with the deadspot. the problem with doing this on an imperfect negcon is that the problem doesn`t seem to be consistent.

9th March 2005, 01:22 AM
Jetlag: the deadspot is about steering not acceleration, i dont use analog buttons for acceleration, a bit uncomfortable and ineffective (the analog button travel is a bit awkward) and the only time you need to go in any speed other than full throttle is at the start for the turbo start

9th March 2005, 01:19 PM
No, what I mean is that I get onto a straight and release the steering on the negcon, but the ship just sits at the same speed, rather than accelerating. I have found it doing this in situations were it definalty would have accelerated if I was using the dualshock!

9th March 2005, 04:05 PM
Very strange...i don't know if i correctly understand what you mean :?

9th March 2005, 04:28 PM
It doesn't always happen, but I wondered if it was when the negcon was centred properly. It is still going in a straight line, but not accelerating!!

Maybe its just me not used to using up and down on there own, but my laps times are definatly suffering because of it!!

9th March 2005, 04:51 PM
i ve better understood, now. No kind of relation with the center or the nose pitch.
The only thing which appears into my mind is that : if you push your analog button ( the ' I ' ) and you feel decelerating or accelerating not at max that you normaly can : it's a problem of teeth ( not teeth into your mouse of course) but it's more like a tooth ratchet( a tooth wheel): if you get out one or two teeth , the button won't work with best efficiency. My conclusion is : try to open carefully your Neg and watch how fonctions this button ( compare with the ' II' button).
I hope you get my global aiming : quite hard to find the correct technical words for that!

10th March 2005, 01:17 PM
So XL supports analoge buttons? I usually press any button down all the way while playing, but until just now I didn't know I HAD to do that. ;) By the way, I find it most comfortable to play with a max lock of 3 and zero dead zone. These are my settings for Qirex at Phantom and Rapier. In lower classes I prefer a max lock of 30 something.

Shem: A while ago I developed a serious wristache after playing some WO, which became so bad I couldn't play for days. Better be careful and adjust your settings. ;)

By the way, who of you guys owns a black neGcon? Mine arrived yesterday and I am most thrilled about how much tighter control it gives over the craft than the white one did. Is it just my (broken?) white neggy or did anyone else feel that difference?


10th March 2005, 02:59 PM
I thought accelerate was either on or off in 2097. I`ve always used B for accelerate, as that`s most comfortable for me.

Where did you get a black neg? I`ve been looking for one for ages.... I found Lord Lucan and the Holy Grail in the process, but the black neg is still eluding me.

10th March 2005, 05:11 PM
You gotta ask zargz. He found it, bid on it for me, won it for me, send the guy my address and now damns his own ar*e for not getting it for himself. ;-)

Hm, B is digital anyway, but I use II for acceleration. Actually I am starting to get worried about not getting all the thrust out of the craft, because the negcon's buttons are quite difficult to press fully down. They reach a good bit into the plastic that surrounds them.


10th March 2005, 07:26 PM
Master of research about Black Neg : the winner is Zargz.
he gave me a link to an internet site where i ve ordered not 1 but 3 Black Negcon !!!!
1 for me & the 2 others are for french Wiper. I cross my fingers to have them at the end of this week in a good shape. I am going to PM you the site adress and the name of my contact from this shop.

Ben : i ve opened my neg and change a bit the setting of my ' I ' button to avoid the difficulties to press it fully down.
About Black Neg(BN) : you can't imagine how i 'electrized' myself by thinking about it. With its profiled shape and the fact BN is smaller than WN, i am quite sure you can improve your reaction time and not to be as on edge as on the white one.
I will tell you more about my ' black ' feeling this Week-end !! :)

10th March 2005, 07:35 PM
Once you go black you never come back???! :D LOL!!!

Praeterea censeo autopilotum esse delendam

10th March 2005, 07:51 PM
by the way, I take this opportunity to announce to the wipeoutzone community that now I have a negcon too :D

on topic: I can't understand why a dead zone is needed at all... no twist, no turn, should be that simple :P


10th March 2005, 08:20 PM
on my white one, no dead zone seems to be necessary. it steers straight when centered.

Ben, did you set your new best times with the black one or your white one.

sheesh, now it looks like i may become technologically outclassed by users of black neGcons! 8O :cry:

10th March 2005, 09:29 PM
Most of my records are with the white negcon, however the black negcon is way more comfortable, but breaks down much easier, so I save them, for what I don't know :D

10th March 2005, 09:39 PM
you could save them for selling during any times of financial insecurity.
or you could make sure that they're preserved for donation to game museums of the future
PS: or you could save one for me for the time when i have enough cash [should be in the next month or two] to buy one from you. :)

10th March 2005, 10:01 PM
Arnaud and Ben: does it really matter how far down you press the analogue button on the neg? I always thought it was the same effect whether you pressed it down a little or all the way. Is there any reason not to just use B - Accelerate and A - Fire/Hyperthrust (in 3)?

10th March 2005, 11:19 PM
Oh, kinda offtopic, but...

The right shoulder button of a negCon is not analogue, hence it takes much more time to push it (as it sticks out a bit), comparing it to the left shoulder button, which needs the smallest amount of force to be put into to make it work. That is pretty annoying, especially if you want to make some use of the brake tapping technique. SO....my configuration of negCon involved modifing the structure of the right shoulder button, to make it far more sensitive. The operation was a success! I think it's not against the rules..., or is it?

10th March 2005, 11:44 PM
just shows dedication and resourcefulness, in my book. 8)

11th March 2005, 12:27 AM
8O i am not touching the innards of my beloved neG unless it stops working

11th March 2005, 06:52 AM
Typing my first response on my first wireless keyboard... *g*

Same here, Lance, and I will leave especially my black negcon untouched! :) Nope, haven't done any of the latest records with the black neg. All I have done is fly a few laps at Talon's Reach and get closer to my previous records much easier than during the days before, where I tried the same thing with the white one. Also, I probably won't be playing a lot anytime soon, since I got an internship and have to move to Munich until April 1st. So, there is your chance before I start plugging in the black neggy and try other tracks. ;-)


15th March 2005, 01:30 PM
well, first of all: hye to everyone, although playing wipeout for years now, I just joined here, cos I deeply appreciate the efforts of this page :D

and since I also just got my neGcon, and read your configs a question occurred to me: doesn't any of you guys ever discard weapons??? or did I miss something? the prob with the negcon I'm having at the moment is, that there are only two buttons effectively available, to use, I and II or A and B, cross-using is nearly impossible I think, so I got one for accel, and one to fire, but I NEED A BUTTON TO DISCARD!! 8O

what do you guys do? or is this a "noob"-prob??

15th March 2005, 02:43 PM
*waves a few kilometers up north* Welcome to the WOZ. ;)

As for your question, don't worry. The issue of the two missing shoulder buttons is not much of a noob problem. Plus, the whole thing is becoming even more difficult with WO3, where you also need a button for hyperthrust. So anyway, what I do for 2097 is I put "accelerate" on II, "fire" on I and "discard" on B. If I need to get rid of any extras I push B with my index finger. I'm sure this looks awkward, but this way I don't have to get off the gas pedal just to discard something.