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3rd March 2005, 08:43 AM
Hey shem, remember yesterday when we had that little conversation about Qirex, Time Trial and Phantom class? Went a little something like this:

Al said: anyway, you mentioned busting some records, I feel like breaking a few at megamall with the mighty Q :D
Shem said: haha
Al said: BBS
Shem said: venom?:)
Al said: nah, phantom all the way ;)
Al Said: gotta get that second back that i lost when my card was wiped
Shem said: that fat-ass russian brick is too hard to handle on phantom, u crazy?

Well, check the megamall tables biznatch:

2:44.60 ---> 3rd
0:32.24 ---> 4th

And if that's not good enough, here's a ghost of the Mighty Q race in question:


And with that, i'm done, athankyou *bows humbly*

3rd March 2005, 12:01 PM
Big deal....

I made these beauties just a second ago :

Race time:

Lap Time:

As i said yesterday - my w3o PAL won't run, so i tried w3o NTSC.
Using a D-pad.
Flying *khem* AURICOM.....
what do you think Ali? :D

PS. Once i obtain Qirex, it will be a battle on the tables, hence Auricom instead of Qirex....exusemoi - The Russian Brick.

3rd March 2005, 05:38 PM
Fact remains, 2:48 be slower than 2:44, bet it took you hours to get those anyway :wink:

Besides, russian bricks are good bricks, builders swear by them :lol:

Oh and uh, just started playing again:

Lap: 31.52

Keep trying Shem :P