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13th February 2005, 03:18 PM
This is my first post on this forum so greetings everyone.

I have played wipout for a few years and recently discovered this forum. About two weeks ago I bought a PSP so I could play Wipeout pure when it was released (I live in japan so they aren't that difficult to get now) . I was pretty excited when the delivery man but when I opened it and turned it on I found one dead pixel in the corner and what seemed to be a few bright pixels scattered over the rest of the screen, about 6 in all.

After 10 or so days and a few angry phonecalls I was able to get Sony to replace it for me and get some information which might be of interest to current or prospective PSP owners, this is that the number of dead or faulty pixels required for sony to replace your PSP is 3 or more in Japan. Sony will not tell you this over the phone initially (they will say it's "confidential information") but it is part of their conflict management procedures to disclose this information after a few angry phone calls.

Hope this is of use or interest to someone.

13th February 2005, 04:01 PM
ouch! 8O
more bad news! :x
welcome to the wo forums uberweng! 8)
are you german? coz of the ^^^ name! :wink:

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13th February 2005, 04:09 PM
And what's the new PSP like - any defects?

13th February 2005, 04:14 PM
interesting info, uberweng.

welcome to the forums. :)

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14th February 2005, 02:20 AM
I'm hoping this won't be an issue in america, cause one defective pixel would make me go bonkers....I think....we'll see. :)

14th February 2005, 04:24 AM
Thanx, and welcome, Uberweng. I heard of this earlier when reading literature on the PSP, but it'll brobably be fixed sooner or later, right? Thanx very much for you're wisdom on the PSP, I'll keep the 3-pixels rule in mind!
Uberwang, :lol: , nice!!

14th February 2005, 10:14 AM
If one pixel is dead then surely its a faulty product and the whole unit should be exchanged/repaired, so long as the product in general is still covered under the manufacturer`s guarantee. Their rule may be three pixels, but I`m sure you could get it changed with one dead pixel if you made enough noise. If a company sells you a new tv-screen (which is partly what the PSP is) with dead patches on it out of the box, they don`t have any argument not to fix/replace it for you. You might have to get very determined, but you`ll win in the end because you`re right. Hopefully they`ll fix the pixel problem before it becomes a problem anyway.

14th February 2005, 11:03 AM
If one pixel is dead then surely its a faulty product and the whole unit should be exchanged/repaired, so long as the product in general is still covered under the manufacturer`s guarantee.

I were not so sure of this. I had several experiences with faulty monitors, and it seems that a certain number of dead pixels technically doesn't constitute a faulty device.
Although yes, I did make it enough of an issue, so my retailers would finally give in to my demand of an exchange product. So, this certainly helps. :)


14th February 2005, 11:39 AM
it seems that a certain number of dead pixels technically doesn't constitute a faulty device.

Sounds like the kind of rule or "policy" that companies invent for themselves to fob people off. Anyone can invent themselves such a policy. I wouldn`t think there`s an Act of Parliament in the UK which says how faulty is faulty enough. But maybe we`ve now undergone a complete political/corporate sellout and there actually is. :D

Whatever, you just have to make it more expensive for them to have you out there moaning, than to actually give you what you want - as I`m sure you know from bitter experience. 8)

14th February 2005, 12:07 PM
Regardless of what Sony wants to think that kind of cr@p wouldn't work in the UK as it'd still be a defective product - companies don't have such get-out-clauses in English law. You should be able to get a repair/replacement/refund if there's anything wrong with the product: 1 dead pixel or 100 dead pixels.

Of course the dodgy square button is a different matter :roll::evil:

14th February 2005, 12:13 PM
ouch! 8O
more bad news! :x
welcome to the wo forums uberweng! 8)
are you german? coz of the ^^^ name! :wink:


I am not german. Weng is a famous chinese freak. He lived in a remote area somewhere in china had a 13-inch-long horn protruding from his skull. I just though uber sounded good.

the replacement unit was mint, i asked them to check the screen and confirm there were no dead pixels before they sent it to me. They agreed to do this and their description was accurate. After sorting out the dead pixel issue I am very happy with my PSP and waiting impatiently for Wipeout pure.

14th February 2005, 12:19 PM
Seek 100 - I noticed on your profile that you have the qualifications (or will have the qualifications) to make a meaningful statement on this for the UK. 8)

Maybe we should wait and see what happens before pre-judging Sony.

Strange but True Story:

A friend of a friend bought a new X-Box for Christmas, but the hard drive failed when he opened it on Christmas day. He rang Microsoft UK but no-one was there, so he called the Microsoft helpline in Seattle to complain. Two hours later a Microsoft employee was knocking at his door with a brand-new limited edition X-Box as a replacement. He was totally 8O

14th February 2005, 12:20 PM
bah, if they didn't want to accept my PSP with 1 Dead pixel, i'd say i opend it and it was all scratched out like crazy, than i'd take my scalpel and... well... you can guess the rest :D than they'd have to exchange it, cuz they have no way of knowing that it wasn't scratched when it came out of the box :D

Rapier Racer
14th February 2005, 12:29 PM
That's some great service from Microsoft right there, somehow, I can't imagine Sony doing anything like that

14th February 2005, 02:03 PM
One more question concerning the dead pixels. Is there any chance such faults do appear only after you bought one with a perfectly working screen?


14th February 2005, 03:58 PM
It has been known to happen, rather rarely though, that pixels stick or die after long periods of use. But most that are dead will show up immediately. I really hope I don't get a dead pixel if I do buy the psp.

14th February 2005, 05:02 PM
@ lunar, I will have the qualifications to say by the summer of next year if all goes well but obviously don't take my advice to seriously or I could get in trouble if you try and use my advice and it turns out to be wrong you could sue me for giving bad information. :? Seriously a lot of solicitors get into trouble coz of giving advice without any disclaimer.

I don't want to pre-judge Sony but their track record for defective merchandise doesn't exactly fill me with the utmost confidence, I remember having to use my PSX upside down because the cooling fans were on the bottom and couldn't get any air :roll: I guess that was a 'design feature' as Sony calls it. My PS2 hasn't been trouble free either, the power cable simply stopped working without explanation after a few months of owning it (fortunately the warranty covered a replacement) and the laser is getting rather weak - I can't watch any DVDs anymore without serious skipping - it must need glasses like me.

Or corrective laser surgery. :lol: :oops:

14th February 2005, 07:35 PM
my PSX doesn't even have cooling fans.

let's hope that the UK doesn't adopt the European Union constitution that allows the EU to override national decisions. then the international corporations really would be able to write their own international law to suit themselves and make it stick on individual countries of the EU. or am i being paranoid?

14th February 2005, 08:42 PM
You are, slightly, the EU is VERY protective of the little guy, much more so than the English legal system which is quite frankly non-sensical and convoluted. I guess in the US with things like the PATRIOT Act I'd be paranoid about an opressive government. Also the European Constitution if adopted would actually for the first time denote an actual limit to the powers of the EU which at present does not exist, in theory they could expand to cover any area of government they want as no set limit was ever written into the treaties. The Constitution would say 'this far, no further' and would actually do more to guarantee the continued independence of the British government. Tory scaremongers and the tabloid papers have of course painted exactly the opposite view as they seek only to thwart the progress of the EU and hence society at every turn.

The EU already does override national decisions within the jurisdictions of it's powers, the Constitution wouldn't change that.

There is so much nonsense written by the europhobic right wing in the UK and the media that anyone actually trying to find the truth amongst it will get lost within minutes.

Sorry this has gone completely off-topic, bringing it slightly back to the point - how come there was no cooling fan on your PSX? I thought it was a standard feature, just it never worked properly. In any case I'm sure Sony won't risk losing money over something so minor as dead pixels, they're already taking back several hundred PSPs in Japan aren't they? For repairs to the faulty square button design IIRC.

14th February 2005, 10:34 PM
In any case I'm sure Sony won't risk losing money over something so minor as dead pixels.

Maybe Sony prefers to not have too many PSPs returned in order to keep up a better image (i.e. "PSP is not faulty"). Though I have got to admit, I don't know Jack about their motives. :) Still, I can very well imagine they deem it better to make players believe the PSP is the masterpiece it was designed to be instead of letting everyone know how faulty it might be. Or at least this is what most companies do according to my observation.
Anyway, I do not blame them. The PSP seems to be a great device, however apparent some more or less minor issues might get around the time of its release.


14th February 2005, 10:53 PM
I'm not trying to go off topic, and this doesn't have to be answered soon, but other than the dead Pixels, does anyone know about the production of a better battery for a PSP? :?

Rapier Racer
14th February 2005, 11:28 PM
If I remember correctly, in another thread someone speculated that one would available about 6 months after the PSP had been released

15th February 2005, 12:59 AM
Man, if your right, I'm gonna be really happy!! Thanx for the fact, and if not, hope!!! :D :wink: