View Full Version : Coolest Game View (cam) in wo3 that wasn't used! .. in pure?

4th February 2005, 10:06 AM
But it's still there! (in wo3/SE)
Why wasn't it used? I don't know but I would've used it for sure! :?
Here's how you can see it -
Go to Challenge --> wip3out league -->Time challenge --> Challenge 4
the one on Stanza with Piranha!

Play the challenge and drive though the pit-lane every lap!
Then view the replay and enjoy how the cam changes in the pit-lane 8)
Now ain't that a great cam? I hope it's in Pure ..
And now that you've just seen it wouldn't it be way cool with a replay for your TT-ghost?
Just sit back and study your misstakes :D

Oh! You can also go to any class and race with any vehicle
it just have to be on Stanza and Single Race so you can see the replay!
lances favorite icaras looks pretty cool from that view 8)

The view can also be seen for a brief momen at countdown on TT
if you change the cam to Internal befor/while the coundown :)

It was probably tested and didn't work somehow (can't see how or why)
coz I have hard time beliveing it was made exclusively for the pit-lane at Stanza - only place it ca be seen :roll:

Another cam different from the standard can be seen at AltimaVIIs pit-lane (SE) - really the normal chase/external cam from the Game!
In Replay mode I'd taken that cam over the 'fancy' sidetrack cam anytime! With some extra features of cource - most important
and even if it was the only one would be beeng able to look back pressing the R1 button under the replay! 8O
you could've seen the AI (or some friend in single Race) eating your mines or see the incoming rockets/missiles! :o

Anyhow, would you have used that 'stanza' cam if it was avalible in wo3/SE?http://www.geocities.com/zargz/leenden/heh.gif

I'd use it as I use cockpit view - for fun and give handicap to a friend but perhaps someone who uses internal woul'd use it as 'standard' as well?

Preaterea censeo autopilotum esse delandam

4th February 2005, 02:58 PM
Yeah, I know this view.
It's also in Fusion.
So maybe it will be in Pure as well.

4th February 2005, 04:55 PM
I'm one of those types who likes to feel like they're the pilot. In Wipeout 3, they had the cockpit view, but Fusion lacked it. Could this be in pure?

4th February 2005, 05:44 PM
Say that again; Fusion did not have cockpit view?! In case I've heard that before I must deliberately have forgotten. I LOVE in-board views. They are the only ones that really capture the sensation of actually driving whatever vehicle the game sets you in. How could they not have it. Anyway, guess that's history, but to me this is essential to any racing game, so I couldn't help but complain. ;)


piranha wiper
4th February 2005, 06:19 PM
they had sort of a cockpit view but not as cockpitty as wo3 with the windscreen and buttons and stuff

{edit} er i dont know wat you were talking about but i did it any how :?

4th February 2005, 06:32 PM
i think that there are supposed to be two ''t'''s in the word, cockpitty. otherwise the ''i'' would have to take the long sound instead of the short ''i'' sound in 'pit'
and it should be one word with no space between the ''k'' and the ''p'', otherwise it would sound like some sort of sympathy for inadequacy.
or something. yeah.

4th February 2005, 07:12 PM
LOL. I'll do my best to memorize this linguistic wisdom for any upcoming seminars I do. :-)

OK, so Fusion did have cockpit view, only with no drawn cockpit features. I can live with that. But since there ARE games with no out-of-the-cabin view whatsoever, I was starting to think the worst of Fusion. Thanks for clearing that up, pw. :)