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17th December 2004, 03:45 AM
I just want to let you all know, the times you've set in the W30 PAL tables are driving me bloody demented lol. I've just finished a late night TT session at Terminal and have 3 times come within a corner of taking the third slot on the tables only to suffer a major crash and lose those all important seconds! I'm fuming at the moment, bitterly dissapointed to come away with only uping my lap time by .20 and my race time by .32

Oh well, c'est la vie as that uncatchable french dude would probably say :) I guess I live to wipe another day, I SO had that top 3 time in the bag though :cry: :cry: :cry:

17th December 2004, 05:09 AM
Oh well, c'est la vie as that uncatchable french dude would probably say :)

LOL that was very funny!

Dont give up !; the WO3se tables are really hard to beat, i can only imagine that since i only have ntsc hardware (even tho i do have SE i cant play it for records, just emulated), take more practice and perseverance, that "french dude" (Arnaud) is really a master of the game, i can only say from the experience of XL/2097, but im sure he can give the same level in any of the game versions.

Im also sure you will climb the tables if you continue playing seriously and having fun... i can really tell the tables are becoming quite addictive to you already ;) ; competing for the top spots is no easy task and you are already well on your way, thats great

17th December 2004, 07:01 AM
He is catchable; i've managed on 1 race (for the time being :? ) in 2097!
Although it is in Vector. Still, I'm chuffed. :D

17th December 2004, 05:24 PM
thanks for the words of wisdom Mano, i've seen your times on the XL tables, amazing! I'll persevere and hopefully in the end i'll almost be able to catch him on the tracks I really concentrate on :) You're right, TTing for the top spots is very addictive indeed :D

*EDIT* i kind of made up for yesterday's lacking performance today, finally getting under 2:20, third place won't be safe for long :P

*EDIT 2* Finally I have 3rd! Only 1.5 off Al Sartwell now too, brilliant! :P