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11th December 2004, 10:32 PM
How exactly were some of the phantom times possible? I've recorded near perfect races with maybe one or two wall strikes throughout and yet my overall time is still 9 seconds off Arnaud's and my lap record 2 seconds off. How is it possible that on such a short course with the same ship, times that much faster can be recorded? i can't even see how it could be possible, I tried the shortcut ages ago when I first came to this forum but it doesn't seem to work in WO3, any possibility of a video like the one from talon's reach from one of the fast guys? I just want to know that it is indeed possible :?

11th December 2004, 11:09 PM
Awww man. Okay...
First of all - NO wall hits. Absolutely, no wall hitting. One hit, and you say goodbye to competing with the fastest on the tables. The next thing is 5 PL's (Perfect Laps) in a row. That is possible. Now for the details. The first corner - you should take it with one long push of a button. The zig-zag turn is possible to fly through at full speed + some turbo scraping if you set yourself before this turn in a way that you can see that you can glide through just by tilting the airbrakes towards the walls. If not, you can always lift the nose up, and there you go. Then there's the ramp. The fastest way to get through is to stick to the track as possible. Simply, no flying, as it's unnecessary. The ship's behaviour at this point of a track differs in w3o, and w3oSE. As far as i can remember, it's easier to handle the ship in SE, as in w3o the ship hits the wall right after the jump. It can be avoided in w3o, but it's just easier to fly by in SE, it requires less manouvers in SE. Okay, then there's a slight track fall, and the tunnel. Stick to the track, don't lift it and don't fly into the tunnel high, you'll bounce off the track, while the point is to fly as smoothly as possible. Then there's the right turn. Actually these are two turns. Consider this one a single turn, if you do, you won't have to use the airbrakes. Just maximum to the left, and you should fly through without a scratch. Remember to set yourself properly before the turn, make the turn as wide as possible. After that there's a sharp left, you must use the airbrakes there. There's no other way of dealing with this turn, the least you can do, actually, it;s the most important thing to hit the hyperthrust after this one. Of course use hyperthrust on any occasion, but use it rather to keep the same (max) speed, than to speed up like a maniac as you'd be already flying on the edge. Practice, practice, practice. Remember that with every single PL you are faster than before. That's it from me.

EDIT - i forgot about the 'one hot lap' issue. You can get close to the fastest laptimes on the tables by flying one lap at max speed=using hyperthrust all the time, but that's not the point. Flying the whole race at your max, gives the same result, plus you get better racetimes and you improve your skills.

12th December 2004, 12:10 PM
Aight, cheers shem, I figure i'm losing it through the zig zag bends near the start, air-braking too hard in there. Nice one, thanks.