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26th October 2004, 09:40 PM
wipeout 2097 hast to be the best out of all the series;

1. the amazin ships n there designs, they mite not be gr8 but they look and feel amazin 2 race with and they are all compleatly different.
2. the game is fast as hell, especially if ur racin wit Piranah.
3. it has to have the best music tracklist out of all the game.
4. brillant tracks e.g. all the surprise jumps and surprise sharp turns which u usually dont realize them until our face first in the wall!
5. it has the hole computer futuristic feel about it e.g. the wepons, they just kicked ass, the way they were done, the computerized wepons. the race start voice
which was relli cool, and all the cool sound effects.
6. that damm autopilot, how would the game be a challenge without it?? the way it throws you off at sudden corners.
7. the hole way the game was set out, simple.
7. the hole feel to the game, the way it is soo different to the rest.
8. and the fact that it is simply amazin!!

these are just a few that i can think of rite now. this is wot i think makes this game the best!! :lol:

27th October 2004, 03:59 PM
Yes I wholeheartly agree with you cos now I have three 2097 games which are European(PAL), NTSC XL and Japs XL.

All brilliant games.

stevie :D