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29th September 2004, 10:09 AM
I just complete the AG League and upgrade all
the ships...

Bress [/img]

3rd October 2004, 07:47 PM
ok,since I'm a bit new to this forum ahem,here are my stats for Wipeout Fusion,hope they are worthy enough to be considered good,

Arcade........... 92% complete 39 Golds 0 Silver 0 Bronze :D 8)

AG League 100% complete............Primary & Secondary pilots and ships all upgraded :D

Challenge......54%.......12 Golds 14 Silver 14 Bronze,(yeah ,I know,I suck at this part) :P
hey, it's a much improved now :wink: :P , I now have 8 of all 8 Super Weapon Licences :D :oops: :twisted: ,that initial challenge for Pirahna sux :roll:
Woo Hoo :D now I have every one of the Licences Yippeeee ! ! :P

Time trial..........007%.......02 Golds 2 Silver 0 Bronze (Woo Hoo, :D :P )

Zone 000%, ( I need to concentrate on this more I think) :wink: :P

Game Complete........62% 8)

Features Unlocked..........100% :D 8)

Time Playing........87 Hrs. 41 Min. 8) 8O

Rank .........Elite Airman 8) :D 8) <<<<this I feel is a great acomplishment on my part

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11th January 2005, 05:01 AM
99% complete with the following progression:

Arcade: 100% Gold: 42 Silver: 0 Bronze: 0

AG League: 100% Gold: 15

Challenge: 97% Gold: 46 Silver: 1 Bronze: 0

^^Here's where I'm getting bent over. The elimination challenge in Van Uber is tougher then nuts! It's so damn short (Florian Heights course 1) and you only get missles. It's a good day if I can get one elimination and a rarity if I can get two!

Time Trial: 100% Gold: 42 Silver: 0 Bronze: 0

Zone: 100% Gold: 10

Game Complete: 99%

Features unlocked: 100%

Time Playing: 46hours 16minutes

Rank: Ace

Least to say I've been playing this game on and off for two years now, and I want to be done with it!

Has anyone completed the Van Uber elimination challege?

Piranha Advancements
11th January 2005, 11:49 AM
I would love to help you but I can't remember anymore.Been a while since I've touched it.All I knew was I finished all of the Challenges in a single run under a couple hours.Twas' pathetically easy I thought.Slow down,keep getting the weapons,shoot,slow down,get weapon..shoot?

I tried..

Rapier Racer
11th January 2005, 03:01 PM
ah yes you should seek out a piranha as they are easy eliminations you get rockets as well as missiles, you see you can bash the piranha with the Van Uber and the Piranha takes all the damage, it won’t take long to get shot of them if you can do that

you may also want to go looking for incredibly damaged ships that only require a small blast to finish them off, obvious that one but it works

12th January 2005, 02:42 AM
thanks for the help everyone, i almost got it on the first try when i tried it again today, but i got eliminated before i had a chance to rack up elimination 3. Oh well i'll keep trying.

13th January 2005, 01:32 AM
Game Complete:...100%
All Gold Medals in all modes, giving may rank away:...ace
Played for about 12 hours.
I almost beat it before, but someone erased everything on my memory card!!!!!!!!!! :x
I had to start all over!!
That's why my time's so small, yet I've completed so much. All that earlier experience.
Don't have all my ships with all pilots fully upgraded all at the same time though, but I'm about half way. :wink: