View Full Version : 2004-08-25 : Smile in moderation

25th August 2004, 08:22 PM
Oooh... a pun of a topic title with a subtle hidden meaning....


Righty, I added a batch of smilies. But what you don't wanna do is over do it, right?

As in:

:mr-t I Pity the foo' who uses too many smilies in his posts!!

Basic rule is - if you kick the ass out of it then the moderators have every right to edit your post and trim the excess. The Lancinator will be watching out for you... :radar


25th August 2004, 11:14 PM
wow, that was quick action to a request. only requested today!

um... whistles and hums innocently.... uh... about that Piranha Switch..... :twisted:

although... hm... as long as we're running a Qirex league in WOXL and no Piranha times are being input in anything but phantom class, it makes me look like a better pilot than i really am.
uh.. forget i mentioned the.. uh.. you know.. thing

26th August 2004, 08:39 AM
Uploading a directory of smilies is a quickie.

The piranha thing is not a quickie.

Just think, though, in another few months it'll be a year since this version of the site went live... and that usually guilt trips me into doing another major update.

Like adding tables for Wipeout Pure :D ;)

26th August 2004, 05:29 PM
i knew that and was joking; perhaps i should have used one of those new smilies. or an old one. ;)

as for PSP tables, yeah, but there's no way in hell i can afford to buy a PSP or even a game for it. i still don't even have a PS2, so while i may applaud the effort for the membership in general, PSP tables would do absolutely zero for me. ah, well. anyway the compensations for not having a regular job are considerable, my sanity and lack of multiple daily stress attacks for instance. so it's worth not having a PSP or a PS2