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5th June 2004, 10:24 AM
I have been thinking about this all night and morning. Since a certain craving for people entering the tables has been getting evident over the last two or so days, I thought why not try and make this, at least in parts, "official".

TRACK: Porta Kora
CLASS: Phantom
MODE: Time Trial
CRAFT: Driver's Choice
GOAL: One Fast Lap
Challenge will end at 12 pm (PST), June 13.

Yes, times between the three games won't be comparable between each other, but my idea was to encourage as many pilots as possible to take part in the challenge. After all, players can very well fight for positions within their own WO3 version.

The challenge is meant to be easy to get into, especially for new wipers. Which is why I limited it to lap time only. Maybe we can do race time later. :) However, everyone will have to do complete races. Otherwise, I'm afraid we will get in trouble with pilots who may want to enter their one lap record they achieved in an incomplete race during the challenge into the tables.
This really shouldn't be a problem, though. For one, the first lap will never be as fast as any of your fastest possible successive laps. Plus, you can do 3 fast lap attempts per race, anyway (that is, in case you really need to do the first a quick one ;) ).

One word on the duration of the challenge. I thought it was a good idea to give those a good chance of practizing who can drive only on weekends as well as those who might have to spend their weekends with their familiy and are more likely to race on weekdays. Hence, two weekends and a full week time. :)

Anyone thinks any of this is a bad idea? ;)


EDIT: I almost forgot since it's selfunderstood by myself that I wouldn't take any, but no shortcuts please! :)

5th June 2004, 10:51 AM
Congratulations, you just solved the "one-fast-lap" problem.

5th June 2004, 11:04 AM
Which wasn't my intention. :) I just thought it was a good point to start at.

5th June 2004, 03:29 PM
Very nice challenge G'Kyl, i enter this competition TT PK with Icaras ( my choice) + i won't take the jump shortcut. I'll have got 3 hours in front of me this afternoon and all the Saturday's evening to do better than my actual 21.32.

I will edit that post as soon as i ll beat my lap time, i will enjoy to see the progress in live for the others competitors, if it's possible to see them updating regulary their laptime.

Very good idea indeed G'Kyl

1st edit ive made 17.60 in an entire race which is also my record race time : 1.37.40 ( 19.64 / 17.60 / 20.48 / 20.76 / 19.12) but i ve done also 17.48 in a race ( i ve finished it) in which i made 1.42.17

I didn't cut to the right after the jump ( i ve noticed that in cutting like that , when you land you ' bump ' too much on the floor so all the benefit of cutting dissapears in loosing too much speed)

5th June 2004, 03:32 PM
Why don't U include all classes?:):)
Anyways, I am in... if I find time, that is:)

EDIT One more question. What do u exactly mean by shortcuts?? I want to specify everything... just to be on the safe side:) What does it mean for u not to take a big jump shortcut for example?? Should I land before the tunnel, in the tunnel or where?:) That's just a bit vague for me:)
G'Kyl, please, be so kind and elaborate on this:)

It would be ok if PPL updated their times as soon as they got their fastest lap time:) It woul make the competition tighter:)

PS Assayeh, update asap, please:) I am going to race a bit in the evening as well:) Now I can't do it coz the sun shines straight into my TV;P

Shem, I want to see U race as well:) It would be a pleasure and honour to race against U.

5th June 2004, 08:14 PM
Great new record, Arnaud! Since I`d like to leave my inital posting the way it is I will make this here my "times update" post. And so far I have done a 0:20.00 (nice, eh ;-) on Icaras). Funny, I have never done any serious TT racing in WO3SE, this really is the first. So, getting used to the "new" flight model and crafts kinda feels like playing WO for the first time. Fortuanately, Icaras handles somewhat similar to Qirex, not Piranha, which makes things a little easier for me. Just a little, though. :)

QOORA: No shortcut means: Stick to the track. Don`t fly through objects that in real live would put you to a dead stop and crush your vehicle. :) It`s as simple as that. I haven`t much experience with specific shortcuts, since I don`t use any. However, I`ve already discover that 3SE, being much "floatier" than 2097, seems to allow for some very impressive shortcutting. Accidentally I just overflew have the course and had to hit the breaks hard in order not to beat my record with an illegal time.


EDIT: One more question. :) Where do you guys hyperthrust?! :) Just wanna know.

UPDATE: 1:45.32 / 0:19.40

I don`t use hyperthrust yet. In fact, I`m happy to be now able to do a perfect lap every once in a while. ;)

5th June 2004, 09:25 PM
I agree with you G'Kyl there's not many differences between Qirex and Icaras, the quite same handling, and a great speed. 20.00 is a good start for someone who didn't play SE TT ( i share your passion for 2097 and it's very funny to change from versions )

My position about where i hyperthrust(HT):
First i am trying not to hit any walls and no HT in the first lap just a little before crossing the line of Lap 2 ( loosing only 10 points of shield) searching to be as close as possible to the 'inside ' of the first right curve, then before the little chicane i up the nose and HT in order to cross it in a straight line ( using 10/15 shield), and again less than 10 shield before jumping and without cutting in the right side of that jump, when i am in the big straight line ( before & inside the tunnel) i don't HT a lot ( 5 maxi 10) 'cause the big problem here i am bumping on the floor and loose quite a lot of speed. I use the rest of my shield till 24 just after crossing the 1pad which is inside the big left curve ( air spin?).
I am sure under 17 is possible if i find a way not to 'bump' in the big straight line ( the one inside the tunnel) cause even without cutting ( shorcut) after the jump you are quite in the air so the best way will be landing at the same moment of the beginning of the little downhill ( the one before entering the tunnel), i do it perfectly in rapier and my 18.28 done with that method in rapier SR prooves it should be totally possible.

Hope everyone has understood clearly what i was meaning with the ' bump ' effect

EDIT no new times for the lap only for the race time : 1.36.40 ( i ve tied twice my former RT very weird , isn't it ? and just after tied it, the next race i was doing exactly one seconds less... i continue playing for again 1 hour&half
EDIT N2 : no lap time but 1.34.60 : 19.44 /19.12 /18.40 /18.64 /19.00

5th June 2004, 11:11 PM
My position about where i hyperthrust(HT):

Thanks a lot. I figured these would be the best places to use HT. Anyway, before I`ll lay my hands on it I`ll try getting a better feel for the game first. Expect another update or two tomorrow. ;)

I am sure under 17 is possible if i find a way not to 'bump' in the big straight line ( the one inside the tunnel) cause even without cutting ( shorcut) after the jump you are quite in the air so the best way will be landing at the same moment of the beginning of the little downhill

That`s exactely what I have been trying for some laps. Then I started wondering - You need to fly very high and thus lose some time before coming down at the downhill section. Is this really worth neglecting two speed pads (one of them being a large one)? Does not bottoming out make up for it? I couldn`t figure that out yet by myself, since my driving has been far too inconsistent at the time I tried the same route you suggested.


6th June 2004, 12:30 AM
Hmphh... well I'm in just for participation's sake, and hopefully I'll encourage others to join in :lol: :oops: :oops:

Race 2:05:00
Lap 0:23:92
Ship AG-S

Bah, 4 out of 5 times I have to restart because I can't even properly stick to the right wall side for the chicane, using the DPad.. too fast. :-?

ps: merci Asayyeah (Arnaud Senand?) for the HT tips.. never even thought of the chicane 'jump'

6th June 2004, 03:09 AM
Geez, I felt asleep and woke up in the middle of the nite:) Decided to race 4 and hour or so and go to sleep again:P

Lap - 18.56:(:(:(:(
Race - 1.42.40:(:(:(:(

6th June 2004, 02:18 PM
Ok i borrowed a Playstation from a friend of mine, for one day (he didn't seem to be happy about it, but after short explanation, he lent me PSX for a while)
By far it's :
17.98 (second lap)
Race Time
1:37:86 (which is my new record BTW)

And 1 more thing. Are we allowed to attempt at the hottest lap during ONLY the first 3 laps? Or can we make a run for it during ANY lap of the whole race? (I'd rather warm up during the first 3 or 4 laps, and kick the pedal metal at full speed at the end of a race)

P.S. Don't you hate it when you have to slow down just before the ramp, becouse otherwise you'll grind the nose into it?...Damn, I hate that part of Porto Kora....

Race Time:
[somehow, instead of flying the one-best-lap I cannot stop the whole race, and then it turns to improved Race Times....]

6th June 2004, 04:37 PM
You need to fly very high and thus lose some time before coming down at the downhill section. Is this really worth neglecting two speed pads (one of them being a large one)? Does not bottoming out make up for it?Ben
I don't really know which is the best way 'cause you are right, in spending too much time in the air you loose too much time and neglecting the big blue pads on the left is detrimental to do a good race time ( noticed that after many many many attempts last night). Analysing this race is really an hard task 'cause each time you discover new things you didn't noticed before ( like 2097 this game has ' again ' no limit :) )
With the help of Al Satrwell it would be maybe easier to understand that Porto Kora psychologie, but he is really busy for the now :cry: , we need to discover that ourselves

merci Asayyeah (Arnaud Senand?) for the HT tips.. never even thought of the chicane 'jump'
Asayyeah , old asayyeah or Assayyeah...(from fusion board & tables) are the same personn : Arnaud Senand :wink: ton aimable serviteur :wink:
Concerning the chicane jump, i need to warm yourself about it 'cause i ve noticed also last night that when you up your nose too much to have a straight line crossing it , you will encounter a big problem just before the jump and that's Shem explain in this:
P.S. Don't you hate it when you have to slow down just before the ramp, becouse otherwise you'll grind the nose into it?..., i ve then noticed that if you are too high in the chicane , each time you are approaching the ramp you grind your nose into it. I ve found a little solution try not to be so high when you arrive near the ramp and up your nose a little bit and you won't hit the ground with it. the best way is to respect as much as possible the track not to bottoming out .

Are we allowed to attempt at the hottest lap during ONLY the first 3 laps? Or can we make a run for it during ANY lap of the whole race? (I'd rather warm up during the first 3 or 4 laps, and kick the pedal metal at full speed at the end of a race)
My opinion is you organize your best lap where you really want ( if i am understanding you well)Personnaly i use the Lap 2 to get my best lap on the whole race, but your suggestion ( Lap5) is a good one : not to stress a lot during the 4th first lap and give all that you have in a hell Lap5; that's a good idea. How d'ya feel that G'Kyl?

Concerning pure performance, greetings Shem , QOORA, for their records, a very good & tough challenge between fellow polish pilots... 8) and i don't want to ignore the very good job from G'Kyl & Fab ( first time for both of 2, playing TT SE 8) )

Editi ve decided to spend time into the lower classes to see what happends after vector first attempt in venom 3PL and ive tied the race from Pavel Ramirez & the lap from Graham Hutchinson in the same race ( exactly the same lap: 22.52 and exactly the same race time: 1.11.00 ) which is not commun to tied someone with hundredth of seconds in the W3O series...

6th June 2004, 05:45 PM
The way I delt with the ramp-jump problem was exactly as you described it Assayeah. You just need to hold the nose not to high, rather at normal height, and leave the rest to the forces of gravity. The other problem would be the first turn after the tunnel. It's difficult to take this one with a one, confident move...(if you are not willing to use airbrakes). However, I managed to fly it prefectly,..... a few times. The best method for this one would be to tilt slightly to the left at the in-tunnel right turn. Then to take the right turn and if everything goes well, it's a home run for the finish line.

6th June 2004, 06:20 PM
Right, you have to consider the right corner in the middle of the tunnel and the following two as one turn. Makes flying throught this passage difficult but very interesting!

Arnaud: Yep, that`s what my own experimenting brought up: Better let the craft go down and take advantage of both speed pads than fly up high and make the (very difficult) attempt to get down at the beginning of the downhill part.

So far no improvement from me. I have been trying to figure out some tricks how to go faster than I was able to do yesterday and managed to do so on some parts of the track. However, I haven`t yet accomplished a new personal record.

Thanks for the flowers, Arnaud, but 19:40 still feels baaad to me. :) I`m still having trouble using hyperthrust correctly. Or doing a series of perfect laps in the first place.


EDIT: Almost forgot: Yes, of course, do your fastest lap attempt in whichever lap you want! :)

EDIT 2: Now this was an interesting session! I couldn`t improve much. Though I know I am able to go at least one second faster than my current time, I haven`t been able to put it all together in one lap. Anyway, what was interesting is that I first equaled my old record of 20:00 with precisely the same time. After that I equaled 19:40 - my last recent record. Then I lowered my best time to 19:28 - and equaled it again a couple of laps later. All this happened within the last hour of playing. And I thought WO3 times were supposed to be more diverse than those from 2907. ;-) Than I had another thought - all this may indicate I am not human but some kind of replicant, robot, android, whatever. SCARY!!! ;)))


6th June 2004, 11:17 PM
:o replicant sounds to me as a Stargate SG1's beast :o scary i feel :)

Ive concluded this week-end by an astonishing result in rapier:
20.64 -- 19.40 -- 19.12 -- 19.52 /// 1.18.68 2 records in the same race 8)
Ive also fininished updating the lower classes :
Venom : 1.09.20 /// 21.56
Vector : 58.88 /// 27.12

No news about Phanthom although the " Shem's threat :o " ( sorry Mister G.Lucas for transforming a bit one of your film :lol: ) is becoming closer&closer

May i say : ' Shem-say-yeah!!' 8) 8)

7th June 2004, 09:09 AM
Bah, Replicant is from "Blade Runner", or "Do Androids Dream of Electirc Sheep" to be more precise! ;-)

Just did another (small) step dow the tme ladder: 0:18.84. I even hit a wall in that lap, but I can`t continue to play for the moment.


7th June 2004, 06:50 PM
thought i'd try this with one of the slow ships:
Pirhana - 20.50 [racetime 1:48.57, laugh if you want to. the racetime is in the top 10 on NTSC WO3. 9th actually]
did this last night; i'd like to see if i can get under 20 with Pirhana

7th June 2004, 08:43 PM
You won`t hear me laughing. I`m still in the process of figuring out WO3(SE) in the first place. ;)

Apart from that: Closing in on the top 6 with a 0:18.48 (1:41.52 for race).

9th June 2004, 07:05 AM
Putting in 15 minutes of flying at a time (till my thumbs hurt, I used to be able to play for hours without getting that) I've been able to improve all my Porto Kora records. On SE.
So my new best times are:

Vector: 29.00 / 1:04.24
Venom: 25:04 / 1:19.64
Rapier: 22:24 / 1:35.88
Phantom: 21:04 / 1:52.80

My NTSC times are seriously better than that, but that's no surprise. I put a lot more time into WO3 than I have into SE. Still, good improvement.

Of course, I'm probably at the bottom of the heap compared to everyone else. 8 )

11th June 2004, 08:24 PM
Of course, I'm probably at the bottom of the heap compared to everyone else.
The best thing is having fun in this game, and your 1.42.9 in Ntsc is really a good time, so i am sure you will beat your SE times in a short time ( if you have time to do it)
Personnaly no wipeout this past week , but now it's the week-end i want to finish that challenge in a good position and also try to catch this hard 1.31 from Al....
Hard task :wink: , isn't it Mister Jay ' Task' :wink: ?

edit 17.12 + 1.30.52 (18.60-/-17.80-/-18.36-/-17.88-/-17.88- )
Done with using shorcut's jump a little, no bottoming out before the tunnel, only 1 pit ( lap3), 5 PL.

For G'Kyl's challenge i stay at 1.34.60 and 17.48.

11th June 2004, 09:16 PM
EEEerrrrmmm..........looks like I decided to gie a go for tonight :oops: after Assayeah persuaded me to go on so here is my eerrmm good score tonight :oops:

Phantom := Assegai

here it is = 2,07.20

lap time 22.64(5th lap)

stin :lol:

12th June 2004, 09:21 AM
Asayyeah, you're the man!! :o
I hope you'll be aiming at times below 17sec, becouse it seems as real as beating Al on the tables.
And how on earth did you manage to go through the pit and set that awesome race time? It's all about the HP isn't it? :wink:
The bad news is that probably I wont participate in the contest becouse of my exams. Gotta learn right now, a LOT to learn in fact (to be precise - a whole history of USA [6 days left till the exam], and the Culture of Britain [9 days till the exam], and a few other exams in the way). I Guess that is a good reason to exclude me from this contest. Anyways - Al's been beaten, Asayyeah rules now. 8)

13th June 2004, 11:21 PM
OK, so this will probably be my last update on times for the contest: 0:18.28. Even though I may not have had enough time to get acquainted with WO3 TT, I gotta admit I'm a little disappointed with the result. I was hoping to at least get below 0:18. Anyway, it was great fun doing something different than 2097, and I very much hope there will be another WO3 challenge around soon. However, right now I am overly excited about Lance's promised 2097 challenge. Give it a go as soon as you can, Lance, willya?!? :-)
I would also like to use this post for thanking those who took part in this little contest. Looks like this kind of engagement is like a refreshings breeze for the tables. I'd love to see more of that as I really, really enjoy competing for table positions.


13th June 2004, 11:43 PM
thanks shem, about pit lane i use HT just before the end of the curve entering the pit as fast as i can.
G'Kyl : it was a great challenge you organize, i agree with you changing from versions is cool. As for myself i ve finished my W3O SE session by a quick Sagarmatha TT ( iwas loving that track from 2097 and i must say that i loved it twice much in SE )
But now here's Lance Challenge with slow ship ( Feisar? Ag's? )... it could be cool to see what we can do with it

14th June 2004, 05:51 AM
Heh, I actually gave Porta Kora a go with a Feisar earlier today. Best I could get was 23.17 lap time. (pathetic, even for a Feisar, I know)

Definitely 'different', though.

14th June 2004, 07:03 AM
Tehe, not that it mattered, but I just got up, started WO3SE, did an 18.24 on the first lap in PK. ;) Anyway, gotta go to work now.


14th June 2004, 04:03 PM
OK, since I can't think of another way to do this, I tried to extract all the record times that were posted in this thread in order to give you the results from the contest. Here it comes:

8th place: faB - 23.92

7th place: Wiseman - 23.17

6th place: Task - 21.04

5th place: Lance - 20.50

4th place: QOORA - 18.56

3rd place: G'Kyl - 18.24

2nd place: Shem - 17.64

And place number one, which came by TOTAL surprise, was taken by: Asayyeah! With a 17.48 he again put everyone else's efforts into perspective. :-)

Congrats to Asayyeah! And all the others as well!

Even though I am repeating myself: I had a lot of fun with this challenge and hope to see many more!


Disclaimer: If I forgot anyone's time or if anyone achieved a better time within this contest, please PM me, I'll update the result table if neccessary.