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4th June 2004, 01:27 PM

does anyone know the songtexts of the WipEout Fusion Soundtrack? I just understand some words. The only songtext I understand is the one of "Papua new Guinea"... they just sing "Papua new Guinea" :D

I'm really interested in the songtexts of "blue funk" and "bassheads".

So, please answer!

Bob Todd
8th June 2004, 10:01 AM
I beleive the usual term is 'lyrics'.

I didn't know they were singing 'Papua New Guinea'. To me it sounded like 'la-di-da-da'.

Bassheads is:
Bassheads! In a state of their own!
In the zone where the Bassheads go!
Bassheads! etc.
I'm telling you!

I can't make out any specific lyrics on Blue Funk either; it just sounds like 'oooo' noises.

8th June 2004, 12:47 PM
Thank you! You're right, I think the woman just sings something like"ooo" but there is a man who is singing to (at first the man is singing, then the woman). And I just understand some little parts...

And when I heard "Papua New Guina" at first I understand the same. But I'm sure now, they're singing "Papua New Guinea"

Bob Todd
8th June 2004, 01:12 PM
I can just about make out 'Papua New Guinea', but it still sounds rather abstract.

I don't think there are any real words in Blue Funk; I listened hard and could'nt make out any of the man's speech. I think it's just a piece of commentary or something that's been distorted with a vocoder.

11th June 2004, 11:57 AM
Or does anyone know, what the person in "bold up" sings?

11th June 2004, 12:09 PM
Ah. one of my favourite tracks from the soundtrack! However, I don`t understand a word there, sorry. :)

Bob Todd
13th June 2004, 07:14 PM
There's a bit in Bolt Up that sounds like 'Gol and Maia'; the names of the baddies in Jak & Daxter. And another bit that sounds like 'Dante'. Namedropping of PS2 characters, it would appear...

1st July 2004, 08:59 PM
Dante is not originally a PS2 character. He's related to some christianic religion as being the guardian of the gateways of hell, I think. I'm not sure, seeing as I am wiccan, but I am definite that the name originates before DMC2, as there is a book about it.

1st July 2004, 09:03 PM
I think you mean Dante Alighieri. An Italian poet. Author of The Divine Comedy.

1st July 2004, 09:14 PM
Most likely yea ^^' heard it was a good piece, never got round to reading it though

1st July 2004, 10:14 PM
The Inferno was my favourite part. never could finish the Purgatorio and the Paradiso. devilry is so much more fun. like the first two books of Paradise Lost. Lucifer is very heroic in that, rebelling against seeminly arbitrary authority