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25th February 2002, 10:51 PM
jay, i think you should know that i am 2 seconds ahead of your former record in vector on prototype 2. also i'm 1.1 seconds ahead of your former lap record. and in venom class on the same track, i have just barely edged out, by one measly tenth of a second, your old lap record.

you seem to be done with the korodera challenge, so i figured you would have time for this now.

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26th February 2002, 04:53 AM
8 D
Just in case I haven't mentioned it recently, Lance: Rox.
Just when I need another challenge, he's gone and beaten some of my more pants times.

I'll be right there Lance, I can spare a couple hours one night this week...
There will be challenge, oh yes!

26th February 2002, 07:07 PM
slight update:

i am now .7 ahead of your ex-record fastest lap in venom class. :wink:

i've still not caught you in sr, but am now just over 3 seconds back.

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27th February 2002, 05:05 AM
You're doing good, Lance, but I found a half hour tonight for some wip3ing, and I beat the 1:30 barrier for vector LS102.
That's a surprisingly difficult track. It took me some time to figure out all the turns. For a while it looked like I was only going to be able to beat you by a couple tenths of a second, but it finally started coming together. Nose control, nose control! 8 )

27th February 2002, 05:49 AM
you're going to have to wiggle the nose more than that, i am now down to 1:29.20, which is 4 tenths ahead of your new time. while i also lowered my best lap time, you are ahead of me there by .82, awesome lap time. :smile:
do you deliberately try for best laps as a separate endeavour? my fastest laps are part of regular races; about half of them occur in the same race as my fastest overall time. that's what happened on my current best race and lap time on this circuit. i actually replayed that one; i banged the wall four times, hit another racer once, and got hit by a rocket once. sheesh!

on venom class i dropped my lap record a bit lower; i'm 1.07 seconds ahead of yours. you still retain the venom race record by 1.74 seconds. but both my venom times are extremely pants.

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28th February 2002, 06:19 AM
You're getting really good Lance!
I had to sit down and concentrate, you're serious competition.

you're going to have to wiggle the nose more than that, i am now down to 1:29.20, which is 4 tenths ahead of your new time. while i also lowered my best lap time, you are ahead of me there by .82, awesome lap time. :smile:

8 D Well, I wiggled it a little furiously tonight, now I'm at 1:27.34. Almost 2 seconds ahead of you. And my lap time got even better, too. I'm still hitting walls though, that last turn is a b**ch...

do you deliberately try for best laps as a separate endeavour?

Hell, no! I'm all about race time. Race time, race time, race time. Same as you and most other people, AFAICT. The only time I'm ever consciously trying for "I wonder what the best lap I can manage is?" is when I'm on Venom or higher and my first lap is bad enough that I know I'm not getting a race record, but not so bad that I restart in disgust, then I'll use the next two laps to try and get a good lap time. That way I'm getting some good practice flying and _also_ I've got a chance at setting a record. Even if it's an "inconsequential" one. 8 )

on venom class i dropped my lap record a bit lower; i'm 1.07 seconds ahead of yours. you still retain the venom race record by 1.74 seconds. but both my venom times are extremely pants.

8 ) You'll get better at Venom when you've "mastered" Vector and "gotten as good as you're gonna get", then you'll move up a level and after some practice you'll find Venom so much easier than you ever thought it was. Repeat for Rapier, repeat for Phantom... 8 D
I'm still working on "mastering" Rapier.
I think my best class is Venom, I spend most of my time (by a small percentage) racing that because that's the "speed of multiplayer".

- J (Task)

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28th February 2002, 05:20 PM
well done, Jay. i just saw the times tables. i had done a 1:28.30 last night before your new times were posted. now i do believe i shall have to adopt this nosewiggling thing. heh, i watched the replay of that one: i crashed into 2 other racers and banged hard into the walls 5 times. more crashing than my previous best time, but faster. hmm... am i onto something here? :wink:

clearly sub 1:27s are possible. we're seeing much the same pattern here that we saw on Terminal. both of us are well ahead of the PAL times, so we have to assume that NTSC is somewhat faster. xEik is pretty consistently the fastest over on PAL, but his best time in vector so far is 1:30.04.

anyway, when i warm up, i'll give it another go and improve my times. it's been freezing down here, they actually cancelled the shuttle launch. put it off till at least tomorrow. [shiver] my florida-trained blood can't handle this without sitting 2 feet in front of a heater. i suppose the 117 pounds weight thing doesnt help keep me warm either. :wink:

that reminds me: if i can't beat your times and those of the other pilots, am i allowed to use the ''I'm just a poor decrepit little old man.'' excuse? :wink:
ah, i can hear it now: ''Dang it! If i were thirty years younger, you uppity younguns wouldn't stand a snowflake's chance in Hell of beatin me! cough cough, hack'' [stubs out cigarette on table covered with bottles of 20/20 and magnum 440] ''Back in my day, when the anti-gravity racers still had wheels, them other drivers couldn't even stay on the same lap with me, by god!'' [spits]

nah, screw that.

this prototype 2 course is really great. a lot of it looks like it ought to be easy, but no, they borrowed one of those sadistic golf course designers to subtly place the boost pads at exactly the points where catching them will push you into an almost invisible curve, so bang, another second lost, which turns into 4 seconds cos youre ''energy low'' and can't get back up to speed. sneaky bastards, those course designers. and that set of esses at the end of the jump. heh. challenging little bit, eh? i think i've done it almost right about twice. this is becoming my favourite course.

laytah, mah maaaan

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1st March 2002, 04:43 AM
Sorry Lance, you'll have to settle with 3rd place for now. :wink:

I got my time down to 1:27.47 race time and 0:40.63 lap time, although I don't hit any of the sides, I usually bang into the backs of 1 or 2 ships (usually 2), and I usually miss 1 or 2 of the turbos.

Blah, if I can just get them down.... I think I've landed on the top of that stupid Goteki 45 (the one that flys right next to that Assegai, I think) more times that I would want to....

Just a question, about when do you two get first place, I usually pass the last ship going into, or just between the 2 giant turns before the jump...

I think I should already be in first place before I get there... man the ships in Wip3out are soooooo much easier to pass than the one's in the original...

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1st March 2002, 11:29 AM
right now i can't play the game in an attempt to improve my time. i can't keep my left eye open due to some damage as a result due to sleeping with my contact lens still in. the eye was apparently too dry and the lens stuck to the cornea. [ i have hard lenses ] the same thing, but worse, happened to my right eye a few weeks ago. it took somewhat more than 24 hours before i could keep the eye open then, and some days before i could put the contact lens back in. well, we'll see what happens.

anyway, as to when i pass the last AI ship, i usually get by it while turning left just before the righthand sweep to the jump. occasionally i am past it before the left, but that seems to have little or no effect on the ultimate time. when i recover i'll attempt to beat your both your time and jay's, but even if i can't i'm kinda amazed that i can get as close to the top times as i do. i always figured that one had to be in one's teens or mid-twenties to excel at videogames. but i went ahead and started playing them anyway, just under two years ago. i discovered that i had been missing out on a lot of fun. i wish i had started sooner. like in the Sega Genesis era maybe. i also discovered that my nature is a bit more competitive than i had thought!

on this circuit, has anyone found that quake disruptors help any? quakes seem to be rare on this course, and the few times i've gotten them, i've actually gotten worse times, but that may be because it makes me dodge disrupted ships and miss a boost pad that i would normally get.

oh, jay, i forgot to ask: what is this ''speed of multiplayer'' you referred to? and have you played the game in multiplayer much? i've only played one game, Soul Calibur, in other than single-player mode. [i kicked their asses! they were in their early twenties! um... however, it was their first time on that particular game, so i had the advantage of familiarity. so it wasnt that much of an achievement on my part.] [one of those guys is an amazing player. you should see him play tony hawks! on Sonic Adventure, he went through the Windy Valley stage on the first try without losing even one life. awesome!]

my eye is beginning to clear up a little even as i'm writing this. i can keep it open for about a half-minute every once in a while. i will be back after the record again before long!

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2nd March 2002, 04:14 AM
Ick, that's terrible! I hope you're seeing better for the weekend. And that's why I don't wear contacts.

"The Speed Of Multiplayer": When playing Wip3out against other people, Vector is too slow to be fun and has too few laps for them to catch me, and Rapier is too fast for them to handle. Venom is the only speed that anybody will play against me at. If I was able to find anyone at the same skill level as me, we could play any class, but as if that will ever happen.
I've played Bushido Blade (1 & 2), Joust, Rollcage, DOA2, Driver 2, and Hydro Thunder in multiplayer mode. None of them are as good as the classic 8-point eliminator Megamall, but Bushido 2 comes quite close.

I gain 1st place after the left and before the jump, usually at the right-turn corner. I've gotten an early Quake and that's the best time I've posted so far. Unless I can get Quake or a defensive weapon from one of the first weapon pads, I'm probably not gonna have a good race.
"missile", "missile", "mines", "Christ!!!"
Getting through the pack is definitely challenge #1. Why can't the AI fly their damn ships?!? Gaining 1st in the first 10 seconds of the game is ridiculous!

2nd March 2002, 06:10 AM
Ouch, that's sounds terrbile Lance, reminds me of when I tried to wear contacts once (couldn't, went back to glasses after about 2 months).

Heh, LOL Jay, at least you can find someone who will race against you, everyone I've ever come across backs out as soon as they see me race, they won't even try! :sad:

But I do have fun playing Tekken(any one), Twisted Metal(1,2,Black), Need For Speed(any one), Street Fighter, etc. and the like against my friends.

Just played a few games of Ace Combat 4 with a couple of my friends not to long ago....

2nd March 2002, 07:33 AM
the eye is feeling much better now.

most of the time, the only thing i get from weapons pickups at the beginning is a force wall, and at the beginning of the wiggle, i often get an auto-pilot, which is totally useless. about 2 out of 3 of my best times are made without defense, just dodging through the pack. the other time i will have either a shield or a deflector and just cruise through. this track doesn't seem to be very generous with the better power-ups, not till after you already needed them.

6th March 2002, 04:27 AM
Yeah, this track doesn't seem to kind on the weaponry front.

At least you can get past the CPU opponents faster than any other track though(at least it feels like it to me).

Anyway, I finally managed a 1:26.84 race time, so sub 1:26 times are also possible.

6th March 2002, 08:53 AM
i played a bit a couple of days ago and slightly dropped my overall time, while cutting about a second off lap time, but i feel too blah to make any progress. i didnt sleep last night and here it is almost 5 am tonight and still no sleeping happening. pfft. [is now rambling to no purpose. stops.]

7th March 2002, 03:18 AM
If you're looking for a time to knock your socks off, go check out my Vector MegaMall...
I couldn't believe it when I started making those times! All on what I'm learning from the Porto Kora challenge...

7th March 2002, 05:07 AM
I've been concentrating on the first prototype track (LS101/NP62) myself, (well, today, that is).

Also been racing all the leagues on the second one (LS102/MG71) as well.

And been having a little fun on the last prototype track (gotta love the beefed up CPU)

I guess I should put them up while I'm thinking about it. :lol

17th March 2002, 06:17 AM
i've cut my time to 1:27.44. 6 tenths of a second covers all three of us. i love it!

20th March 2002, 08:52 AM
Good job Lance! :smile:

Heh heh, I think this challenge has helped me in attempting to get some good records in SR.