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17th April 2004, 01:19 AM
Firstable, i wanna thanks G'Kyl for that 14.6 ive done on Talon's reach Time Trial Phanthom with pirahna.
Why i need to thank him, not only because he opened my eyes on a new method on the lower class, just because after finishing testing his new method with a poor handling qirex on venom class, i have decided to change ship & class, i choose of course Phanthom+pirahna the best coacktail Psygnosis have created, then after finishing my first attempt on it, i was feeling my Neg -con such as light into my hands as i have never felt before ( certainly due to changing ships : :wink: G'Kyl) lap 5 was a good 14.7( moreover he counts me this lap time as a record on my memory card). Second attempt i was thinking into my mind ' jesus you can do this , just think it's possible' , so at the end of the race, i wrote to Stindah ( who watched all of my races through my webcam standing in front of my TV)" Hey Stin i need only to persuade me it's truly possible, i can do go under 14.7) " then after that 3rd try: Lap 3 : 14.6 during this whole lap3 , i was trembling deeply inside of me, but my hands were totaly relaxed ( very strange feeling), just always watching the speed counter to see how was my speed. When i saw it was 14.6 , i made a pause on game , and roarring like a lion all over my flat dancing and improvising a tribal techno transe for that victory lap : Stindah was like that :o :o :o
I took my digital camera and few pics from that new high score ( like a memorial for my old days... 8) )
My holly Graal is not yet reached, but tonight it was a small step for Wipeout community but a massive one for me :D

17th April 2004, 02:12 AM
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! its an amazing time!!!!!!! :o :D , i knew you could get it soon, i told you you would!, and i even told you i got a feeling you would find a new method to do it! lol! am i psychic?:

Amazing SR time! congratulations, thats even faster than my actual XL TT time!! , i have absolutely no doubts that you can get that 14.6 lap time soon; in time you might discover something that could make you get an even faster time, i have that feeling.

its in the 3rd post in this thread:

well, you must have felt great as you were pursuing that time fiercely, now i already feel youre looking forward to get 14.5!, also when i break a laptime barrier, usually my consitency improves a bit as i am more clear as of what i can do on the track and what i can correct in-racing, you will improve race times immediately as a result too

17th April 2004, 02:49 AM
light in the hands. one uses the neGcon as a divining rod to find the fastest times.

amazing. amazing.

my continued congratulations.


note: this is my two thousand and two hundredth post on the new forums; it is a pleasure to use it for this occasion of Arnaud's great new record

17th April 2004, 08:41 AM
also when i break a laptime barrier, usually my consitency improves a bit as i am more clear as of what i can do on the track and what i can correct in-racing, you will improve race times immediately as a result too

Yep, same here. As soon as I do what I set out to do on track, everything I might have been struggling with before suddenly comes together and racing becomes soooo easy. :) Too bad, though, that after some time I feel myself losing it again and there's nothing I can do about it. After two hours of constant racing I just need a larger break or I'll get frustrated. Concentration only lasts so long, I suppose.


17th April 2004, 01:52 PM
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! you will improve race times immediately as a result too
:wink: thx for support
This week-end i wanna improve my 2 racetimes in SR&TT, if i can find good inspiration 8)

one uses the neGcon as a divining rod
:D i am not the wipeout wizard :lol: but Neg is now a part of my body, ' she' went to bed with me :P , i ve recently introduce ' her ' to my parents ( due to Al videotape with my parents VCR : a nightmare for the TV :cry: ) ... a love story from nearly 7 years !!!

20th April 2004, 12:14 AM
awesome stuff assayeah. :wink:

Congrats to you too, Mano and Ben, for challenging the The "A" Team.

20th April 2004, 12:26 AM
Hi Stephen, nice to see you again :D
The ' A' Team is not reallycorrect , i prefer the ' W ' team which sounds better with Wipeout :P :wink:

Did you actually find a little time to play 2097? i am sure you are really busy but 2097 is useful for having a good life.
See ya soon challenging, fellow pilot.

29th May 2004, 02:07 AM
The hapiness :) :) :) again 8)
14.6 but this time in SR :o
Tonight it was a long long Wipeout session... to celabrate a very good week of working with a light& clear mind.
Under 1.15.0 is really possible now. besides my best lap 1 is now 15.4.
And 14.5 also truly possible( maybe 1 tenth under if i can maintain 460/465 under the tunnel).... now i am able to keep my speed into the tunnel ( 450) without slow down when i get out from that tunnel ( normally i was decreasing around 435 and crossing the line around 450 ( after hitting left aitbrake on the last blue pads) but now it's different when i hit the last pad i am crossing the line at 465, the difference is here...

Hey i am just happy...yippy A-say- yeah... :D

24th February 2005, 11:31 PM
Apologies for digging an old thread :roll:

And 14.5 also truly possible( maybe 1 tenth under

9 months later : 14.4,
Concerning Talon's Reach It's the first time since probably 1999 i ve taken 2 tenth under my former High score in one shot ( from 14.6 to 14.4) can't imagine what was my satisfaction. Ive done that one during Lap 3 just before resetting speed to 392 at the beginning of lap 2 : i was so :twisted: that i ve given all that i own : all my instant rage ( hey calm down Mister :) ) result = a real perfect lap.

Rendez-vous 9 months later to see if i can improve that one ( sincerely i am not as sure as i was previously for a supposing 14.5 or less...).

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow:

25th February 2005, 05:27 AM
From the video I saw of that lap I can't see how it could be much faster, it looked to be so near the perfect racing line that I dunno if there is a tenth to take off it, bet that scares you asayyeah :D

Edit: oh and from the rest of the race that followed it looked as if you were a little shaken up, a crash in both of the following laps? :)

25th February 2005, 09:18 PM
If i can understand why i am loosing 30 Kph each time before i reach the top of the first hill ( before the first right turn) and how to avoid that , it could be possible to gain 2 or 3 tenth but i am closely sure that it's absolutely normal to loose speed when there is a long ' up'.

"if you were a little shaken up" absolutely !
Each time after doing a Laprecord , ive got all the adrenaline & pressure going down very quickly and i loose my concentration ( bang bang walls bang bang), that's why it's cool like my sagar TT Laptime Record to do it at lap 5 at the end of the race when you don't have to concentrate more.