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6th March 2004, 11:12 PM
There were 5 of us.....

Me, Bebzi, Łysy, Skapa, Czechu.....

The experiment started at 18:00. There were some problems at the very beginning (as always) becouse Bebzi, the toughest of us all, went to a bar before, having 2 beers. Skapa explained he was tired, so there was little hope he would make it until the end of the experiment. However IT HAD BEGUN......

Results of the firs attempt (SOBER) :
ME : 22:43 sec.
BEBZI: 23:57sec.
SKAPA: 24:07sec
CZECHU:23:69 sec
ŁYSY:21:24 sec.

Note : nothing particular happened, some specimens had problems becouse there was no practise....

Results of the second attempt (after 2 Beers)
ME : 24:54
BEBZI: 25:00
SKAPA 24:96
CZECHU 26:27

Note : The golden substance started to work, lap times have changes slightly, the behaviour of the volunteers as well (started to laugh, talk, act different).

Third attempt (after 2 more beers)
BEBZI: 24:56

Note : The atmosphere of friendlyness, happiness, joy and being slightly drunk is everywhere. Lap Times got worse, but hell, what 'd ya expect? :) Worth to mention - ŁYSY started to talk in a strange language, It's clearly visible he has problems with talking though. A mini Experiment took place - standing on one leg....all volunteers passed it A+ (except SKAPA, who claimed it was a stupid idea and refused to take part. [he's known for his low-tanking-limit])

Attempt no.4 (which means 6 beers)
BEBZI 25:78 (!!!!)
ŁYSY: Destroyed The Craft

Note: First of all, It seemed that BEBZI should pilot after 6 Beers, becouse it makes him a good pilot! (there's no limit for him).SKAPA had problems finding the pad, but he made a good lap time as well. CZECHU, well he had got problems with holding the pad, but he made it on a stipe od shield energy left. ŁYSY found singing avert jingles and dancing whith no pants on refused again to continue the experiment. Fortunatly, persuaded he sat in front of a TV...and he destroyed the craft as an act of refusal...He passed out later on, due to his "it was a long day, and...fnm,...afoi......vcmzm....." explanatnion.

Final attempt (6 beers and a glass of vodka:)
ME: 37:34
BEBZI: Fell asleep
SKAPA: ?????
CZECHU: was reading a newspaper

It seemed only I was trying to race, apart that, wierd things started to happen. First of all, the lively atmosphere blured away. CZECHU, for reasons known only by himself, started to read a newspaper (on the floor), SKAPA filled his spare time sleeping, asked if he was going to race he responded with a polite " F*** YOU!!" and passed away since then. BEBZI, what's incredible, went to sleep DURING THE RACE!!!! I started to wonder, why I'm still on my feet. Not for long though.....

- Alcohol doesn't improve your piloting skills (however there are exceptions....)
- More alcohol = more noise
- A few beers make it up for a bad lap time
- Mixing different types of alcohol leads to extreamly low response time
- Racing games and alcohol make a good mix
- Don't drink and drive!:)

Now putting my scientist glasses down, let me take rest and survive the hangover...peace out!

6th March 2004, 11:23 PM
''He passed out later on, due to his "it was a long day, and...fnm,...afoi......vcmzm....." explanatnion.''

6th March 2004, 11:41 PM
Good work, Shem. Bebzi`s performance was very impressive.... :lol:

7th March 2004, 12:12 AM
Classic stuff!! :lol:

This post has to rank up there with my "Ladies and Gentlement of the Class of 2000!" for sheer contribution to the sport of anti-gravity racing! 8) :D

(hands up who remembers that one?... (and I wonder if Lance will find it!))

7th March 2004, 05:41 AM
2000? i wasn't even 'here', then, was i? hmm.... possibly i will have to ask for help from brother Mycroft on this one. hm... must be on ez-board.
''Gadzooks, Holmes, you've not been there since the adventure of the speckled band! I shall be astounded if you solve this one.''

7th March 2004, 10:09 AM
Google is your friend ;)

http://pub4.ezboard.com/fwip3outpilotsassociationbbsmegacitybulletinboard. showMessage?topicID=68.topic

Beware of the pop-ups, you users of that browser if you don't have googlebar installed or some kind of proxy that blocks them. ;)

7th March 2004, 10:26 AM
OMG.....my head.....well....don't you hate it when it happens? :-?
Well whatever, for the sake of man kind, it had to be done...

Hey, that post...hmm, "Ladies and Gentlement of the Class of 2000!" ... it reminded me of a song....there was something about sunscreen in it...infox, you'd just changed the lirycs hadn't you? :wink: Can you tell me what's the full name of this song? And the artists as well, I just love it, been loking for it for a long time, but had no idea whose song was it. Help me out Infox!!

7th March 2004, 12:23 PM
(boosts hand in the air for the class of 2000 :wink: )
Im just about to start the experiment. Only thing is I have ..... ahem,... misplaced my ps1 mem cards so I am scrabbling around the zone for the cheats to 3 or se.

Let the trial begin!

7th March 2004, 12:39 PM
Can you tell me what's the full name of this song?... Help me out Infox!!
(intercepted!) The original was called "Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)" and was produced by Australian film director Baz Luhrmann. There are quite a lot of web sites discussing this tune, here's a link to one of them (http://hollywoodandvine.com/bazluhrmann/).

Infox, nice burst of inspiration, that one :D