View Full Version : Who here on the Zone really likes WipEout Fusion ?

1st March 2004, 08:39 PM
Just wanting to know in light of some mostly negitive thoughts generally that I've heard expressed here and else whare about WF, for I I've taken too it at times & not liked it others but have started playing again plus really digging it this time. Pros fom My POV tis pretty challenging in all modes generally graphics are between good to great Cons POOR controller configureablity does lack in some sound areas. Please feel free to share any and all views thanks for reading. Lets be Friends & Race on Folks.

2nd March 2004, 12:28 PM
I was one of the first here who bought WOF when out...well...I was disappointed first by loading times (too long sometimes!) and then by the controls....i mean...I prefered "floating" ships (like other wo) not "grabbed to the foor"...
It could be a masterpiece....but I think programmers wanted to do something different from Ps1 Wo...so...that's the result...
However I've played it not to much...A friend who did it said to play it more...expecially to play "zone mode" (still locked for me! :wink: ) which is fun (according to him).

I think I'll do soon...but, by now, i still like to play 2097 and Wo3 :D Maybe because of wipeoutzone tables...When I've seen times on this site...my record improved and improved...it's nice!

2nd March 2004, 03:48 PM
Well... I _really_ enjoyed the AG League. I enjoyed improving my ships and making them look different. I enjoyed exploring the huge tracks. I certainly enjoyed the zone mode.

2nd March 2004, 06:10 PM
I think Zone mode was the highlight of Fusion. The AG leagues seemed to lose that Wipeout feel without the physics engine of the first three games, and the weapons played far too much of an active role.

2nd March 2004, 09:10 PM
I`d go along with Task and Hellfire. Its just not thrilling, challenging or deep enough to build a long-term support like the old games. Its also very unfriendly towards negcon users.

2nd March 2004, 09:16 PM
I think Zone mode was the highlight of Fusion.

Totally agree with you Hellfire.
Hopefully for Fusion, there was zone mode. Totally hooked on it.
That was a great time , we spent together ( you , Lunar, Oggob and the others)reaching our best into Zone.

Ps : i will reply soon to your friendly email. Apologize to me!

Asche XL
3rd March 2004, 06:36 PM
I was all psyched for this game, when I bought it ( for 50!!!!! :x ) I was highly disapointed, I've played it maybe 5 times after that and it's been sitting here collecting dust ever since. I have ZERO inclination to pop it back in. I really can't find anything good about the game. *sigh*

Sorry , I know you'r looking for positive remarks.

5th March 2004, 03:19 PM
Well, im glad ssomeone post this cuz i wannted to give my oppinnion on it.

i simply LOVE this game and dont really see how people dislike it but oh well, :roll: thats all an oppinion, its not perfect though but still its better than most other garbage out there, annd 10 dollars!?!? come on guys?!?

Pros: Graphics are awesome (for the time), plenty of game modes time trial and zone will keep u coming for more, control is the best of ALL wipeout games IF you donnt use neGcon, The courses are very cool like katmoda12, you gotta admit the first few tmes on course 3 you fell out of your seaat on the vertical drop.

cons: MUSIC!!!! grrr, worst music of the wipeout series(even the original), it couldve used more futuristic style(where is dr angryman?!?), yeah, the loading sux too.

5th March 2004, 07:08 PM
it couldve used more futuristic style(where is dr angryman?!?),

He's holding the little copyright sign that many TDR characters do :wink:


5th March 2004, 10:24 PM
I liked WO:F, it was pretty. It started out slow but once the pirhana got maxxed out it was ok. Still not fast enough for my liking.. but it has a lot of replayabilty with friends and thats something the old WO's had as well with me so I'm happy with it. Could've been better (better in my mind is 2097 styles) but isn't. The soundtrack is awesome tho.


Asche XL
6th March 2004, 01:09 AM
control is the best of ALL wipeout games


Have you ever played Wipeout XL? And you think fusion is better? XL IS AG RACING, Fusion is funny looking cars.

6th March 2004, 01:31 AM
I don't buy into all this tdr crap. I think the graphics in fusion are very good, and the style is as well. I see nothing wrong with the ships except for the colors on the fully maxed out ones. The control is the main problem, the only one that really counts. I like fusion, but it should have been much better handling. BTW isn't all that tdr does is the logos and billboards on the side of the track? And one other thing, I don't know where I read it but someone said the voice in wo64 was way out of place. What about wipeout 3? Iv'e never heard anything more anoying than that countdown.

6th March 2004, 02:20 AM
''control is the best of ALL wipeout games IF you donnt use neGcon''
what specifically about it appeals to you, Yoshi?

6th March 2004, 12:17 PM
I don't buy into all this tdr crap. I think the graphics in fusion are very good, and the style is as well. I see nothing wrong with the ships except for the colors on the fully maxed out ones. The control is the main problem, the only one that really counts. I like fusion, but it should have been much better handling. BTW isn't all that tdr does is the logos and billboards on the side of the track? And one other thing, I don't know where I read it but someone said the voice in wo64 was way out of place. What about wipeout 3? Iv'e never heard anything more anoying than that countdown.

Rubbish. TDR are responsible for the identity of the series, no-one can say that wasn't a huge part of the overall experience.


6th March 2004, 03:15 PM
''control is the best of ALL wipeout games IF you donnt use neGcon''
what specifically about it appeals to you, Yoshi?

well, umm.. somehow it just seems easier to control your craft than on XL or wipeout 3. I personally like analog acceleration... maybe the tracks are easier.

6th March 2004, 06:15 PM
so it's mostly the analogue controller that's standard with PS2 that makes it better? i think most/all of us thought that you meant that the physics of the behaviour of the ships was better than it is on the older PSX games, which is something that few of the hardcore fans would agree with because the variability and complexity of the older ship behaviour is what makes the game more satisfying to master though it's more difficult at first. but analogue control, yes, that is better. after only the short time with analogue control that i've had using neGcon, i would feel deprived without it.

Ally, i think that it's true that the interface graphics and the trackside signs and logos do have an effect on the way you feel about the game, but the important thing is everything else, the track designs, the ship handling, the game structure, etc., and those are all done by the game designers and developers. if those are not good, then the graphics designers would be wasting their time because nothing is going to make a bad game hugely popular nor keep people playing it long after it's new.

Fusion is a good looking game. the logos and other things that Good Technologies did are not outstandingly eye-catching, but they do function. a little bland for my taste, but if you look at any screen capture from Fusion so that you have time to see the graphics, the overall impression is very good. the whole thing seems to hang together. i'd like to see more 'zap', but the game will still look good anyway even years from now

6th March 2004, 06:35 PM
the way i see it is, fusion is an average game while the other three are something special. the one thing i've noticed about it is the sheer feel of speed. it's lacking in fusion, but in the other titles, it feels like you're going really fast and you have to think and concerntrate. but with fusion, you dont and it lost the "magic" that the other titles in the series had. also i don't like the soundtrack. the circuits are beautiful though.

6th March 2004, 07:13 PM
Yeah granted, but like I said the identity of the game is important. My love for the series, and I'm positive the same applies for everyone else here, is heightened by the sheer coolness of the game's style.
While not essential, TDR's contribution to WipEout is an anaugral part of the whole. Especially in the first game, where no-one had seen anything like this - it opened doors. Which can only be good.


6th March 2004, 08:28 PM
g_l_p: speaking of speed, just for giggles, last night i used Piranha at Phantom speed on Talon's Reach. mamma mia!!! i've never seen speed like that on anything.
i know there are one or two other games that are also supposed to be really fast. but i don't have those. sooo...

how do the hot pilots keep from crashing all the time? the control on the WO2 Piranha is awesome, but it's so damn' fast that my control inputs are further back on the track than the ship is. it tends to run ahead of me the way a supersonic jet runs ahead of its own sound. the best lap i managed in my first half-hour of driving this thing was an 18.3. hell, i've done 22.2 with a Feisar, so the extra speed is actually killin me. [good thing that there's no damage simulation!] a fine demonstration of the extra skill possessed by pilots who can do 15 second Piranha laps. i like to tell myself it's just practice, but jeez....

uhoh, i have wandered off topic agAin

6th March 2004, 10:11 PM
I agree the other four wipeouts are better than fusion, no doubt, but if fusion had the same physics and speed of the others(I think it actually does move just as fast, but the long draw distance and wide tracks make it look much slower), I would be playing this, not caring about the logos. Anyway, isn't all that tdr does are the logos and the trackside objects(maybe menu?). They have no creative input into the colors of the games which creates the feel. The trackside billboards in 1 and xl are nice though, but doesn't make the game in any way compared to the controls and graphics(that the developers create). I personally think the billboards in wipeout 3 are subpar compared to their earlier efforts. Trying to be too cool I think. Ally are you related to nuworld? :D

6th March 2004, 11:21 PM
Lance, I can`t do a 15 on TR, but I think the trick is to use the negcon to pitch up in quite a few places. The most obvious is through the chicane, where pitching up quite hard makes you much less likely to hit the wall, and enables you to take it pretty straight, with just a few scrapes that don`t slow you down. This also enables you to do over 400kph through the rest of the lap, which you need for a good time. On this track, the better you fly the more speed you build up, and so it gets harder as you get faster. I reach a speed where I need more practise, or possibly talent, to keep it together. In due course I`ll find out which one I`m most short of. :roll: There are so many nuances of pitch and line, even on a simple course like Talon`s Reach, you could spend years searching for perfection. On a more complicated course the possibilities are endless. I can`t imagine anyone spending that sort of time on Fusion, its just not worth it. The secrets just aren`t there to be found.

On the Designer`s Republic issue, I think the presentation of Fusion is professional but quite ordinary. It could be any futuristic racer. It could be F1 2167, or something. The first three WOs, no matter who`s responsible for each of the details, are very distinctive games from the moment you switch on the console. While 1-3 are a bit whacked out and exotic, Fusion is slightly corporate in its presentation.

7th March 2004, 12:10 PM
I have to disagree with most on this subject. There are so many good things about wipeout fusion. It IS fast, its very fast, the frame rate is near-death sometimes. The weaponry is amazing, huge and extensive. It makes wipeout 3's arsenal look pitiful. Yes, the weapons are annoying sometime, stop-starting, but so what. The Tracks are huge, wide, expansive and very enjoyable.The big jump on florian heights, the lava on florian heights, the flips on Katmoda 12, the crossroads on vohl square and the activate-pads on some tracks are amazing, to name but a few things. The ship Physics are crap, yes, but the ships themselves are varied and fun. Nearly all are usable in some way, even in Van-uber and G-tech, fun can be had.
The AG leagues are very good, what with the points system and the credits option. The upgrades idea was brilliant, extending the gameplay massively.
Wipeout Fusion has personality too, you only have to look thru the manual to see that; histories behind each ship and character which I find fascinating.
There are tonnes of options too, zone is great, there is Tonnes to unlock, ive had the game 3 years and i'm still a bit off total completion.
Wipeout 3, was smoother and more flowing, yes, the physics were fantastic, yes and i'm not dissing Wo3, as it is one of my favourite games of all time, and the designers republic were fantastic, I'm just defending wipeout Fusion, because it IS great. It's not perfect, no, there r bugs, but not much on the market really is perfect.

7th March 2004, 04:26 PM
I guess the TDR issue is a bit open - it's like on the Underworld forum I visit where the fans are torn as to whether Darren Emerson's leaving detracts from the band. I see TDR as being a team member who left.
I'm also pretty shocked at the amount of fans who don't seem to recognise the magnitude of TDR's contribution - it wasn't "a few logos", which is bullshit. Check TDR's work archive here for an idea of all they done:



7th March 2004, 04:59 PM
ally, I asked you what else they did for the game, but no answer. I thought it was logos, billboards, and perhaps the manual. This site you gave is not loading up, so if they did something else, say what they did instead of "that is bullshit".

7th March 2004, 05:29 PM
zone mode sold me on fusion, it really utilizes the best aspects of the game engine imo. i think 99% of the time you are not looking at the signs but rather at the track and the ships so the design issue is merely superficial. i think lunar and al totally nailed what i was going to say before i got to this post. 8)

7th March 2004, 07:05 PM
The site's loading fine for me Zoolander, I visit often. The Designer's Republic are wholly responsible for imparting the feel of the game in terms of style and presentation - a hugely important part of the big picture and one of the reasons the first game made it into so many people's imaginations. For 2097 and especially Wip3out they were involved right from the very beginning of production and given directorship of the presentation and 3D graphic models right from the off. TDR designed the ships.


7th March 2004, 09:11 PM
they were involved right from the very beginning of production and given directorship of the presentation and 3D graphic models right from the off. TDR designed the ships.
I think you overestimate the amount of work TDR did for 2097. I have the manual right in front of me and it says:

Nicky Carus-Westcott
Pol Sigerson
Dave Crock
John Harris
Eve Penford
Darren Douglas
Jeff Bramfitt
Ashley Sanders
Mick Harrison

Nicky Carus-Westcott
Jim Bowers

Jim Bowers
Nicky Carus-Westcott

Jim Bowers

The Designers Republic

Damon Fairclough
Huw Thomas
Rob Francis

The Designers Republic
Anthony Roberts
Jim Bowers

Somebody correct me but AFAIK ship design is by Jim Bowers, not TDR. In Spanish we have a saying that goes "Give Caesar what is Caesar's" (very Biblical :lol: )

7th March 2004, 10:12 PM
wow. i just discovered that i can read Spanish! damn, i am briLLiant! ;)

xEik is correct according to both Nick Burcombe, the game designer of both WO1 and WO2, and also according to Jim Bowers himself, the WO1 ships were all based on Bowers' original design.

the tdr site, in common with many graphic design company sites, uses a non-bypassable flash animation intro. oh, how we dial-up users love non-bypassable flash animation intros.

the following contains my opinions, no pretense of absolute truth is implied and i hope it is not expressed:
as i have always understood it, tdr basically does team logos, game menus, and the fonts, presumably including the trackside signs in the game. ship design is done by the game studio, not tdr. graphics design houses generally do the sort of thing that if games were printed magazines, their contribution would be the 'look' of the page, the layout of the interfaces to the editorial content, but not the content itself. not the pictures, not the words. but the fonts and the arrangement on the page. they're involved with 'style', essentially what Maxim and Details and other such magazines are about.

while tdr may have been involved from the beginning, i think that the reason for such involvement would be to receive information from the game designers on what sort of look the tracks and ships of the game will have so that the interface design done by the graphics designers will be in the same spirit as that look, will be integral to the game instead of just a tack-on. you don't want someone designing the team logos when they have no idea what shape the ships will have and where the logos will be able to fit on those shapes.

since more than half a dozen members of the design teams of WO1, WO2, WO3, and Fusion are also members of WipeoutZone, we may be able to ask them about what exactly was done by tdr and gt. [if they want to use up their time answering yet more questions of the sort we have already asked them and to which they have generously supplied answers.]

the ship design and track design questions have already been answered for WO3 by Wayne Imlach and Scott Naylor if i recall correctly: several members of Sony's Leeds Studio did the design of both ships and tracks, working as a cooperative effort in house, with no single person being responsible for the design

7th March 2004, 10:20 PM
the wipeout 3 manual only says identity by the designers republic. I take this as the look of the manual and some of the style in the game (fat cat, the stupid lookiing wuss wagon, and the bilboards + writing on the buildings).

wipeout 1

3d + 2d artists
nicky carus westcott
(other psyg members)

additional game graphics + pr/marketing graphics
lee carus westcott

conceptual artists
jim bowers

additional graphic design

Package design
psyg staff

Manual design
keith Hopwood

7th March 2004, 10:46 PM
just now thought of it, Ally, but if you look at my avatar/userpic, you will see a miniature reproduction of some of the original ship design concept art done by an artist at Sony/Psygnosis Leeds studio. this example being the Icaras, of course. i like this version a lot

8th March 2004, 08:32 PM
Yeah "identity", what does that tell you? TDR were almost like consultants from the start, they imparted the flavour into a fine engine.
But like I said it's a point we could argue forever, like Emerson leaving Underworld, Predator 2 without Arnie etc etc etc


8th March 2004, 09:26 PM
''TDR were almost like consultants from the start''
that is pretty much the opposite of what i said. being given data on which to base logos and signs is not the same as being consulted about the ship models, track designs, physics engine, and 'landscapes'. according to the people who worked in the studios that designed the game, the in-house studio personnel designed all these things. tdr was used only peripherally for additional applied decoration, rather like a paint job on a house designed and built by others. the basic game design and artwork was done in the studio which had its own artists, not by a graphic design group. this tendency to credit tdr excessively is analogous to giving credit to colour coordinators for work done by the designers and builders of a house; that would be an insult. i hate to sound so argumentative, but credit should be given where it is due. i take nothing from tdr that is due them, but i do not give them credit for what they did not do. to quote Ally's own words: ''While not essential, TDR's contribution to WipEout is an anaugral [sic] part of the whole.'' while it may indeed have been integrated with the game, tdr's work was not essential, not truly needed. without the logos, colour choices, menu style, and such, wipeout would still be a great game. it is the ship mechanics, the physics engine, the track design, the competition structure that make the game. all else is cakefrosting, however pretty. and i like pretty. but i don't need it.

i would check out what tdr has to say about this, but when i click on 'archive', 'history', etc., it doesn't show me these things. i will admit upfront that even if i could see what they had to say, i would definitely ''take it with a grain of salt'' since graphics design houses are about superficial style rather than substance. so i may be considered prejudiced in this instance. or if not prejudiced, definitely skeptical.

if anyone has not already read the comments posted here in the WipeoutZone by Nick Burcombe, Jim Bowers, Wayne Imlach, and Scott Naylor, they really ought to. these are people who were there, right there in the studio when the games were being made, who did the work and know what they are talking about. Burcombe and Bowers are the actual inventors of the game and were working on it all the way through WO1 and WO2. Imlach and Naylor worked on WO3.

9th March 2004, 08:08 AM
In reply to how did DR get involved...A chap called Keith Hopwood was the head of the creative department at Psyggy at the time - he wanted to outsource the packaging to them. A fact you may not know - initially there was no intention to use any DR stuff in game. But whilst I was doing the Intro for WO1 I noticed a fax from DR on the fax machine, I noticed the fax header was a really cool design. I scanned it in and applied it as a texture to the sides of one of the ships - DR loved it and the rest is history.Spooky is Lee Carus, BTW.

You should read this topic, Ally:


Rapier Racer
29th April 2004, 09:06 PM
Going back to the original topic for a second I would have to put my hand up and say, me! I love it, it's not my favourite wipeout but it is my favourite PS2 game, even beats Vice City for me.

Runs off quickly before the rest of you come chasing after me :o

Vic Cachou
29th April 2004, 09:46 PM
Hello guys...

Ia am a new player of Wipeout. I just discovered Fusion two months ago a i don't regret. I am more a fan of Gran Turismo or F1 Games on PC but i totally love the Wipeout series. The atmosphere of the game, the tracks, the ships, the way of drivng : all of this is exciting. And i don't talk about the speed sensations which are fantastics inspite of this "old" game. With the help my new friend Asayyeah (who doesn't know him here), i try to play as often as possible (not regularly because i have a lot of activities). Now, i am at 51 % of the solo game, i am hurried to discover the time trial mode. On the zone, i find it is against too difficult for a debutant like me (zone 26 is my best socre), but i think i will progress quickly. I saw Asayyeah play in one yesterday : whaooooouuu !!!

By the way, i'd like to know if you are interested to make a little competition and put yout race time trial scores. And, if you have any infos about shortcuts, i will take them...


29th April 2004, 09:57 PM
hi Vic, welcome to the WipeoutZone.

if you think Fusion is fun, just wait till you put in some quality racing time on the earlier versions. join in on our records tables, too, the most fun you can have other than playing in two-player mode

Vic Cachou
29th April 2004, 10:27 PM
Hello Lance...

You are talking about Fusion or other versions when you say that i should join on your record tables. And how can i do ? Who leads that ? I am very motivated to compete with other pilots...
I try a little to play with my girlfriend in split screen, it was great. But Asayyeah says to me that in 2097 (the best opus for him), the i-link was wonderful...

29th April 2004, 11:15 PM
it would have to be in 2097, Wipeout 3, or Wipeout 3 Special Edition. we don't have records for Fusion [it would interfere with the official site], WO64, or the original WipEout. to put your own times on those records, you have to sign up on the homepage, wipeoutzone.com
you can use the same nickname you use on the forums or a different one if you choose. after you've done that, when you log in, you will be shown the page where you choose which game records you want to update. you actually select a version and track from that page. to update a different track you go back to that page again. you'll see how it works as soon as you try it. :)
just make sure to enter your records for the correct region, PAL in your case

29th April 2004, 11:28 PM
Hi Vic, you took your time but you finally found it to post on this forum so a warm wellcome to a new wiper ( btw Info: i try to put your site-link on all the french wipeout forum : don't blame me for french' s invasion into yours :lol: :lol: )

What Lance told you absolutely need to takes hands on the previous versions of Wipeout, and then enter your times into the tables.( i told you everything about that on Messenger :wink: )

Concerning Fusion, you might post on that site which is a really friendly one, i ve found many players here who, now, are my friends.

Cool Lover and me have enjoyed last tuesday night the ' chicken curry with rice ' from your ' grand chef ' girlfriend Sevy ( thanks for invited us, new links have been created recently so world isn't beautiful? :wink: )

Vic Cachou
29th April 2004, 11:51 PM
The only one problem is that i have only Fusion today. But, i will try to buy 2097, Asayyeah says to me that it is the best version of Wipeout.
If some players are interested to notice records, i will give you mine when you want...
See you, guys...

30th April 2004, 12:43 PM
try find wo3se too! 8)

Vic Cachou
30th April 2004, 12:49 PM
Ok, i will try. But with all these new games, i ask myself when i will be able to play all of that... But i trust you guys...

30th April 2004, 04:58 PM
Don't worry, Vic. It shouldn't take you too long to see all of 2097. In fact, I believe 2097 is the easiest one of the Wipeouts, at least in terms of playing through all the leagues and modes and unlocking all that is to unlock. WO3SE is the one that will keep you up for weeks, but it's worth it (and having me say this actually means a lot ;) ).


17th May 2004, 06:09 AM
Don't worry, Vic. It shouldn't take you too long to see all of 2097. In fact, I believe 2097 is the easiest one of the Wipeouts, at least in terms of playing through all the leagues and modes and unlocking all that is to unlock. WO3SE is the one that will keep you up for weeks, but it's worth it.


i totally agree.

On the topic of WO Fusion conversation, I'd like to add that I'm enjoying it immensely, although in a different way than earlier wipeouts.

I get great satisfaction from tagging an opponent with rockets around a curve and then decimating them behind me with grenades or some other delicious form of destruction.

The weapons fighting is as fun to me as playing a game of quake iii. It's great when you can dodge their attacks!

hey did anyone notice that in the original wipeout when someone launches a missile at you if you shoot off a rocket the missile chases it instead?
I don't think this is a feature anymore is it?

are there any weapon cancellation combos you know of similar to this?

16th July 2004, 05:29 PM
Hi to All!

Referring to the subject, I like Fusion a lot. It's a different flying feel, all have noticed that, but I think the game is graphically superior than the others of the series (I speak for ps1 versions), it's very fast (especially in zone mode) and it's very nice to get money and upgrade ships. There's a lot of tracks, of game modes and game-playing. They can put in TDR, btw :wink: ...

piranha wiper
16th July 2004, 06:47 PM
i thought that it was a totaly diferent game of wipeout (apart from being a sequel) there were some dodgy things like were after the jump at the end of florion heights 3 the nose of craft seems to stick to the floor afterwards (very frustrating because you lose speed for a bit) and were did the classes go? its all leagues now non of this rapier and venom class, slowing down to half your speed whe going into the pits, its not star wars racer! but there were the good things about it, super weapons, better graphics and the bringin back of the individual pilots to choose from that have different characterists to each pilot.

17th July 2004, 08:28 AM
Fusion was definitely different from the others, but definitely still good.
Of course I was disappointed when I found out that it was basically re-vamped. But that doesn't mean it's a bad game, I soon came to realize. Getting a perfect lap on the harder courses with a souped-up Tigron is still incredibly gratifying, as is firing a quake either forward or reverse, only to take out many ships at once, and as it says in the WOXL manual, "...will make you laugh like an idiot for days."

Of course things have changed...but I still enjoy it.

Can't say I don't miss the old physics, though... ::picks up and plays WOXL::

17th July 2004, 10:43 AM
... and were did the classes go? its all leagues now non of this rapier and venom class, slowing down to half your speed whe going into the pits, its not star wars racer! but there were the good things about it, super weapons, better graphics and the bringin back of the individual pilots to choose from that have different characterists to each pilot.

The class come out when you upgrade the ships! You notice that the ships change shape, in some cases really a lot (see xios). from 0 to 24% you are in vector class. from 25 to 49 you are in venom, and at the end (after 75%) you have ships with no team colors (i.e. prototype), and you can call it phantom class ;)

piranha wiper
17th July 2004, 02:30 PM
hey that makes more sense now,but it destroys the 'wipeout feel' of it all

18th July 2004, 12:22 AM

i agree with you, pw. taking away the clearly defined classes has stripped down the wipeout formula to the point where i personally dont feel like i am playing as part of a sport but just a bunch of guys in fast floaty toys. in their attempt to make the gameplay deeper, i actually believe it got shallow. been said before, im sure.


18th July 2004, 02:04 AM
I've read a lot of bad opinion about fusion here on the zone, but really I can't agree with many... start from the yours! :wink: (And don't take this as a polemical, I'm more happy to talk with people with different ideas from mine :) ).
The clearly designed class are for me more defined, since even the ships changes... and they're already defined! So, why worring about it? You know when you are racing in vector, in venom rapier or phantom/prototype!
The menu sucks, the menu-gingle is nearly awful, and there's less floaty feel. Ok.
But the graphics? Has someone spoken about the graphics (Not for you, Piranha Wiper :) )?
The circuits? A lot, with shortcuts, secrets, free area, switch pad.
The differents racing Modes (Zone mode: thanks a lot, studio-liverpool!)?
Super-weapons? And earning money and upgrade the ships (to get trough the mentioned classes, and with more realism i think: the ships changes by your upgrades, and you notice that the opponents are racing fast, like in others WO)?
And none mention the fact they made an official site where you can put codes for your records, preventing (not at all) cheating, and incouraging the online-challenging (think that is for the contribute of the zone, so hail to you, zone starters!)
There are many things on fusion that none speak about, only "hey, where's TDR? and fat cat? and Curly? THE FLOATY FEEL!!!!"
Even for me Curly was a Myth, and so on for the other aspects... But I play WO since the 1st, with only four team in 2050, and every chapter changed something from the others. But, for me, it's still WipeOut. Always AG racing, always wipin' opponents with many powerful weapons, always flyin' on tracks with tricks and wonderful architectures. I can't believe that people says to others "don't buy it, is too different, it's no wipeout". I respect all the opinions, but after playing all WO series (for ps1and pc), I think this can't be said.
Sorry for the words-flood, but must say that, after reading so many posts 'bout the negative aspects of fusion. Playn' WO ten years and still enjoy it! :wink:

Good Wipin' to All. >>>>

piranha wiper
18th July 2004, 02:56 PM
as said by one fellow wz member 'wipeout is wipeout' (i forget, its in this section of the zone), i never really thought about the actual games themselves until i joined the zone, i tought 'hey pretty nice game, cool graphics(for their time), original idea for a game, things to unluck, different speed levels, smart!' then i came here and it all turned to 'its not this its that do things here and there' and i didnt think about wat other people thought about fusion like the fact that you sed R3rr0, 'the menu gignle is nearly awful' ha ha i found it fun at one piont to try and do the action for the instruments being played, may sound strange tho :lol: the actual song is better thats some dodgy remix, very dodgy, any ways, about the tracks 'free area' ??? the earning money business was a cool idea but changing the ships, what for? there should be an absolute team ship shape ( :lol: i didnt realise at first what i put) there wasnt a need to change them in the past in the previous WO and still shoudnt be a need.

i have one last thing to add: i am getting confused with the term 'floaty' im not quite sure what every one means by this, i mean all of the crafts float otherwise they would need wheels :D ,

PS, right im off to bed, been workin, tired.

19th July 2004, 04:17 PM

Responding to your "free area???"... When you come to a place of the tracks, where there's no track. :lol: :lol: :lol: I mean, florion height: where there's the dusty place with rocks (and when you are in zone mode they're DAMN rock), or cubiss float 2 when you came into the blue cavern, or vohl square 3, soon after the start. In this area the trajectories are not "obbligated" by the circuits, you can change according to the situation.
For changing the shape... I know that that wasn't necessary, infact others don't have this! ;) But I think it's cool! I mean, the identity of the ships remains, the team colors too (exception for prototype/phantom class... but how could they be prototype, if not? ;)). And it's even more realistic: More shield, more turning ability, more brake, more power... You must put somethin' else upon that ship, he he =D
For the rest, in the previous post maybe i've been a little drastic, i didn't want to say that fusion is the best... Probably, for me the best was 2097, the first that really get me! In the first WO I didn't go maniac, drinkin' red bull and screaming for the house when I get a time :) Only, I'm trying to say that, always in my opinion, some people here didn't spend much time on fusion, and after seeing that there's no Curly that say go, less floaty feel(Floaty. You've noticed that in fusion, ships seems more "anchorated" to the track, and you can see it clearly in the jumps: they get to the ground more rapidly... but play and you'll understand immediatly). If you play others, especially W3O, and then soon after play fusion, you notice that a lot. And no TDR! So they say "hey, it's bad, bad, bad". Probably Fusion need more time to get appreciated than others chapters, and after completing the game (finally i'm galaxy, muhahahahahahahahaha) the impression is better than at the first. I buy it, and then didn't play for two or three months, after trying it only few time. And hated zone mode. Now is my favourite mode... But it's going another flood so I'm going to fly, must reach zone 40 (sob, i'm still a sucker in this mode!).

Good Wipin' and many quakes to all.

28th July 2004, 10:22 PM
hey that makes more sense now,but it destroys the 'wipeout feel' of it all

Maybe, in a future Wipeout game, there could be upgrades within the classes. If you wanted to do a race in a certain class, you could take your ship for that class and upgrade it. That way there would still be clearly defined classes, but with upgrades, too. :)

I never understood what that message from Piranha in the challenge mode meant... it said there would be a prototype ship, but only if you finished the challenges. :-?

29th July 2004, 06:21 PM
It's still like you says! You've got 25% of upgrades before changing class (it means at least five or six upgrades). :D

And for the message, there's even eg-r that spoken something about prototype... but finished the game, and no prototype are comed out :oops:

Rapier Racer
2nd August 2004, 09:16 PM
If Wipeout fusion had had a network play feature would you still condemn it so strongly?

3rd August 2004, 02:10 AM
A lot of games have network play, but that doesn't necessarily make them good. You can put a fast, fancy engine in a big ugly minivan, but it's still a big ugly minivan (obscure analogy, I know). We all know the Fusion experience, and we all know how we feel about it. Being able to play it over a network is still playing Fusion. It doesn't seem like it would change much. Now if the PS1 classics were network compatible, that would rock my socks right off my feet...

4th August 2004, 05:19 AM
The grey ships are "prototypes".

You know, the way your ship looks when you upgrade it to "Phantom class"?

That's why it's grey, because it's a prototype and hasn't been painted yet.

4th August 2004, 06:09 AM
Although I don't consider the gameplay of fusion to be worth much, It is a visually pleasing game; and my good friend who had the big widescreen TV sold it (to my father :P ) so that he could buy a projector.

In a week I will be playing wipeout on a 120" screen. (count em... one-hundred twenty!) Fusion will gain new life, however temporary.

Rapier Racer
4th August 2004, 11:53 AM
The grey ships are "prototypes".

You know, the way your ship looks when you upgrade it to "Phantom class"?

That's why it's grey, because it's a prototype and hasn't been painted yet.

They had time to paint the logos on :D ( mainly referring to Feisar and Van-Uber who have colour logo on) and Tigron doesn’t look that much different

5th August 2004, 08:57 PM
Hi I have been playing WipeOut since 1. release on PS. I have taken every goldmedal in all releases to PS, and when I bought the PS2, I bought Fusion as well. This game rules!
Try to upgrade the EG-R, and use the 1. pilot - and turn off weapons - now - if you wanna win, you'll have to kick serious A.., and do the tracks allmost perfect (the EG-R is by far the fastest ship, when controlled - no other bird accelerates like this - try the second track reversed on the moon - you can do close to 4000 here! that's like flying zone at max.) After Fusion, I don't play anything else!

6th August 2004, 12:53 AM
The grey ships are "prototypes".

You know, the way your ship looks when you upgrade it to "Phantom class"?

That's why it's grey, because it's a prototype and hasn't been painted yet.

That makes sense. But I didn't have to do the challenges to get the prototype. :-?

Rapier Racer
8th August 2004, 03:45 PM
The challenges are only for the super weapon license

9th August 2004, 03:49 PM
I actually like the game, it's not fast enought though but the zone mode was great fun to play. It also had some pretty good tunes to play along with as well. And it does have the most tracks in any wipeout game but splitting them up into different sections does feel a little cheap.

13th January 2005, 09:58 AM
I like Fusion, maybe cause it's the only one i haven't completed yet...

my laptime on Mandrashee 3 reverse was 00.35.60 last night, it that fast?
i can't find other laprecords to compare myself with....

14th January 2005, 01:36 AM
Like most, first getting Fusion was a put-down. I firs visited the site, and the site gave it such of a different feeling, I totally looked the other direction towards how wipeout fusion would be made. The total thoughts of (mabye it's online) or (mabye you can speak with other pilots) along with visiting the site, I imagined it more than I needed. The site is dark, and mysterious, but the second I reached the first track, Florian Height, it was all sunny!!!! :x I wanted a darker type of wipeout. But after a few years, I began enjoying it, I guess. But it didn't have much feeling to it, if you know what I mean. The art work in it (especially most of the first drawings) showed what could have been a much better wipeout. Oh well, I still think that the graphics were brilliant after puchasing more games for the PS2 and not expecting so much from the new game console I had received. I love the power of the weapons, and how much of a part they play on the game. Without them, wipeout wouldn't be wipeout. Grabbing out of my memory: "The pilot and the craft are one. The weapons and the racing are one. It is all one. It is wipeout." So if someone is still way ahead in first place, you still have a large chance to catch up, even if in 16th place. But, enough babble. I could go on forever... :roll:

15th January 2005, 07:41 PM
I like fusion because its a cool game. Only to bad some of my favourite teams disapeared from the series. Still I think the visuals of the ships changing is a nice feature, and I like the track designs. Only I started again with wip3out last week and I like the floatiness more of that game, although I miss the graphics and framerate from Fusion.