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27th February 2004, 03:53 PM

We had to wait for WipEout Fusion a long time, because Studio Liverpool was still working on a version, the version, which we are playing now.
The older version were never released, and I'm happy about it, of course!!! Thank you, Studio Liverpool.

I've found a few old pictures, of the first version I think (Studio Liverpool released just version 1.1 ore 1.2) and they are showing us the old version of katmonda 12!

HELP!!! It's looks so bad, I think!!! ...but, making your own opinion about it:


...hm...there is just one thing, which is better than the version we're playing:


the circuit is burning!!! I think it would be cool to fly though the flames!!!

check out the other pictures: http://gamesweb.com/konsolen/screenshots/detail.php?item_id=16580

... what do you thinking about the old pictures?


27th February 2004, 06:12 PM
i've always liked the look of Fusion; i just wish that the tracks were narrower and that it had the playmechanics and control of the earlier versions. the thing to hope for in a series that appeals to you is to keep all the basics of play, but create new environments/racetracks and characters/ships/other, depending on what sort of game it is, and to correct any irritating flaws or glitches. creating new play modes is usually a good idea, but never eliminate the old ones.

uh... anyway, as i was saying, i like these Fusion images; they have a sharply modeled and high-contrast crispness of texture and form that appeals to me. they're very dramatic, and i like visual drama.

that burning track: a couple of years ago, i was designing [just in my mind] a racing game whose ultimate bonus track, as a result of one final challenge to be completed after the track had already been won, would be burning during the race. not just the surroundings would burn, but the track itself. hotspots would have to be avoided as they would damage the racecraft. the whole scene would look vEry dramatic. the racers would have been in the air above the track, but they would not be anti-grav nor airplanes. [Lance keeps their exact nature a secret in case he wants to go commercial with the concept] [not that he ever actually could get anybody to put up the zillions of dollars of development money!]

27th February 2004, 10:17 PM
I think I've seen higher quality pics of those top pictures, but maybe not. I wonder why they would release something like that?

27th February 2004, 11:23 PM
possibly the webmaster of that site chose to show them that small because there are so many images in just that one section and he wanted to save bandwidth. the pics in the lower sections with fewer pics are displayed much larger. i, too, would wonder at it if Studio L actually released any promotional pics of such low resolution