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6th February 2004, 08:08 PM
.....well nearly but very interesting.

I have been thinking about this for nearly a week.

I will get to the point, Me and Asayyeah have been discussing about live webcams with Wipeouts like a competitions also talked to each other as well and what a riot we had!!!.

If you guys are interested about Live Wipeouts Online?, we are trying to arrange a fun night in a month time, if you guys have got webcams with broadband connection (4 webcams in one go also anyone who has`nt got webcams can still see it even we can talk too.). But one problem is time? to suit everybody so we can enjoy it including Asayyeah`s live games.

If you guys want to see his live scores with PROOF! and leave your comments here.

Well what do you think?

Lastly we will play on Venom of any tracks.

stin :)

8th February 2004, 06:09 AM
Sounds like a cool plan to me, unfortunately, I don't have a webcam.

I've been thinking about doing an online racing competition with ePSXe and CyberPad ( http://cyberpad.psxemu.com ) but I never said anything about it as I kinda doubt anyone would want to get all tech saavy (which basically requires disabling blocking of certain ports on firewalls and plug-in sinc up) and set one up with me.

It'd be pretty cool if we did though, I've always wanted to race some of you, and this would probably be the only way we'd ever be able to do it. Even if most of us do suck (read: me) with a keyboard. Could always buy a controller I guess.