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31st January 2004, 06:59 PM
I 'm searching for a vcr to borrow 'till this time, i'll have an idea and explain it to Stindah
I 've chated with him , 2 hours ago, by windows messenger;
It will be possible to see me in practice live; i've got a stereo headphone a good webcam and a broadband access.
I ask Sleeh-003 to give me his ps for a week so anyone who wants to show me prooving my time on 2097 is wellcome.
I've proposed to Al but he told me he's got an old pc with no webcam.
Stindah, it doesn't work because i didn't have Windows.XP.

So if smo is interrested, put my msn on your buddies list and contact me.

31st January 2004, 09:51 PM
Starting to get it!! The braking is most important on the speed up pads, crossing over them at the outside of the track. Keeping the pitch of the ship down after the initial lift on the uphills. Do you brake in the tunnel? it didn't seem to get faster(actually slower), so there are some places to do it and some places not to. Very hard. Kudos to assayeah. I got a 15.4 lap and it certainly wasn't the best I could do. Still want to see a full good race video though. THanks for the advice!
I wonder if this works on wipeout 3 since it is a modified version of xl.

31st January 2004, 11:36 PM
Well I can say is.....................is a pleasure to talk with assayeah also witness his race through webcam including broke his own records!!! :o honestly I sat there watching the whole thing!!!!!!!!! :o :o If you want proof?!! well he is NOT cheating no matter what! cos I have WATCHED IT!!!!!.

Al, you better start praticing your game cos HE can compete it with you!!

If you want to know about his game? well all I can say is AWESOME!!!!!

We have been talking to each other for about three hours and thoroughly enjoyed it!!

stin :D

1st February 2004, 12:23 AM
Starting to get it!! .
I never have a doubt.

You are unbelivable, only 2 days!! After decoding my english' s advices: how to do it in 2 lessons( for Al, many more for the others!!) :wink:
And it works, you are really an amazing pilot!
I were proud to show you a different way to control pirahna. And i'm very proud now,you can manage it .

Do you brake in the tunnel?

Inside no, i try to keep the nearest possible on the right side of the tunnel, without turning a lot to have a constant speed, but between the 'C' section and the entry of the tunnel, i brake just on the boost pad .

so there are some places to do it and some places not to

Correct But you must do it especially on a boost pad ( even it's a single one) When you arrive on it try to arrive on a side of the boost for example there's a pad on the left side of the track , try to arrive on it from left to right, if you didn't brake right you will hit the left side of the wall so just tape the airbrake when you turn right to avoid the wall. If it's well executed you will have 20 kph more .
When you arrive at a good speed, 400 for instance you don't have to do this technique , only on the pads.
After the difficulty is to stabilize speed, it can be done by adjusting up and down nose.

If you want give me speed from many place you are ( ex: 430 under the tunnel, 450 crossing the line,etc... it will be useful for me

We have been talking to each other for about three hours and thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Really Great times but Wrtiting is more correct than talking, i have had a headphone, but i can' t get a word to say, so funny, and i didn't understand any word in 'scottish', lol.
But we discuss lots of things around Wipeout and other stuffs.
My idea with webcam was a good one, it's really funny .

It's not evident to see perfectly by webcam even i 've got broadband,but ask Stindah, it wasn't so bad, you can see times, speed, trajectory

So if anyone else is interested in,...

1st February 2004, 01:20 AM
compete with me?! he's better than I am at 2097, no doubt. Xl is a little different. This technique doesn't seem to work as much and it never shows over 400, but I'll keep trying.

stindah, is it possible for you to get a video up of him playing over the webcam

1st February 2004, 09:23 AM
Al, Seriously never thought of that but if its works then we are laughing.

stin :o

1st February 2004, 01:35 PM
I just finished with my video over my wipeout through webcam so I have E-Mailed to Assayeah not long ago and we just have to wait and see if it`s works.

So fingers crossed!

stin :-?

PS it will take a few minutes to load it up.

1st February 2004, 05:17 PM
I have E-Mailed to Assayeah not long ago and we just have to wait and see if it`s works.

stin :-?


It really works. better quality than mine, the video is about 4.27Mo it depends on connexion ( about 1 min for me).
So now i will try to make an attempt with my webcam, ( also i'll try to make a sub 15, it will be better :) )
An e-mail to everyone who wants...

Thank you very much Stin. You show us the way :wink:

To spunky : No pb when i've done it, i'll send you

1st February 2004, 05:47 PM
I wouldn't mind a copy of it.
It would be nice to see what I'm up against.
Another time beaten
Sagar Vector