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16th January 2004, 05:27 AM
I have been attemping to get WipeoutXL to run good on my PC. Well I have slowly been dialing the game in little by little. I am still stuck though in two areas.

Two PC XL downers

1.)Can't go over 800x600 res on both computers.

2.)My Framerate will jump around too much between different courses , so making a profile for my video card only works for some tracks, then I have to change it for other tracks. Problem, Challenges don't allow for easy adjustments of the Video Card, that ALT+TAB doesn't seem to want to work to allow me to change my settings.

Score for the XL game. I have always loved XL , I loved the analog stick in the release of Wipeout64, when I went back to XL, I missed the analog stick big time. When the Analog controller came out for PS it didn't work for XL only digital D pad. One of my hopes was to be able to get a PC analog controller to work for Wipeout XL. Sure enough, I found a really nice controller called the Gravis Eliminator, man it fits the hand like a glove, kinda a cross between the PS2 controller and Xbox. The analog sticks are at the top of the controller which allows for better control in a fast paced game like Wipeout. Well it was everything I wanted in the control department, finally analog for XL.

And to boot there are these precise buttons you can turn on, so it slows down the analog control, so if the framerate is still running the game to fast, I can turn those on and allow for much easier control of wipeout, instead of the bouncing off the walls left and right over and over till you explode. Its still not a good work around but was nice to be able to play the game when the computer was still not running the game slow enough.


Check this out, my 2nd computer is the only one that will run the game , its a 1900+/512mb/GF4 Ti4600. All I have to do is drop the video card down to about 100/200mhz and it will play pretty close to the original framerate for most of the tracks. Well my main computer is a 3.5ghz HyperThread/9700pro/1gig Pc4000 and no matter what I do, I cannot even slow the darn thing down enough to make the gun even run close to a desired rate. I tried the CPU killer program and turned it up to 98%(max) and still since the CPU is a HyperThread, it only taxed part of the CPU and the other side was running no sweat, game still sored. That is even when I underclocked the 3.5ghz all the way down to 1.5ghz and had CPU killer at 98%(max). I underclocked the 9700pro hella too, still no avail on the main computer.

16th January 2004, 05:40 AM
I seriously will pay someone 20$ over paypal if they can show me a way to get my framerate to stay locked at 30-40fps without just slowing the CPU/GPU down. I want a cap on my framerate so I can leave my speed alone. That would be so nice, along with say 1600x1200 resolution, full detail levels maxed.

Those are my only areas to fix are the resolution and a constant 30-40fps framerate.
Think I will head over to some of the large PC forums and post a offer of 20$ for a way to lock the FPS.

Any ideas?

PS I am a Wipeout XL nut, no other series does it for me.