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Piranha Advancements
8th November 2003, 06:19 PM
Surprising,no Revolutions topic here.No one catched it or it isnt out in UK?

Putting theories and nitpicks about the movie aside,I liked it.Wasn't that good of an ending personally ...but still has to have an ending.

But got to give respect to Super Brawl.This is what it reminded everyone of probably.


But I like it.Much R-E-S-T-E-C-P to Neo.

8th November 2003, 08:50 PM
LOL!! yes they have releasted earlier this week!!! but I have not see the second film yet!

While at my work yesterday, one of my workmate was telling me about the last 15 mins on the third film which cost5 $40 million to make it! (is that true?) and he did said "it was awesome!!"

please let me know? :wink:

stin :D

Piranha Advancements
8th November 2003, 10:03 PM
You've not seen Reloaded? You HAVE to see it really if you want to figure out most of the questions posed in the Matrix really.

And yeah,I agree with your friend.I liked the Super Brawl.(Burly Brawl was in Reloaded btw).Let's just say,that image in that link is what everyone will probably be reminded of after watching it.

9th November 2003, 11:50 PM
I thought it was a decent sci-fi / action movie, but I wasn't overly amazed at the ending. Kind of like the wachowski's got themselves in too deep and turned to religious symbolism because that was the easy way out.

I still think that the Matrix is one of the finest sci-fi movies ever made all by itself - with the way they had ended it, I'd have prefered them to just leave it at the first one. Why pose all those questions about humanity if you have no intention of answering them in the first place?

10th November 2003, 12:37 AM
hmm... well.... since we never really know the answers, it would be false of any of us, including the Wachowski's, to make definite statements that reality IS a particular way. the best one can do is to speculate, and to offer the results of that speculation to others in the hope that some ideas for further thought will have been given to those who see what you think.

not that arrogance or the need for security doesn't often lead people to state their speculations or hopes as though they were the truth

10th November 2003, 09:19 AM
Well, i've seen the Revolutions a few days ago, & I must say - it's almost as good as the first part. I don't thik that wachowski bros. wanted to end the whole saga by the first film, it's all connected to eachother. I just dowloaded The Matrix (1) to see in what way it connects with other parts - there's a whole lot of these kind of things. As an eg. - Smith knew that there'll be no purpose for him since the Zion is destroyed (hence he knew, that it's been destroyed 6 times and wanted to get out of the matrix). It's all a one story by Wachowski. They created a world wich is VERRRRYYYY COMMERCIAL, able to sell in any way. Ofcourse they left some things unexplained at the end of the Revolutions. Maybe to keep us uniformed, maybe to film another part of a story, strictly for thier benefit. No one knows that i guess....

10th November 2003, 10:13 AM
Lance, in order for them to make the statements they had in the first two films, you'd at least expect them to believe in the destiny of the universe they created. What happened in the end was that they sat on the fence and chickened out of making any convictions either way.

I hated the religious symbolism, too - being an athiest I have no time for that PoS and didn't need it spread on as thickly as it was in the Revolutions. I can tolerate it to a point, but I went to see a sci-fi action movie - if I'd wanted more I would have rented out Signs or Phenomenon. :)

Piranha Advancements
10th November 2003, 04:14 PM
I agree with Fox.Three movies and the resolve was an ending that was the most expected and safe but not liked by theorists or fanboys.Flush.

But then,since we KNEW Matrix Online is the continuing "saga" after Revolutions and there were 2 sides you can play.."Zionists" or "Machines",it had it coming.It felt too cheap.You could have ended it right there in Burly Brawl and embrace the "inevitable" but we had to wait 6 months for the Oracle to tell that you're ready.Yay!

Still,gotta watch it again.I want to get sick of looking at that Neo slow-mo-punch and going DBZ in the rain.And then applying the "forced equation" theory.

10th November 2003, 09:05 PM
i loved the original Matrix. it is one of the best movies that i've seen. amongst sci-fi movies it is perhaps second in my liking only to 2001: A Space Odyssey. but nothing i have heard or seen of the second and third segments of the trilogy has convinced me that i want to see them. i expect that they would only dilute the quality of the experience and poison my liking for the first one. i'd rather that it retain its high place in my opinion.

as an agnostic, i am open to hearing any view, but it must meet my standards of coherence within itself and must also not disagree with observations of the everyday world. that world is not just a dream but exists in some way as a part of reality even if it a created illusion made by controlling the electro-chemical activity of the brain, those brains and the rest of our bodies and the observable universe do exist in reality, whatever the complete nature of that reality may be.

i have not seen the movie, but i can comment based on my standards of what a movie should be. if this trilogy was ever anything beyond a moneymaking entertainment and if the Wachowski's have indeed kow-towed to the prevailing common religions of faith in order not to offend and to continue making the big bucks, then they are indeed unworthy. even if they are themselves just as unsure of what reality is as i am, for the sake of art and genuine philosophical discussion, they should conclude the series with a definite explanation of their own, however speculative.

11th November 2003, 08:50 AM
Dont be silly, they will leave that for the animatrix 2, where anime experts around the world will express their own opinions, effectivley giving the matrix 10 definitive explinations.
I think the first movie is and will be one of the most outstanding pieces of cinema ever. Reloaded has no influence on Revoultions whatsoever.

The Wachouskis are rolling in a huge pile of 50s and quite right too. If they can get away with deciding to not make a decision and still reap the rewards, then well done.

11th November 2003, 10:08 AM
Not "well done" exactly, Thrusty... well - maybe from their point of view it was.

The first Matrix was made because they had an exciting story they wanted to tell. It had a low profile cast and most of the budget went on actually pioneering the cinematic effects and styling of the movie. It had cool attention to detail, like that retro Lincoln car they drive. About the only commercial aspect of it was that flick-cover hybrid Nokia, and a marketable phone similar to that model wasn't released until the following year.

By the time it got to Reloaded they're driving a fleet of GM's latest models (some not even in production at the time of filming), the camera swoops in on Ducatti emblems when Trinity is riding one of those, and you can be damn sure that the phone they use was available in the shops on the day the movie was released.

Commercialism had taken over from story telling for me.

And when your masterpiece is driven by the desire to cash in on the original's success, it becomes like a Douglas Adams thing... the publisher pushed so hard for more 'Guide to the Galaxy books that the man simply lost interest in writing them, yet churned them out to the same, if diluted, golden formula.

It's not that I didn't enjoy Reloaded and Revolutions - the former took the concept of what could be done in the Matrix to astonishing levels, while the latter is a great sci-fi war movie. But for me, neither of the sequels hold true to the same ideals as the first movie - they simply try to build on the legacy like a house of cards, replacing substance with froth and only serving to raise the notion that the original was a fluke.

11th November 2003, 10:16 PM
anime experts giving 10 definitive explanations in animatrix 2?

lol. well done, Thrusty

26th November 2003, 03:39 AM
I liked all three movies. The plot of the movie deepened in the last two and did have an ending(I'm not sure why people say they don't understand it?). There is no way it could compete with the original only because finding out what the matrix was was very cool. I am not sure what people wanted out of the movie, but this is my favorite sci fi series easily. Aliens could be close if it wasn't for part three, which was merely ok.

26th November 2003, 03:54 PM
All three films were excellent. Of course, the first one was meant to be a standalone movie, but where there is money, there are sequels. However, they pulled these sequels off very nicely. Not perfectly, but very nicely. All three movies connected VERY closely if you pay close enough attention, and there is some very solid philosophy put forward throughout the trilogy. Being an atheist should allow you to appreciate the film more than you did. Neo was not a religious figure. Nothing that he did was special relative to those that had come before him. He was just influenced differently than his predacessors and thats why he was able to do what he did. He wasn't godlike, he was an ordinary person just like everyone else, they simply viewed him as divine. Thats as far as I will go with that for now... I could probably write 10 or 20 pages worth of stuff to explain and justify what happened and why. The ending was perfect. Going further in either direction would have been silly.
My only complaint about Revolutions was that if you didn't play the game (which i didnt, a friend of mine did and said it had HUGE amounts of info) you missed out on alot that happened in the movie where certain characters came from and their importance in the film. Animatrix was fine, but some people dont like to play video games, and some people dont have a PS2 (me).

27th November 2003, 03:58 AM
No, he wasn't exactly "godlike", but he was far from being an ordinary person.
He's got magic powers. He can control electronics with his mind, he can see the flow of electricity with his eyes closed.
Nowhere near like everyone else.

I was really hoping that they would stick to the hard science, and not have to resort to the "magic powers" angle, and I was therefore somewhat disappointed with #3.
It was still good and all, but I kind of wanted it to be different from what it was.
Which is probably good, means that they wrote a story that wasn't too predictable, kept me guessing till the end.

28th November 2003, 04:37 AM
Everything that he is able to do is a result of the fact that he was the anomaly in the matrix. He can't do squat with anything that doesn't have to do with the machines. It's really weird stuff, but it does make sense. If you can suspend disbelief for the first one, than with a little bit of effort the other two are feasible as well.

28th November 2003, 11:28 PM
The nice thing about the first one that didn't carry into the third was that you didn't _have_to_ suspend disbelief. Nothing in the first one was unexplainable without hard science. Absolutely everything in that movie followed from "they're in the matrix". Making their way through the second and into the third, suddenly you have to suspend disbelief because he's no longer in the matrix and he's still pulling off this crazy stuff.

I just wanted to not have to suspend my disbelief anywhere, is all.

29th November 2003, 02:49 AM
contrary to my earlier intent, when presented with the opportunity yesterday night, i watched the Matrix Reloaded. i enjoyed it more than i thought i would, considering the comments that have been made here and elsewhere [such as Berardinelli reviews]. but i am keeping it separated in my mind from the first one. MR has too much done purely for show. the longwinded 'philosophical' and 'technical' expositions made by the Merovingian and the Architect don't seem to actually say anything that makes sense to me within or without the context of the matrix. i very much enjoyed the special effects, but they no longer seemed integral with the story. for the most part they were there for their own sake, for visual stimulation alone. my favourite sequences were the very first one with Trinity leaping out the window and firing upward at the Agent [reminiscent of the first such scene that i recall, which was done live by a stuntman named Dar Robinson [ i think that was the name, but not certain], and the first flight of Neo as superman up the point where he hits the end of the first ascent and twirls, but before the actual horizontal 'flight'. even though i thought the freeway chase was great, it still didn't produce the impact on me, the personal involvement, that those other two scenes did.
an entertaining movie with a lot of eye-candy, but one in which i had too many opportunities to fidget uncomfortably through uninvolvement

29th November 2003, 09:39 AM
...which was done live by a stuntman named Dar Robinson...
I do believe you got the name right. The name of the 1985 movie was Stick (IMDB link) (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090073/) starring Burt Reynolds and Robinson playing a hit man.

I haven't seen the whole movie, only the final scene, where Robinson plunges from the top of a Miami scyscraper, emptying his pistol clip at the same time. Robinson had "decelerator wires" attached to his feet - thus, the fall could be shot with the ground below clearly visible, since there were no huge airbags to catch his fall.

The time before digital effects and computer retouching, fellas...