View Full Version : Expanded version of HD Fury completed

14th October 2018, 07:28 PM

I have completed my project of unlocking some extra stuff in the HD Fury game code. New features:
-Head2Head available for all tracks.
-Pro Tozo, Corridon12 and Syncopia available for all game modes.

See my albums for pics.
PM me if this sounds interesting.

I will soon be finished with the 2 pre-releases of Wipeout HD. Some extra goodies unlocked there aswell. Qirex prototype ship playable, yes. ;)

14th October 2018, 11:52 PM
So out of curiousity, how did you proceed to modify the game and reflect the changes in the compiled game? Did you just modify files with hex editing?

15th October 2018, 12:32 AM
I unpacked the pkg files with TrueAncestor pkg repacker. After that I unpacked the game data folder structure with Total Commander with a psarc extractor plugin. There I could access the xml files and started to expand the Fury campaign. I did not repack the psarc file because the game refused to install if I did that. I just placed the folder structure where the psarc file was located and repacked the pkg files. After that the installation was possible and the activation was done with reActPSN. I have been forced to do a lot of trial and error since a change basically means doing the installation again to be able to see the result.

15th October 2018, 10:31 AM
are there any videos of the results of your work?

15th October 2018, 10:43 AM
I'll see if I can make a short video when I come home from work. 👍 What is the easiest way to share a vid?

15th October 2018, 10:49 AM
Probably YouTube?

15th October 2018, 05:37 PM