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20th June 2018, 09:00 AM
I've copied and pasted the thread in the FF discussion group below.

Music qestion
hey all - long time no speak - apologies - big post coming soon but meantime I'd be interested to hear from anyone who wants to contribute:

if you could choose say 6 to 12 tracks from one of your megastar favourite artists for inclusion in the re-release on Steam and console, what would you choose? Nothing which has been on Wipeout, licensed or commisioned for another game but any of the artists who've been used on the early versions (1-3 ish). Prodigy, Chemical Bros - that sort of megastar level. Possibly even a lesser known track from an artist of that time which could be remixed by a rising star.

some notes - I’m looking for suggestions for:
- published music
- not licensed or composed for another game
- big tracks w high sales / view / like rates on all media - no rules but say >100k plays / likes
- big artists w high sales / followings - no rules but say >100k following
- something which you think really fits the style of Formula Fusion
- suggestions for possible remixes of all the above by a rising star - could be a less popular original track
- ideally artists who would “buy-in” to the idea and cross promote the re-released game within their fanbase


Reply as you what you want, or ignore as you want.

20th June 2018, 06:42 PM
i don't get it, in this day and age everyone is listening to their own playlists on PC/media device. imho games like this don't need a soundtrack at all. i play wipEout with my own playlists from the very beginning. i even mute the sound FX, cause it's annoying ;)

21st June 2018, 07:12 AM
Have you replied in like at the discussion forums, or shall I copy and paste your reply ?.....I see your point

I've just seen a response to another question raised on the discussion forum that has me slightly alarmed regarding leaderboards.

Original Question: oh one quick question , not sure if you would know at this point but i'll ask anyway.
Will the Leaderboards for the console versions be separate from the PC or will it all be cobined into one. ofc sony dont like any kinda crossplay, but xbox could maybe.

Reply:AFAIK the Leaderboards on console will be x platform. Currently to 3rd party suppliers for just that.

If R8 are not going to be looking after the leaderboards, who the hell are disgruntled AG pilots going to contact when things go amiss?

21st June 2018, 05:56 PM
i don't have an account over there, so go ahead and copy/paste if you like ;)