View Full Version : State of the Game as of March 2018

19th March 2018, 09:30 PM
This was posted by Purdisc of R8 games as a reply to a question about a week ago on the state of the game, and what to expect.

Swan-like, things are moving hard and fast under the surface. Alas, nothing to see on the surface. We will be updating in next couple of months but currently we're updating to Unreal 4.18 which is taking longer than expected. Expect incremental updates from then on.

For a serious content update you will have to wait for the console release. Can't put a date on this yet. The update and console release will have more tracks, craft, a totally re-engineered AI (which will give you a good race / fight whatever your standard. You will have to use the weapons old and new. Some unique racing modes and a few other areas we can't mention...

...oh, and and a completely re-done Campaign addressing all the justified criticisms that it was linear, repetitive and generally boring.

16th July 2018, 05:15 AM
Any word on when this will be released on PS4?

16th July 2018, 10:47 PM
No, nothing yet, I just checked the FF Steam discussion page and nothing definite given.
I see R8 FF Facebook page hasn't had a post since Feb 14th.

Not sure if it's been a problem with updating to Unreal 4.18 as stated above, or something else, like publisher problems or meeting Sony specs for the PS4 pro, which as I understand it is what Sony are asking of new games.
As far as I know R8 were not going to release it as a 4K games, as it would have taken up too many resources on PC, as for VR, well as much as they would like to release it as a VR game, being such a small team they just don't have the man power to do it.

Besides, even though that other AG racer REDOUT has a VR release on STEAM, and despite the game makers once having the PSVR logo on Redout's website [and posting that a VR update will be coming soon for PS4], it appears that Sony has vetoe'd that from happening, for no explained reason to date.....make of that what you will.

The other reason release has still not happened is that since this release will apparently be such a large change from the last PC build, it will basically be Formula Fusion 2 for PC gamers.
I guess after waiting for so long, they really want to get it right for PS4/Xbone release......get it wrong and it could die a quick death, and several years work down the gurgler.

EDIT: As of the 9th July they were still asking for submissions for suitable music for the game, from what I understand the licensing for the small amount of music they did have had expired, or something to that effect.