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3rd October 2003, 06:27 PM
subbmit your diarys and results here!
comments and Qs in the other thread! (^_^)b

3rd October 2003, 06:28 PM
PK: won ez no problems - 10p \(^,^)/

MM: heard the checkpoint warning several times!
the first time I thought 'what the H is thAt?'
then I realised ..
on last lap shield down to 2%!!
then crash into a wall = contender eliminated - 0p (x_x)

SR: on the last straight tryin to pass the leader NEIL
I happened to push him into victory and tournament lead:
NEIL - 18p Z(me) - 16p (>_<)

SI: begun last lap 5th. 3 corners b4 finnish had 3 and 2 infront
f#kt up on the penultimate corner - got 4th
FINNIGAN and PATRIK - 20p, NEIL and Z - 19p lookin good! (^_^)b

HF: last lap b4 the last jump(after the narrow tunnel) passed
the leader NEIL (icaras). (^__^)
Tournament table: Z - 29p, NEIL - 25p, PATRIK - 23p
ps: I'm worried about PP - without boost the jump must be hellish!

PP: 4th lap heard the check point warning twice And 'energi low'!
1st corner, last lap - wallbang = contender eliminated. mAn!!
good thing NEIL came 5th - 2p now:
MCGINLEY - 30p, PATRIK and Z - 29p, NEIL - 27. yayx!
come 2think: MT-jump with no boost - possible??

MT: very tense racing. didn't risk the jump seemed it won't work.
at end of 4th lap took over the lead and got 'energi low' ..
sh*t(hit wall)!! contender eliminated! (>_<#)
PATRIK - 35p
Z - 29p
NEIL - 28p
ok last race now - Terminal! at best I can get 2nd overall ..
hmm .. CAN'T go through pit on T thou I normally Allways do!
gotta REMEMBER that! one of my fav trax thou - I should do OK ..

T: vEry tense and tight racing!
4th lap 'energi low'!
4 turns b4 finnish got 3rd thEn got passed by some crazy pilots -
back to 6th! on the straight b4 last turn(by the pit) got 3rd back!
sht! NEIL won the race:
NEIL - 10p
Z - 4p
NEIL - 38p
PATRIK - 38p
Z - 33p
winner: MCGINLEY
my coments on this season:
1. damn that skirtwearing skottish s*#%&ch !!!
2. does S DAWGG Allway finsh last? what a dOg!

ok now, not bad for a rookie season I rekon ('_'#)
I got 4th(or does it count like 3rd?!) and got 33points.
how'bout you, pilot? (",)(,")


3rd October 2003, 07:35 PM
Aargh this is wierd! I know where the corners are but I'm thrashing around all over the place trying to stay straight.The first two weapons I get are rockets and Missiles, which has to be a good omen. I got silly and tried the jump short cut but I was wuss wagonend almost immediately, but by the last lap though I'm way out in front and it feels like I'm getting the hang of it when I finish first...

...not, not, NOT!!!! I have so not got the hang of it at all! MM has never been my favourite track - it looks cool, I just can't do it - and I keep hitting the sides on the sprial, and by the 3rd lap my sheild energy is all gone. CONTENDER ELIMINATED.

This feels better and things aren't going too badly when, on the 3rd lap, someone hits me flush with their rockets and I'm out again.

SI & HF I got to the third lap. My confidence has evaporated. I even set it to play Kittens, my favourite tune on the soundtrack, and I'm still dead...

I had jump anxiety the same as Zargz, although if you catch this one right you can do it without hyperthrust. I like this track so my confidence is higher - wrong again!!! On the 3rd lap AGAIN my sheild energy is tiny, and after resisting the temptation to energy-drain a nice juicy Feisar I'm dead again.

YAY! This is more like it. I'm feeling the turns fine and I finish in 1st with plenty of energy. I can play this game! I used to be quite at it!! It's true!!

Ha! AS IF! At least this time I make it to 4th laps but that's as far as it goes.

Total: 20 points on W3SE

My comments: Mainly unrepeatable. I need to practice...

5th October 2003, 07:38 AM
porto kora -
i started okay but on the first weapon pad i used a force wall by habit so i had to start all over again! (i also was in single race mode, i didnt realize this was tournament mode until i thought about the points). on the retry i slammed into the first turn but then got the lead at the beginning of second lap and held it. managed to put in a perfect lap somewhere. i got nailed by rockets in the tunnel on the last lap by a goteki.. damn gotekis..
10 pts 1st

mega mall -
i snatched first place by end of the 1st lap but it didnt do anything for my pinball-like driving (see spiral) so i blew up past the pit on the 2nd. not much different than my usual performance on this track ;)
0 pts DNF

sampa run -
i was mined four times on this track by some angry pirhana, i rammed through a goteki in the second tunnel on the second lap, and i got up to 1st by the 3rd lap but nicky wasnt too happy and shot me with rockets. i then tapped the first turn wall and was eliminated.
0 pts DNF

stanza inter -
i got a more favorable weapon selection this time and picked up first by the chicane on the 2nd lap, kept it tight all the way through for a well needed 1st place and more than half shield energy to boot.
10 pts. 1st
nicky 26 foxzero 20 pts

hi-fumii -
first i had a ram fight with the two last place qirex, then i got to the narrow passage before the last straight and picked up third which was immediately lost around the next curve by a pair of rockets from an ag-systems pilot. i nailed the rest of the pads and stole first, then held onto it with the help of a couple shields in the last lap. close to energy low warning this time.
10 pts. 1st
foxzero 30 pts nicky 27

pmar-project -
worked my way up to 1st by the end of the 1st lap, but i spent the last 2 laps slamming on both brakes to avoid the hairpin after the green tunnel to conserve my energy. on the fourth lap i got the shield warning in the hairpin after the large jump and i was relieved to pass the finish line. then i realized this was phantom and i still had another lap to go! i also barely got the ship to fly over the s curves after the small jump and even then i would usually cream the next wall after it. i limped to the finish line with 1st place intact but none of my dignity.
10 pts. 1st
foxzero 40 pts nicky 28

manor top -
shot twice with rockets in the first lap but i pulled into first by lap 2. got a perfect lap on lap 4 which got me so worked up i collided into the first corner wall. finished in 1st with plenty of energy however.
10 pts. 1st
foxzero 50 pts nicky 34

terminal -
this was my secret weapon since i practiced a lot with this ship and this track in the elimination challenge posted here a few months back. i just had to survive long enough to keep my place! luckily i had no problem achieving first and by lap 5 i hit my groove with a perfect lap. nicky dropped down a few places, probably due to mines some reckless person left scattered across the track :roll:.
10 pts. 1st

ntsc wipeout 3 final tournament score :
foxzero 60 pts
david 40 pts
nicky 35 pts
canceled out the other people accidentally because i got excited

1st place, good season :)

a few weeks before this competition i was practicing on being a 'true' anti-gravity pilot by trying to get better at the cockpit view. i was also trying to see if my friend's claims were right about wipeout crashing in cockpit view (i guess it only happens with uk versions?). i think this helped a little with my performance.the races exposed a lot of my shortcomings though, which were mainly the hairpins in pmar and the spiral in mega mall.

sampa run surprised me because normally im pretty good at that track, i think part of the problem there was that i was not familiar with a ship that handled so well, because for almost the entire last two years ive been exclusively using icaras for all my races. definitely a humbling experience seeing myself blow up since it hasnt happened in such a long time. i also didnt expect to be slamming on brakes so much in pmar but i have always needed practice on that track. only three perfect laps the entire season is pretty bad too.

i might be able to get first again but i dont think i would survive pmar, that was very very close and very very lucky. im definitely needing more practice there. :oops:

i guess my results were more fortunate but theyre definitely a testament to practice. the tracks and views i practiced with i did well but for the tracks and ships i didnt practice with i performed abysmally.