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2nd October 2003, 07:41 PM
when was the last time u jumped with joy when you picked up 'rockets'?
or 'mines'?
or finished a race 2nd or 3rd?
or felt butterflyes in u stomach wondering if u gonna make it thru the race?
and for the younger wipers that never played The_Original wipEout:
was it really that hard?
or is it just that these 'old dudes' can't race? huh?
(u seen that movie? 'old dudes can't race' LOL! )
if u been spending sleepless nights lately asking u self these Qs - read on!
otherwise .. read it anyway!

this challange was gonna b called 'wo1 on wo3'. y? well ..
some months ago I got the idea of this challange - on a poll about what view
ppl use, the cockpit was used by no1, as far as I remember, exept for showing of
for friends and by my self to give my kidbro/friends an edge when linking 2 psx'

so I won the phantom tournament driving from the the cockpit - it was pretty ez ..
so I tryed to make it harder:
1st I used the feisar craft - stil ez
then I took away some weapons - autpoilot, quake, energi wall, reflector and so on
thEn I got the idea to use only wo1 weapons!!
that is - rockets, missiles, mines and shield. what a splendid idea!

u no I'm allways bitchin about the autopilot and all the unnesesary weapons
added to The_Game! and how ez it has become, sayig 'it was better b4!' like (old)ppl say. (^_^)
btw some week ago somebody here said:
'I finnaly beated the ice track, Silverstream, on wo1 after 3 YEARS!'(applause) (^,^)//

anyway all of this happened couple of months ago and then after 2-3 tournaments
it got ez to win again so now, today, I thought let's make it even more difficult
by taking the ship with less shields - the assegai that also happens to be
the 1 with the most obstructive view (just a coinsidence but .. a good one hehe),
and forbidding to pit - there was no pitlane in wo1 right? so there u got 'wo1 on wo3'!
Also I thought it should b a ONE TIME EVENT! that means:
you can play this challange ONLY ONCE! then u hAve to send whatever result u got!
that's good coz it's gonna b like a 'real' season ( 8 races) and it wont take
more than 20-30 min. AND pilots won't get the chance to get used to the cockpit view.

so I satt my @ss down and begun raceing!
when I came to the 3rd track(SR) something happened I wanted to share with u guys so
I thought 'we should write a line or 2 about each track' so it gets more interesting
than just the final score and place! 'right! so after every race I wrote more and more
about the points, the shield, the adversarys, thoughts about next race and so it became
.. like a .. 'pilots diary'!
at the end when i read it it was very cool so I thought lets include this as a part
(not competitive f'cource - there's no 1st place for best diary!) of the challange
and see the pilots' hopes, feelings and thoughts b4 and after the race or for example
in the middle or at the end of the season!

so this is the not so short explanation of the name of this challange. now ..
I present to you:


the PILOTS DIARY challange!!! \(",)/ \(,")/ \\(",) (,")// 3,2,1 .. (^,^)/~~ ((((m'_')m




1. Only 'wo1 weapons' are allowed - rockets, missiles, shield and mines
all the others u gotta disscard so prepare to use that square button aLOT!

2. Use the cockpit view Only - go to game options and change the view there!

3. No visits to the pitlane.

4. No boost(thrust)!!
this is a very intuitve 'weapon' and even an unintentional tappin the boost can
'cause u' to win so in order to b sure go to the controller setting menu and CHANGE place
between the boost and the change view buttons from R1 to the TRANGLE then R1 will become
change view. that way even if u boost by misstake u'll just change to external view.
then ofcource u gotta tap as quickly as u can R1 twice to get back inside the cockpit!

5. write a diary after each race with some own thoughts and feelings for thAt moment.
u should include at least top 3 of the tournament table and if something exiting happens
under the race even the race score(that one is up2u).
take a look at my entry - u'll get the idea.

6. use the assegai craft.

7. This is a ONE TIME event - u race it ONCE then submit the final standing place and points.
change the settings of the game and controller. sit down fo a moment and try to burn
the rules into your mind - assegai, wo1 weapons, no pitlane, no boost and drop a line. ez right?


needless to say - be honest, no cheating! play this once then post it!

seems to b alot of rules but there r not that many really - after u changed the settings
as said above all u gotta do is read the last line on rule nr 7!


.. u'll need it! (^_^)

2nd October 2003, 07:42 PM
:o :o :o

3rd October 2003, 08:14 AM
do we have to use a specific ship (assegai? feisar?)

3rd October 2003, 10:04 AM
As I understand it it's Phantom class, Assegai, in-cockpit view, no pit lane and WipEout weapons only, is that it?

Cool challenge btw zargz! I'll give it a shot later today.

3rd October 2003, 05:22 PM
yes that is! sorry I 4got to say it!

u gotta use assegai also I 4got the version of the game

I did it in wo3se but it's open for wo3 as well !!
if some1 get the same score/place as other pilot one raced wo3se the other wo3
wo3 wins coz on wo3 the shield is 1 (ONE!!!) wo3se - 2.

now I've edited the rules so it's there too! (^_^)

I think this thread is gonna b coment thread Ill make a new 1 for the entrys ok? cu!

4th October 2003, 09:34 PM
jimoid: that was hilarious! :D :D
u 4got 2say - on what place did u finish?

for us 'external' wipers it's a hell bUt
I think for the 'bumper' wipers, like foxzero, it's gonna b ezr :evil:

yesterday I tryed it again, ofcource this time doesnt coun I was determined to finish 1st
I got 33 point agaAin !! ('_'#)
but came on 2nd this time ('_')
I won PK SI (my home track :wink: ) MT = 30p
was eliminated in MM SR HF PP
came in 3rd on T - 3p
3rd and 4th were tied couple of points behind and first was ..
hmm .. something like 5 points ahead.
if I manage to stay alive for 2-3 more trax than only 4 I think I'll win!
2morrow I'll try again c if I make it the 3rd time!

c'mon guys give it a try it'll only take u like 20 min! u wont regret it ( -_-)

THIS difficulty I think is great should b on next wo!

right? 8)

5th October 2003, 12:14 AM
I got 20 points but I forgot to check! :roll: I'll have a go and see whereabouts 20 points would have got me.

5th October 2003, 03:43 PM
60p!!! :o :o :o wow!
and with the wo3 !! (O,O)
the shield there is 1 right?
impresive! (^_^)b
u do race with the internal view right?
I think that And the training u did 4 the other challange
gave u the edge over us .. (>_<)
but hey good luck follows good pilots(p-mar)! (^_-)

if u try again tell us here how u did!

5th October 2003, 06:57 PM
yeah i use internal view but when i first started using cockpit view it didnt help too much (well maybe better transition than external). its more about not getting distracted by the hud than anything else. luckily the assegai was slightly better than the icaras in this regard because when the icaras goes over jumps you cant see the ground, the cockpit is in the way. the ship also rotates a bit more in the cockpit so you have to get used to that too. im definitely not as good in cockpit as i am with internal view but it got to the point where it didnt bother me any more.

not that it matters, because it was total luck that didnt blow up on hi fumii and pmar :roll:

7th October 2003, 06:00 PM
Will do zargz.
Nice going FZ that's an impessive score!

9th October 2003, 08:10 AM
Hmmm, sounds like fun. I'll have to try this sometime if I can rip myself away from F-Zero GX and Soul Calibur 2!

And impressive times there indeed, Fox! I'll be happy if I can do half that well, LOL.

13th October 2003, 12:01 PM
:o :o

15th October 2003, 10:33 PM
finally made it on the 3rd try!! \(^,^)/
won all races Xept PP - eliminated last lap on the Big jump was 2nd or 1st
and T came in 3rd
the most exiting race was SR - was battleing with 1 and 2 on the las 2 laps
took over the leader on the last straight
and MT energi low on lap 3 !!! :o
alltogether 64 points !

64 z
48 mcginley
22 finnigan
20 neil

ofcource it doesnt count coz it was on the 3rd time :D
but it shows it was wise to make it 1 time event!
I'm a bit dissapointed with the number of ppl engaged in this challange 3 (inkl me!) but
judgeing from the activity on the bord last 2 weeks it seems it's been pretty quiet lately .. :-?