View Full Version : 2048 - Is it any good?

Hot Violet
25th April 2017, 09:55 AM
I have the chance to buy a modded PSTV and I'm tempted to get it to play WO2048. I've never played it - I've never even seen it IRL.

So, is it worth my time? I notice that the game runs at only 30 fps. Does that make much difference in reality?

My favourite WO game is WO3SE if that helps. :)

25th April 2017, 12:28 PM
if i were you i would wait a month and get the omega collection instead

it will be 60 fps instead of 30, racebox support, split screen and 1080p (dynamic 4k if ps4 pro)

Yes it is a good game... my favorite vita game for sure

Ghosts of Temtesh
27th April 2017, 01:24 PM
I agree with Racingfan, but the lower framerate isn't a bad thing in my opinion. You will feel that the game is faster. Also the PS4 version will not look as good as the original if the final game is like in the release date trailer (always my opinion). Buy Omega Collection if you can. After that, decide if you want the original game too.

It is a bit similar to WO3 because all tracks except one are in a city, so they don't look very different to each other. Its gameplay is like in HD Fury but the ships are faster and more agile. Flying at A+ class is just amazing.

27th April 2017, 06:16 PM
really? to me it looks sooo much better than before... you sure you saw it in 1080p? ;)

Ghosts of Temtesh
27th April 2017, 06:34 PM
It doesn't have to do with the resolution, I just find the lighting strange.

3rd May 2017, 07:01 AM
I have 2048 on a PSTV as well using the hack, the thing to remember with using 2048 this way is that getting through the menu system using a PS4 controller is a PITA, as the game was originally designed to use the VITA's back controller, which a PS4 controller obviously doesn't have, it's not a deal breaker, but it is annoying.
Also getting a hacked PSTV with 2048 on it is pretty much bricking that PSTV to use only what games are on it, if you connect the PSTV to the internet it will want to update the system software [so don't connect to the internet obviously], which if allowed to happen will break the hack, and leave you with a bog standard PSTV and 2048 no longer working.
And since internet is out of the question, that basically makes it only half a game, as around 50% of it was originally online play orientated....plus you don't get any trophies.

Out of all 8 of the Playstation Wipeout games [if you include HD/FURY as a separate game, which in fact it's actually only a remake of Pure/Pulse tracks] I put 2048 around midway.
There is a lot of stuff going on visually at the same time, which can be overbearing, plus the craft handling is different to other Wipeouts , which some like and others don't.

If it's the right price do it, especially if the person selling it has also installed the two PSP titles Pure & Pulse with their respective DLC, that will give you a hell of a lot of Wipeout tracks that are otherwise only available to be played on a handheld, and is what I have installed on my PSTV [you don't need the hack to get the other stuff on a PSTV, but getting it requires internet access, which means a system update, and losing the ability to play 2048 ... a catch 22 situation]

It can look quite good playing these tiles via a PSTV, I even play them through my projector on a screen 2.2m across, and it a damm sight easy to control the craft via a dedicated controller than using the controls on a VITA or PSP.....start grid of a track from 2048

The thing that might sway your decision is something you might not have thought about.
If you have a PS4 you can get a fully working copy of 2048 as well as HD/FURY by buying the upcoming Omega pack, but you still won't be able to play PURE or PULSE on a big screen using a controller on a PS4.
If you bought the used PSTV, you would be able to play 2048 but pretty much nothing else on it unless you updated the system software, but it would be a stop gap till you either got a PS4/omega pack.....then once got, you wouldn't worry about the hack, just forget about it and update the system software and install the two PSP titles .....that will give you the ability to play every Wipeout game made on a big screen with a controller.
You can get the PURE DLC from here, it's region specific, so if you download and install PURE / PULSE from the UK PStore, then use the EURO pack, like wise if you download the games from the USA PStore use the US pack....they are not interchangeable.