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23rd December 2016, 01:51 PM
Since everybody wants to know what the handling is like with Formula Fusion, and what the craft upgrade options will be, I thought I'd give you a brief run down on what this Dec 22 build has given us to play with.

Upgrades are done by a card system, you earn cards by winning races & experience etc.

Currently there are 7 categories that you can upgrade in, each of these categories have upgrade sub options in them, some more than others [this is where you make your choice and place your card to have that option work]

First category is ENGINE - 4 CARD options.

Rerouted Shield = Acceleration +10%, Max Shield -20%
Reduced Weight = Acceleration +10%, Max Hull -15%
Acceleration Tuning: Medium = Acceleration Curve -Mid
Acceleration Tuning : High = Acceleration Curve - High Tec

Next Category is HANDLING - 4 CARD options

Agile Pitching = Pitching Circle -13%, Pitching Speed +12%
Upgraded Max Pitch = Pitching Circle +17%, Pitch Speed -6%
Agile Turning = Turning Circle -5%, Turning Speed +8%
Greater Turning Circle = Turning Circle +9%, Turning Speed -7%

Next Category is BRAKING - 3 CARD options

Improved Turning = Airbrake Slow +17%, Airbrake Activation Speed +50%, Airbrake Turn +8%, Turning Speed -10%
Improved Braking = Airbrake Slow +17%, Double Airbrake Slow +12%, Airbrake Activation Speed +25%
Improved Strafe = Airbrake Strafe + 10%, Airbrake Activation Speed +60%

Next Category is ANTI GRAVITY - 7 CARD options

Reduced Float Height = Hover Height -9%, AG Band Three Height -7.5%, AG Band Two Height -5.3%, AG Band One Height -10%
Decreased Track Adaption = AG Torque -10%
Increased Track Adaption = AG Torque +6.7%
Increased Anti Gravity = AG Force +40%
Minimized Anti Gravity = AG Force -40%
Decreased Anti Gravity = AG Force -20%
Maximized Anti Gravity = AG Force +100%

Next Category is DEFENSE - 2 CARD options

Improved Shields = Max Shield +20%, Max Hull -10%
Reinforced Hull = Max Hull +25%, Shield Recharge -12.5%

The other two categories are weapon related, Defensive and offensive, and are explained in the Dec 22nd release notes on how they work.

It seems from what I see listed in the various options, they all have a Pro & Con to them, plus how each option will effect other options [as will Hull weight effect AG choice, or Pitching, or Braking for that matter ?] a LOT of experimentation is going to be needed to sort this out, and that just for one speed class, who knows what changes are going to be needed for the others.

Anyway, it looks like you will have the option to pretty much setup a craft to handle similarly to any of your favorite Wipeout craft from whichever game you like with the options available .... well in theory at least, I haven't even started playing around with this stuff yet.

EDIT: I've just had a quick stab at upgrading, WOW ! the speed you can now get a standard Vixen craft up to is amazing [I'm easily knocking 30+ sec off my PB's and that's with totally crap piloting ], then you try Sabre class and it's like , Are You Kidding me ?......remember the first time you beat the final tournament challenge in Wipeout 2097 and opened up Phantom class & Piranha, and how utterly crap you were at it thinking, nobody can pilot these craft [Insert multi DONK noises from hitting craft against walls in 2097 ], well your'e going to get that whole experience back again and then some when you try piloting Python class around the tracks with this new upgrading system....racing Super Phantom from 2048 is nothing compared to this... you've been warned.