View Full Version : Dualshock 3 (or SIXAXIS) and/or Dualshock 4 connectivity (for controlling Wipeout 2048) without PSTV

9th November 2016, 02:37 AM
It's my first time posting; I apologize if this subject has been discussed already (I can at least be polite asking though).

I hope this is possible, although I'm almost 100% certain it's not without a Playstation (PS) TV (and even then I think I was reading that the PSTV has to have a custom 'whitelist'.[file] put on it by oneself).

From what I seen, the PS Vita has hidden supported bluetooth Dualshock controller connectivity menus that are dormant until using a PlayStation (PS) TV, or at least that what it looks like when I've been researching (looking up) the possibly of playing Wipeout 2048 without the chintzy, painfully/inhumanly dinky built-in PS Vita handheld console buttons! My right thumb hurts, and anything other than Wipeout 2048's classic 'Wipeout' control scheme is out of the question for me (that doesn't sound polite of me, but it's honest).

I tried to be as articulate and precise as possible to avoid any ambiguity.

I LOVE WIPEOUT, they're HANDS DOWN my favourite games!

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Also, Hellfire WZ is awesome! :-D

9th November 2016, 09:31 PM
Both the VITA's predecessor the PSP GO! and the PSTV can be used with a PS3 controller, the PSTV can also use a PS4 controller, the GO! has video out,
The VITA handheld console itself, can't as far as I know, as there would be little point, because it doesn't have Video out, something that a lot of people complained about on it's release.

The "White List" you talk about, is a hack that allows the PSTV to play VITA titles that Sony blocked, mainly because these titles use control features that the VITA has, but the PSTV doesn't, namely the tap controls on the VITA's rear, and the camera.
You can get 2048 to play on a PSTV, but not online, due to 2048 needig the camera function to work.... some HAVE got it to work online with a work around, but this situation has changed several times due to PSTV system updates, that have basically crippled the 'White List" hack at one time or another.

I'm not sure what the current situation is regarding this, as I never attempted to play 2048 online, as it's wasn't working when I finally did get 2048 working on my PSTV, I also have both PURE & PULSE installed on it, along with all the DLC for those games, sort of like a mini PS3 console playing all those wipeouts with a controller, as I, like you, can't for the life of me, play any of those wipeout games using the in built PSP/VITA buttons.