View Full Version : The Story and Games of Psygnosis: The UK's Greatest Games Company? - Kim Justice

Amaroq Dricaldari
8th November 2016, 03:46 PM
Released on the 5th Anniversary of Studio Liverpool's shutdown, this video is a complete history of Psygnosis, from beginning to end. It also mentions how many of today's most important game developers got their starts with Psygnosis; without Psygnosis, there would be no Grand Theft Auto or Mirror's Edge, for instance.

The way Psygnosis did their publishing then is very similar to how Vivid (http://www.dreamkeeperscomic.com) does their publishing now, and is how I wish more companies would work. A lot more. EA could learn from this.

Hybrid Divide
8th November 2016, 09:23 PM
There's footage in that of a WipEout 3 commercial I haven't seen before.

Anybody have the unedited commercial? Would like to see it.