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Amaroq Dricaldari
6th November 2016, 01:28 AM
This guy grabbed a bunch of adapters to hook up an HDMI output to a
I would love to play WipEout HD on that thing (with the 2097 HUD). But not as much as I would love to play it on a monochrome green monitor, with LOTS of ghosting. Like something out of the Matrix (or more specifically, Neo's computer monitor).

If you read this here...

It only serves as a reminder to how awesome oldschool CRTs can be.

6th November 2016, 04:03 AM
Goldstar became LG.

CRT still beats other techs for two reasons.
For Black level, only the most recent expensive OLED come close to ultimate black level [ I mean Black, not LCD/ LED dark grey] reason is, the current just doesn't flow on a CRT display to ignite the phosphor when told to reproduce Black, no signal = no colour = Black, unlike LCD/LED when a charge is always sent to every pixel on the screen regardless.

Screen refresh
A CRT display refreshes top to bottom.
A LCD/LED basically [it's a bit more complicated] refreshes the screen right to left.....hence when watching sports [soccer/football] ETC you will see the ball Ghosting across a screen.

I used to have a old 3 lens NEC PG9 CRT Projector, a total PITA to set up [took many hours] plus it weighed 65KG and was massive [ I had it built into a coffee table] and ran HOT, all you would think, why run one?
Best picture I've ever had in a light controlled room, made pretty much everything look like 70mm FILM [think Lawrence of Arabia good], not as bright as modern digital, but to watch movies on....better than any current IMAX digital theater presentation, where the brightness is usually turned up so high all the blacks are crushed, and look very grey and washed out....last Star Wars movie was especially bad for this.

Amaroq Dricaldari
6th November 2016, 05:09 AM
#1 I have no clue what Lawrence of Arabia is
#2 Force Awakens looks absolutely fantastic, it was probably just your theater.

Also, most LCDs that I have used (in fact, most in North America) have vertical screen refresh rather than horizontal.

8th November 2016, 05:19 AM
#1 ] Lawrence of Arabia is one of the few film movies to be fully shot with 70mm film [very expensive to do]...because it was, it has the quality /resolution, that makes this quality viable when transferred to 4K
#2 ] Yes you are probably correct, I happened to have calibrated my TV with Chroma Pure around 2 weeks earlier, and I could see that the Cinema had the brightness up way too high, ....I knew what was the cause of the washing out of the Blacks.

I suppose it's the combination of a less than ideal screen refresh rate [60 or under in the USA, 50 or under PAL regions] with Digital Cameras, rolling Shutter problem that can make this problem seem more obvious to some....I'd prefer they got the tech right and sorted this, rather than adding new "features" to TV's