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10th October 2016, 11:40 AM
I sold my PS3 3 years ago, due to a mixture of reasons- main one being you couldn't take your psn purchase's over to PS4 and Steam on the PC made more sense, games are much cheaper if you know where to look so I upgraded my PC and for the first time since the release of the ps1 I didn't get the launch day consoles (PS4 and Xbox one). I knew I had made the right choice and didn't look back, cheaper games that would be mine for ever no matter how many times I changed my PC.

The only fly in the soup was no wipeout HD :(

Forward wind to present day and still nothing had filled that WOHD shaped hole in my life so something had to be done, I hunted down a shelf queen 320gb Ps3 slim -which cost me next to nothing once I sold the unwanted hardware that I got with it (20.00)

Everything hooked up to my 4K 55" TV and now to re-download everything - no problem

Start up WOHD totally forgetting about the 3D update,on boot up it asks me if I want to switch to 3D? -yeah ok I'll have a look, I had a 3D tv before and never got on with it playing wipeout but this newer tv has passive glasses so the picture stays really sharp and colourful. So this time I've started playing in 3D only and I must say I'm totally blown away by the depth of field.

Pretty gutted that I lost all my original stats for the game, thankfully lap and race times are held online but no in game progress so campaign was locked up.

Obviously after 3years away you can't just jump back in where you left off as I found out when I joined an online phantom race - bouncing out of the track continuously and getting lapped blah blah blah......

So starting campaign again was really nessesary to build up skill again gradually, as some of you know I play using full motion control and it's taken a little while to get my settings sorted but now I feel back in control at venom and flash speeds.

Playing it again as a beginner has made me rethink racing lines, steering techniques and general smoothness of control to the point I am now beating some of my old lap and race times, which is really rewarding

I must say that WOHD still holds its own today, considering how old the hardware is it is a truly an amazing game.

I suppose what I'm trying to say here is that if you've got a PS3 tucked away somewhere, blow the dust off it and fire it up, with the new generation of bigger and better TVs you might be surprised what Wipeout HD really does achieve especially in 3D and if you haven't got a PS3 it really is worth getting one again, even if you only use it as a wipeout HD machine

10th October 2016, 02:03 PM
nice to see you coming back ;D but let me tell you something, playing in 3D reduces the framerate to a shameful 30fps. if you want to have the full experience, there's no other way than 2D/720p/60fps. thats by far the best option to run the game. if your tv has an option to enable PC-mode, use it! maybe your tv has an option to convert 2D into 3D as well, that way you get 3D + 60fps ;)

10th October 2016, 02:45 PM
Thanks JF it's good to be back

30 Fps ..ahhh!! I think that must have been the reason why I couldn't get on with 3D on my old tv

I just checked and this new tv is running in 3D at at 720p @ 60fps out of the box , I will look into the settings you mentioned to see if I can get it up to 1080p, could this be that it's a 4K tv ?

Tv is an LG 55UF850V about 12 months old

Update :

Just tried a couple of things out, if I say yes to 3D at the start of WOHD loading it drops to 720p @60fps and returns to 1080p when I quit the game

This time I said no to 3D on boot up and selected 2D to 3D conversion using the tv , the 3D effect is not as deep but it remains on 1080p and at 60fps