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Hybrid Divide
12th August 2016, 05:55 PM
I haven't played No Man's Sky yet. Gotta wait a paycheck or two. (I DID finally buy FF, though. So yay for that.)

Seen some shots of the ship you fly in No Man's Sky, though. If you cut about half of each of those wings off, it'd look right at home on the track, don't you think? :D

Can't you all see a FEISAR or classic AG-S hiding in there? :D
The size of the engine on the back looks rather Qirex-y to me, though! lol

13th August 2016, 07:19 AM
I just gave it a go. It's really very interesting. Just a quick word of advice, your ship, once you get into space, CAN go very quick without warp drive. hold down circle or r1+l1 to go very quick, otherwise you are just cruising. Trust me this will save you a TON of time, don't be like me.

13th August 2016, 09:48 AM
Well if you're not expecting anything like what people were hyping for, then you can probably enjoy it, but it doesn't beat Elite Dangerous.

13th August 2016, 03:00 PM
I played it for around 8 hours first day I got it, basically just exploring the first planet, trying to find and log all the creatures on it, and all the various bases etc.
It was saying I had found 75% of stuff, but I must of visited at least another 10 new sites after I noticed that percentage, and it never changed afterwards, so I don't know what's going on there.
Once I got my craft operational, I started doing a fly over search for new sites, and found one that I suspect is a portal area, but it was none operational... how to get it operating??

The fact that there are no tutorials or explanations on how things work I found a bit frustrating, I saw that around 10 people on my friends list were playing it as well, so by messaging various ones I eventually found out.

The most annoying thing with the game is how much micro management you need to do, especially regarding your suit and what it can carry/ be fitted with, the craft I found could be upgraded at a space station, which was the first thing I visited once I left my initial planet I crash landed on, the only spec difference is the amount of grids you can fit upgrades in, and you would need to have over 1.2mill credits to get a 24 grid one.

I suppose the same sort of situation will happen with the suits, but I have yet to find where to upgrade that, although I did manage to upgrade my multi tool on my first planet.

The look of the game, and the overall design of the planets all look generic to me, and just slight variations of a theme, using a different 3 contrasting colour palette, which ultimately is why I haven't been in a hurry to start it up again for a second session.
I'd landed on a new planet, and it was as if I've already been there and done that already on the last planet, just the colour palette was darker and different, and the creatures were pretty similar as well, I started thinking, am I supposed to being doing this search and retrieve all the time? if so I will get bored of this game quickly, and I suspect other will as well.

I'll put a few more sessions into it, but my gut instinct is this game will end up being returned to it's case and put into the pile of shame to be forgotten about.

The thing is, I hadn't been reading anything about this game, or any of the hype, so I had no expectations what so ever.... I had just walked into the shop to see if the new Deus EX game had been released yet, saw it hadn't, so bought this instead

23rd August 2016, 08:52 AM
I have wanted this since it was announced, but I'm completely broke this month so have had to wait.

Which seems like good fortune now that the thin veneer of gameplay has been scratched away to expose the fact it has no depth at all.

Started playing the PSN+ freebie Rebel Galaxy last night and it's in the same mould as the original Elite & Frontier, so that'll scratch the space exploration itch for now I think.

I'll maybe pick up NMS when it's a third of the price and has been patched with the content befitting of a AAA marketing campaign.

24th August 2016, 09:08 AM
In all honesty, even if given away as a PS4+ Freebee, I doubt it would be worth the download....hell, before I even got to start the game I had a 856mb patch.
Sony says they arte going to change some of the game play...[What, so there is some?] with updates...don't bother....too little to late to pissed off purchasers who just want to forget they bought this game.

Good Game, the ABC National TV network games show reviewed it last night.
They gave it pretty much then same as how I found it.
2 out of 5
Boring / repetitive / no replay value.


This has been put in the 'Pile of Shame'

Just bought the new Deus Ex - Mankind Divided ...Good Game gave it 4 out of 5, biggest problem was saying it was too easy.
Guess I'll find out soon