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22nd May 2016, 07:41 PM
Basically right, when I was like 12 or something I'm not sure I went under the pseudonym on wipeout and basically I discovered a "Game breaking glitch" and completely, I'm 18 now and revisited wipeout and brought back some old memories and i'm curious to what happened after my ban. Which arrived shortly after this thread was closed. Obviously I'm a different person then but is there anyone left on this forum who remembers this, and whether it affected wipeout or not.

This was the thread


A long thread right?

25th May 2016, 07:09 PM
All that happened is Scar came along. about a billion glitches were uncovered but no one cares.

25th May 2016, 09:11 PM
your discovery didn't affected the game that much, except for the fact, SL patched the game because of it xD
but to be honest, it's still a very useful addition for any speedrun repertoire. i always looked at it like it is some kind of 'drag reduction system' ;)
well it's a standard in todays F1, and no1 complains.
imho you haven't done anything wrong, and it was very fine to reveal it to the public. im sure others have known about it before you revealed it, but they thought it should be kept secret.

26th May 2016, 07:12 AM
Thankfully all the crap that went on via Forum PM's and PSN messages regarding various "Cheat's" and who was using them, are well and truly over.

I remember the fallout over the extra turbo boost and subsequent BR exploit in SL that Pirahpic and Leungbrok worked out could be done, that lasted a few months before SL squashed it with a update.

Then there was the great Anulpha Pass Zone glitch, that allowed anybody to easily get Zone Zeus , there is still one on Sebenco that thankfully very very few people know about, I don't think it ever got patched, even though SL were told about it.

I think it was the fact that HD was online, and the Wipeoutzone got a huge influx of new members because of it, that the Admin at the time took a dim view of people posting of any known exploits / cheats, hence the ban.

Rather ironic really when you look back at the records held on 2097 and WO3 by wipeoutzone members [former moderators ], who used game glitches to achieve them [flying through scenery ], and it wasn't considered cheating at the time.

9th June 2016, 01:33 AM
The patch that "fixed" your exploit changed a small but fundamental aspect of the game's handling. It upset purists, and from then all records have been made on the "pre-patch" version of the game. Meaning people had to have both digital and disc versions of the game, or some other workaround that let them access both versions if they wanted to play online as well as SL/TT.

I had stopped playing for various reasons before then, but this fact did act as a bit of a buzzkill on the few occasions I reconsidered booting up my old PS3 for some HD/F.

Oh, and I'm just curious: why did you continue to lie about some of your times? I remember it being obvious they weren't legit. Looking back at the thread, it's shown you had posted videos on YT before that thread had gone up, but refused to post new vids to clear doubts on those times... was kind of funny.

9th June 2016, 09:42 PM
random fact: wipEout HD is basically the 'child' of wipEout Pure + Pulse. both games have exactly the same 'DRS' exploit in them. XD
additionally Pure has the 'nose down speed gain' exploit, which can be combined with DRS. to make the BRs work in Pure, you actually have to push down the nose to get the speed boost!
it's all there from the very beginning.

10th June 2016, 11:09 AM
what's DRS? D:

10th June 2016, 07:59 PM
Jan's just carrying on the joke from his previous post.

It stands for "Drag Reduction System". It's a Formula 1 term describing the rear wing of the car being lowered on designated straights, allowing the car to catch less air - that is, drag - and thus go faster.

Really though, the exploit is a glitch, and without discussing it in detail, it doesn't make sense that it could reduce drag in any real world physics...

13th June 2016, 11:49 AM
Personally, I dont blame you for what happened considering your age. You were 12 years old, and I can imagine very well how you must have felt after discovering this glitch. I also dont blame you for abusing it, since its a faster way which easily gets you on #1 for most tracks. When i discovered the glitch by myself (because nobody told me about it and i hadnt read the regarding threads) I got excited myself as well and abused it for one track. Moa Therma venom sl forward. Thankfully, i pm'd yeldar about my "discovery" , LOL, and he told me everything what happened long ago and that the majority of the player agreed in not abusing it. That's the main reason why i didnt continue to use it since it doesnt mean anything to beat other players' times, when you are the only one using it.
Well, long speak, few meaning. Whatever...
In the end i can understand the people who got really mad because you made it public, since it damaged the game substainably but afterall, its just a game and you did nothing illegal. Just have a look at the super mario 64 speedruns. Everyone is using those glitches.
One can call you stupid or not, i would just say that you were a little bit naive and hadnt the ability to think of the consequences, but as stated in the beginning, you were only 12 years, which is an age of a child. And if little children mustnt do stupid, reckless things, who might do them?
Dont worry its all right. Everyone ,who really wants to, can still enjoy this game!

14th June 2016, 07:53 AM
speak well :+