View Full Version : Wipeout Pulse on PS2 is next to unplayable... + new disc/box for trade

20th February 2016, 11:56 AM
Man I am so disappointed after purchasing a mint (sealed) copy of Wipeout Pulse for the PS2. :(

Thought i was going to have a grand time and instead I find the game is unplayable with the DPAD. When you just tap it it turns too much and it's really hard to aim for the speed pads and weapons, or make small corrections of trajectory. When you keep it held down, you can clearly see in the long and tight bends that the analog stick can turn without hitting a wall, whereas the dpad 's "maximum turning angle" is lower and you just crash into the walls.

I thought I might have gotten used to the analog sticks, only to find the loading times so unbearable as to put me off the game entirely.

/rant off

If a collector live near or in Brussels PM me for a mint copy of the game, the disc and box are brand new.

20th February 2016, 12:29 PM
That doesn't sound right.
You are using the air brakes as well when steering ? correct ?
If you are not, then that is the problem.

Basically the game is unplayable unless you use both together.

You use the D-Pad or stick to aim the nose of your craft, then the air brakes to swing the rear of the crafts thrust centre [craft rear].....the two in combination gets you around the tracks at max speed

21st February 2016, 03:56 PM
The version of this game doesn't work right. It has the risk to corrupt your data, and the input is actually delayed. If you want any chance playing this game on the "PS2" the best solution is putting up on the emulator. the game has no problems, but the delay persists. It also runs kinda slow on the hardware so it wasn't properly ported to the system.

21st February 2016, 03:59 PM
It would be interesting to know if anyone got far into the game on PS2 specifically because it seems most discussions in this sub are for the PSP versions.

I use the airbrakes. I completed Wipeout3 SE for reference. I understand the controls are different, but it just doesn't feel right.

I completed one or two grids back when I played it on the emulator but it was a struggle. Never felt like I was in control of the ship.

Often times for exmaple you have two speed pads, and I need to align the ship ever so slightly and instead go in between missing the speed boost, or I want to do a tight turn with the airbrakes and end up ramming the wall.

Yeah, the emulator makes the game look REALLY good. Seems the 3D precision is sufficient so it's not jittery and all the pixellated edges disappear. It does load a bit faster after all, since I don't remember being so fristrated with the loading times. Noticable, but not as much. I might look back into it since now I know the Hardware version doesn't play any better. My only gripe with emulation is that I have a wired XBox controller and the shoulder buttons are not as pleasant to use so I used the small "trigger" buttons instead.

22nd February 2016, 01:31 AM
I actually have a save that goes close to the phantom grid of the game(PCSX2), but as I said the game have delays in the forsaken input, and also the frame rate is not 60 fps, it feels the game is running with a bit of frameskipping... it's not the same as the psp version(play to feel the diference), so I stopped there and went to the PSP version. It looks good but not as good as the PS2 version, since it has reworked textures, and new craft models, but the port was made with their...backsides.

To make the game load faster check the speed hacks and check "Fast CDVD Load"(or something like that). It will load like any normal game would. In theory, cuz I use a ISO from the game. not the game disc itself.

I still recomend you going to the PSP version.

But that controller of yours is a X360, or the original xbox... you didn't make it clear...

22nd February 2016, 05:28 PM
Ahhh thanks! I didn't notice the Fast CDVD load option in PCSX2. I'm getting used to the analog stick on the XBox controller. The game is way more enjoyable like that on the emulator. If only I could send it to the chromecast :)