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15th September 2015, 01:40 AM
Imagine an alternate universe where Studio Liverpool is developing a second expansion pack for WipEout HD. This DLC will include four Pure / Pulse tracks to return, reimagined in glorious HD. The question is: Which four circuits would YOU hope gets to make a return? And why did you choose the ones you did? :)

Heres my list:
1. Exostra Run (Pure) - A dark, industrial track is something WipEout HD needs! We need more of those night circuits, man! Exostra run is open and simple enough, but has some interesting scenarios that would test the physics of WipEout HD. Starting off with a high banked drop into a sharp incline, I think Exostra run could make for a wild ride!

2. Sinucit (Pure) - We need some shiny, neon cityscapes in HD. Anulpha pass and Amphesium are neon, but are built within contained environments. Neither really reach out into the skyscrapers beyond. Sinucit would add come much needed multi-path circuits, featuring two splits in the track.

3. Bisilico (Pulse) - That gritty Bladerunner atmosphere of 2097 needs a little more presence in HD. With some interesting usage of Magstrips, Bisilico would be the best choice of the remaining Pulse tracks to return for HD. I would have the Black run of Bisilico be the forward variant in HD, and have the reverse be exactly that because screw the White run.

4. Blue Ridge (Pure) - I see people praising this circuit for it's appearance a lot, and I have to agree: Blue Ridge has the beautiful atmosphere of a Rocky Mountian range at sunset. Nature has no real presence in HD, this track would give the game what it needed. Also, with this track added, the Alpha league of Pure would be complete! Allowing us to have a classic tournament experience with Vineta K, Modesto Heights, Chenghou Project, and Blue Ridge finale!

Thane Corrigan
15th September 2015, 07:40 AM
Interesting choices. Blue Ridge does seem to have the very clean, serene appearance similar to Terramax or P-Mar Project from the original trilogy. And Sinucit's rain and atmospheric sky setting make it a perfect counter-point to Sol2.

I think I may go with 3 tracks from Pulse, to even out the number of tracks sourced from each game:
1. De Konstruct (Pulse)
This one caught my eye when I saw it. That maglock section that doubles back on itself is a very unusual layout, and it might perform well on an Elim match, possibly with weapons able to be fired up onto the opposite stretch of the mag-strip. Otherwise, quite a simple one in terms of actual cornering and such.

2. Arc Prime (Pulse)
Relatively simple track layout to begin, a long sweeping corner with a spectacular view across Seattle, and then a slightly constricted set of corners through the second half. Also night based, which fits your quota for night circuits. :P

3. Vostok Reef (Pulse)
Awww yeah, giving some love to the DLC tracks. The base copy of HD had two of Pure's DLC tracks, so why not bring in one of them from Pulse? Quite iconic, even if you haven't seen it before, the open windows out to the underwater reef would look tasty in HD graphics.

4. Citta Nuova (Pure)
The impossibly tight hairpin and the huge hill section could prove to be quite a challenge. This track gets a lot of hate, but personally, I think it's a great one for the skill required to complete the perfect lap. Last on the list purely for the difficulty.

Aside from that... the second expansion would do well to be similar in size to the first, I might add a few more features:
- I can't think of any additional game modes that I would add.

- But since the Fury pack gave us Pure's 4 Zone tracks as well, I was thinking maybe a selection of legacy tracks too. 4 iconic tracks from the past, excluding Pure and Pulse. It'd be interesting to see what a set of refurbished, non-holographic tracks would look like with a new coat of paint... Gare d'Europa in HD *drools*

- Possibly, some legacy ship chassis' too, it'd be cool to bring some of the old designs up to date with HD graphics. For the relatively newer teams, perhaps bring in some of the concept ag-craft that Pulse used.

- Maybe even the return of Van-Uber, having finally plucked up the courage to compete. That would be great.

- Plus a Fusion skin for certain teams those that were present at the time. Perhaps they can make Fusion Auricom's space-chevvy look respectable.

(Ok, maybe those last two are just me.)

15th September 2015, 05:15 PM
I think it would be very fitting to have Van-Uber make a return! Either that or the Pulse concept ships you mentioned. But wait! Wouldn't that mean Van-Uber would need a Fury ship? That would be way too sick! :rock I also like the legacy track idea, gotta see Altima return! Classic stuff!

I thought about De Konstruct, and it's really not a bad choice. The only reason I ignored it was because it's kinda similar to Metropia, don't you think? That said I LOVE that mag-lock section! Same story for Vostok Reef, kinda similar theme to Vineta K. I'd think Gemini Dam or Edgewinter would be the first ones they'd think of. And Citta Nuova... Oh my... I would have so many deaths on this XD... fun though.

20th September 2015, 03:56 PM
Outpost 7 both! Pulse

Shitta Pure

Edgewinter White! Pulse

stevie :)

20th September 2015, 06:42 PM
I can't say anything xD i don't know tracks about pure / pulse ^^ , but i just saw edgewinter one time in a video nice track so why not ^^

21st October 2015, 06:35 PM
Firestar (original)

Temtesh bay all courses (fusion) just for rages :)

megamall (3)

Florion Heights All courses (fusion) The jump

5th January 2016, 06:44 PM
Fort Gale (both)
Sebenco Peak
Basilico (both)
Vostok Reef (Black)
Vertica (White)
Outpost 7 (Black

22nd May 2016, 10:28 AM
My choices would be Vertica, Fort Gale, Sinucit and de Konstruct.

21st October 2016, 10:31 AM
Hard for me to say, since I missed so many tracks by not playing Pure and Pulse...
For sure, I would want to try out Outpost 7 (Pulse). I read that it is one of the hardest Wipeout tracks, and looks the part. Zone would be fun in it! :g (yeah, I know Outpost 7 was not available in Zone in Pulse :rolleyes:)
Valparaiso (W2097), because it was not in Wip3out Special Edition and I want to see its jungle in the PS3 graphics. Man can dream... :frown:
Likewise for Vostok Island (W2097). Albeit probably neither this or Valapariso would be remade anyway, since they would make no sense in-game to be present in FX350, after a century or so long hiatus (then again, W3SE needed no excuse to take back old tracks from previous Leagues, so?;) )
The last one? Maybe Exostra Run (Pure). Looks like a fun track basically.

EDIT: Just checked the OP, and you said Pure/Pulse tracks only... oh well, I still would want to see Valparaiso and Vostok Island remade (Spliskinanke too, but this one was sort of a easter egg/secret track anyway, and belongs to W2097 more than anything else, so it could be skipped).

Amaroq Dricaldari
22nd October 2016, 08:51 AM
- Firestar (WipEout Classic)
- Velocitar (WipEout 64)
- That-Unfinished-Track (WipEout 2097)
- Mega Mall (W3O)
- The Wip3out SE Prototype Tracks

25th October 2016, 01:12 AM
gare Deuropa

Love temptesh bay and vohl tracks though

Hybrid Divide
26th October 2016, 06:25 PM
I ONLY GET TO PICK FOUR?! Difficulty: High!


Silverstream (Would be interesting with more modern wall-scraping mechanics, but EVIL on Phantom)
Manor Top