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1st August 2015, 12:21 AM
Controls (Dualshock 3)
X- accelerate
O- look back
Square- weapon fire
Triangle- superweapon fire
L-stick / D-pad- handling
L1 / R1- toggle between weapons
L2 / R2- Air Brakes
Select- change camera
Start- Pause / menus

All craft have a total of 5 selectable weapons at their disposal. They are useable by flying over weapon pads, to charge the craft’s weapon drive. Weapons pads do not deteriorate when flown over (they are always active like in eliminator mode) and there will be more of them, but not as many as speed pads. This is a chance to have multiple weapon pads in a row in some cases. Craft can accumulate up to 10 energy in their weapon drive, and each hit of a weapon pad provides 1 energy. This should be reminiscent of the EMP or Zone Energy from WipEout HD Fury Detonator and Zone Battle modes.

Craft cannot use weapons back to back, even if they have the energy for it, as there is a cooldown period until the craft can use another weapon.

All craft have one sub system, which will provide a constant benefit throughout the entire race. Strategy may revolve around what benefits one’s sub system brings.

All craft have one super weapon. Super weapons are devastating in effect and can only be used once. They also require a great deal of energy from the weapon drive to use, some may be advised not to use them in some cases. Super weapons have no cooldown period.

Energy is restored by flying through the pit lane, which is located somewhere on the track. Doing so will completely restore the ship’s shields but will also slow the craft down as it travels through the lane, drastically increasing the craft’s flight time. If a craft can avoid needing to fly through the pit lane, this would be highly beneficial. Craft such as Icaras are not underpowered, they simply require careful planning to avoid damage.

There are NO barrel rolls or hyper thrust.

Cannon - 1 use gives 30 rounds of rapid firing shots. Must empty clip before cooldown occurs. reflectable. (.5% ea)(costs 2 for use)(2 sec cooldown once exhausted)
Lasers - 1 use gives 20 rounds of less rapid firing shots. sticks to track. bounces once. reflectable. (1% ea)(costs 3 for use)(3 sec cool down once exhausted)
Rockets - fires three high damaging rockets in a spray pattern. sticks to track. reflectable. (16% ea, 48% total)(costs 4 for use)(5 sec cooldown)
Missile - after locking on, fires a heat seeker. sticks to track. reflectable. (18%)(costs 4 for use)(5 sec cooldown)
Shuriken - fires a projectile forward, (not off to the side like in Pulse) travels clean through enemies and stays on it’s trajectory. sticks to track, bounces five times. reflectable. (14%)(costs 4 for use)(5 sec cooldown)
Leech - after locking on, begins to drain the target of energy and refuels user’s for a time, heals energy equal to damage dealt. Target’s speed drops to 90% while affected. Fails if user is hit, or breaks contact. reflectable. (0-8%)(costs 6 for use)(4 sec cooldown)
Shockwave - after locking on, prevents the target from using any weapons/superweapons for 5 seconds. Target’s speed drops to 95% while affected. This cannot be blocked by reflectors, only a shield can block it. (costs 3 for use)(2 sec cooldown)
Mines - drops five low damage explosives behind in a trail. (4% ea)(costs 5 for use)(5 sec cooldown)
Bomb - drops one high damage explosive behind. (20%)(costs 6 for use)(5 sec cooldown)
Shield - protects user from the effects of all collisions, weapons, subsystems, and super weapons for 3 seconds once triggered manually. Note the cooldown ensures user cannot attack while under the effect of the shield, nor spam shield for infinite invincibility. (costs 4 for use)(8 sec cooldown)
Reflector - reflects projectile weapons back for 5 seconds once triggered manually. does not affect mines/bombs, disruptors, collisions, subsystems, or super weapons (including Plasma, Thief, and Triple missile despite their status as projectiles.)(costs 3 for use)(8 sec cooldown)
Turbo - An intense boost of speed. (costs 10 for use)(5 sec cooldown)
Autopilot - for five seconds, protects user from mines/ bombs and steers user automatically, as well as boosting top speed to 1.1x normal. (costs 8 for use)(10 sec cooldown)
Cloak - user becomes invisible for 10 seconds, nobody can see or lock-on to user. Does not nullify damage in any way. (costs 6 for use)(12 sec cooldown)
E-pack - Instantly restores 30% of the user’s energy upon use. (costs 10 for use)(no cooldown)

Combat psychic - can see what weapon opponents are currently toggled to. And how much energy they have in their weapon drive.
Data mining - can see what percentage of energy opponents have.
Lock-on warning - alerts user whenever they are being targeted by a lock-on weapon. Also gives a heads up when they are being fired on.
Coolant systems - user takes no slowdown from weapons, but receives 1.5x more damage.
Overheater drive - The counterpart of Coolant systems, craft receives 2 energy instead of 1 on every third weapon pad, but receives 1.3x slowdown from weapons impacts.
Electrify - collisions with opponents do 2x damage of a normal collision to them, and no damage to user, contacting another Electrify user will result in normal collision damage. (does not nullify damage from walls or weapons, nor does it prevent knockback.)
Auto lock-on - lock-on weapons will target three times as fast. Including superweapons.
Sturdy hull - the user’s racing line is not affected by collisions with other craft and the craft and receives no knockback or loss of control when hit by weapons, perfect traction. Craft will still receive slowdown though.

Super weapons:
Quake - fires a wave of energy down the track ahead of user, damaging everyone ahead, destroys mines/bombs. (12%)(costs 10 for use)
Plasma - after charging for 1.5 seconds, fires a blast that acts like a rocket but does devastating damage if it connects. Cannot be reflected and flies clean through bombs and mines. (70%)(costs 9 for use)
Stealth - 12 seconds of both cloak and shield. Craft will not collide with others and will instead “ghost” through them. Craft can still attack while Stealthed as there is no cooldown (costs 8 for use)
Ion storm -After a lock-on craft’s handling is disrupted for 10 seconds. Hits through shield, reflector and cloak (but cannot lock on to someone cloaked) and deactivates them. While affected, target cannot use shields, reflectors, or cloaks. (costs 8 for use)
Thief - After a lock-on, launches a projectile that steals up to 10 energy from the target’s weapon drive, but less if they have less. (costs 4 to use)
Triple missile - A missile weapon that fires three missiles at once, can each lock on a separate opponent or can all lock onto one target. These missiles will bounce up to 3 times (the double helix missiles of pure, pulse, hd, 2048 ) (18% ea/ 54% total)(costs 10 for use)
Repulsor - a blast of energy that pushes and damages all craft around the user, destroys mines/bombs, travels both forwards and backwards but does not go nearly as far as the quake. (drastically nerfed in distance from its incarnation in pulse, since it was basically a quake in both directions in pulse) (18%)(costs 9 for use)
Penetrator- After a lock-on, transforms the craft into a sort of ‘living missile’ as it quickly turbos up behind the craft, and pushes them violently to one side. Sturdy hull users are unmoved. The user does not take damage. (25%)(costs 8 for use)

All craft are a part of one of 12 teams, each team has specialized stat distributions, and different “sets” accompanying that one ship. For example Feisar A might have rockets and missiles as well as a Quake, while Feisar B might have cannons and a plasma weapon. Both Feisar A and B have the same stats, but have different weapon, subsystem, and super weapon set-ups.

All teams start out locked except for AG-systems, Auricom, and Feisar. Different sets also need to be unlocked as only set ‘A’ is initially available with each new team. Sets are unlocked via Loyalty.
10% loyalty unlocks skin 2,
25% loyalty unlocks set ‘B,’
35% loyalty unlocks skin 3,
50% loyalty unlocks set ‘C,’
100% loyalty unlocks silver skin.

Speed - determines the top speed of a craft. ((792-800 km/h Phantom) 1% difference between 5 and 10 base speed)
Thrust - determines the acceleration of a craft. ((0 to max in 4-6 seconds) 50% difference between 5 and 10 base acceleration)
Handling - determines the cornering ability of a craft. ((can 360’ w/o Air-brakes in 6 - 8 seconds) 33% difference between 5 and 10 base handling))
Energy - determines the maximum health of a craft. ((damage rate 1.3x - 1x) 30% difference between 5 and 10 base energy)(ex. Triakis takes 70% from the Plasma Superweapon, Icaras takes 91%, a ship with coolant systems is a One-Shot)

Teams and stats: (ex. Team name (Speed/Trust/Handling/Energy))

Feisar - ( 5 / 7 / 10 / 8 )
AG-Systems - ( 6 / 9 / 9 / 6 )
Goteki-45 - ( 7 / 10 / 6 / 7 )
Assegai - ( 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 6 )
Harimau - ( 9 / 6 / 9 / 6 )
EG-X - ( 9 / 9 / 6 / 6 )
Icaras - ( 9.5 / 7 / 8.5 / 5 )
Piranha - ( 10 / 8 / 5 / 7 )
Auricom - ( 9 / 7 / 5 / 9 )
Qirex - ( 8.5 / 5 / 7 / 9.5 )
Triakis - ( 8 / 6 / 6 / 10 )
Mirage - ( 6.5 / 8 / 7 / 8.5 )

4th August 2015, 06:44 PM
Amazing! Should be included if I ever make a game of Hypernova.

6th August 2015, 12:14 AM
There's some cool ideas here. is it okay if i refer to this post sometimes while making AG Legends?

6th August 2015, 02:35 AM
There's some cool ideas here. is it okay if i refer to this post sometimes while making AG Legends?

Of course!

30th September 2015, 09:16 PM
Weapons are no longer finite, but are replenished by flying over weapon pads. Doing so puts charges the weapon drive (see above).

Added the ‘Overheater drive’ subsystem.

Added the ‘Penetrator’ Superweapon.

Re-balancing of stat distributions.

Disruptor weapon removed and it’s effect is given to the Shockwave instead.

Ion storm weapon been given the Shockwave’s old effect, but amplified to cancel active reflectors, shields and cloaks.

Added damage rate, weapon drive cost, and cooldown for all weapons in their description. The damage rate is the percentage dealt to a craft with 10 shield energy such as Triakis. Any craft with less than 10 or coolant systems will take more damage than the percentage given. For example: Icaras has 5 energy, so it takes 1.3x damage. If Icaras were hit by a rocket (normally doing 16% damage) it would take 20.8% instead. Coolant systems multiplies damage on top of the craft’s regular damage rate. Coolant systems Icaras would take 31.2 from a rocket.

- - - Updated - - -

Here are a few sets since I removed them from the original post:

Feisar - ( 5 / 7 / 10 / 8 )

Craft A
Subsystem: Data mining
Superweapon: Plasma
Weapon set: Cannon, Rockets, Shuriken, Shield, Auto pilot,

AG-Systems - ( 6 / 9 / 9 / 6 )

Craft A
Subsystem: Coolant systems
Superweapon: Ion storm
Weapon set: Lasers, Rockets, Reflector, Shield, E-pack

Craft B
Subsystem: Auto lock-on
Superweapon: Thief
Weapon set: Missile, Leech, Shockwave, Reflector, Shield,

Qirex - ( 8.5 / 5 / 7 / 9.5 )

Craft A
Subsystem: Auto lock-on
Superweapon: Triple missile
Weapon set: Cannon, Missile, Shockwave, Bomb, Shield,

Craft B
Subsystem: Electrify
Superweapon: Repulsor
Weapon set: Rockets, Missile, Bomb, Shield, Turbo,

Amaroq Dricaldari
30th November 2015, 01:04 AM
This looks really interesting, I would love to see something made of this in the future!